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Female Happiness According to Quran

Female Happiness According to Quran
Friends of this article is taken from islam in Ukraina, may be useful.

Sociologists use a notion of "stigmatization". It means use of labels, when the society forms concerning any group (or other society) a certain stereotype and actively uses it. In most cases it does not bring good results.
"Our women are not at
all "closed", as non-Muslim world
tends to think", Deriya Kazandzi

Let us consider one of the steadiest stereotypes. Islam, Islamic culture, Islamic people. What associations we have concerning them? Aggression and full closeness from the external world, extreme conservatism and, simultaneously, proselytism. Intolerance to others, rigid regulation of internal, first of all, family life. Harems, veils, yashmak and hijab; immediate vendetta for wrong gaze, murder of girls and other passions. Truth or excesses on places?

"TIMER" decided to clear the situation, moreover, in Odessa there are a lot of Muslim women, and every year their quantity increases.

Veil – the European yashmak

Inhabitant of Odessa Deriya Kazanzhi, going out of doors, necessarily puts on hijab, a scarf which does not cover the face, only hair. This is the most liberal variant for Muslims.

In the homeland of her husband – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - rules are more rigid. There Deriya has to cover herself with another headdress - niqab. This is such a black thing which completely covers the face, with a narrow cut for eyes. However, according to the girl, she does not experience any inconveniences in this connection; moreover, there are some advantages in inaccessibility to gazes of strangers.

- The clothes should not be open, that's all interdictions, – she says. - But it is only for going out, a woman is allowed to dress anything at home.

Muslim women dress a lot of ornaments, gold; at home they dress beautiful, interesting, bright, stylish clothes, jeans, European trade-marks.

By the way, speaking about hijab, niqab and as a whole - about taboo on demonstration of separate parts of body. Both in European and in our, East-Slavic, Orthodox culture, there are direct analogues of similar interdictions – for example, in Russia since ancient times it was considered that a married woman in any way cannot show even locks of her hair. And to go out doors without a headdress, a scarf or a kerchief, bare-headed, was considered as a terrible shame. In "civilized" Europe till the XX century the same role was played by a veil (voilet). The transparent fabric covering face meant that the woman is inaccessible and one should not show her an excessive interest. Is it not a variant of hijab? So, the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy who sharply speaks against Islamic traditions in lady's wear is an ordinary uneducated xenophobe.

But we will return to our heroine. Unlike many Ukrainian women who convert to Islam, having married to a foreign citizen, Deriya (Darya by passport) became a Muslim as a teenager, when she was 12. She prefers not to tell why and how. Her nationality the inhabitant of Odessa defines as "a hybrid of Gaguazes with five-ten other nations".

- To trace my nationality is rather difficult. I have a Turkish surname, my father is swarthy, I am light-skinned. My family is incomplete, my parents divorced 20 years ago, therefore education was the duty of my mother, Deria says. - She, as well as all family: grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, - the natives of Uzbekistan. There Russians and Uzbeks, Tatars, Tadjiks, people of different beliefs and faiths always lived together. Therefore my family easily accepted my choice. Besides it was not a fanatical jerk, I did not muffle at once in a "bag" and almost did not change my way of life.

Deriya-Darya is a live refutation of a stereotype about cowed Islamic women deprived of civil rights. She is an active, modern, educated, cultural and sociable. She even has her pages in social networks!

The girl for some time studied at the faculty of international economic relations in the ONU of Mechnikov, but she voluntary gave up the study long before her marriage.

- No any interdictions! I just understood that difficult laws of economy are inapplicable to me, - the Muslim woman tells. – Then I finished courses of design and started to work. I worked in a small advertising agency, then at home. Even in the beginning of our family life I continued to work, my husband was not against. But in Ramadan it became difficult for me to fast and to spend the whole day in the office, therefore, I decided to make a break, but I did not return to my work later…

When she became unemployed by her own will, Deriya became very interest in needlework: embroidery and weaving by beads, sewing, work on metal and with a wire, creation of costume jewelry and cookery. She spends a lot of time for creation of stylish family albums.

- I do not understand, how the time can pass so quickly, - she says. - If I worked, I would surely have no time for anything. Now I decided to expose my "masterpieces" on sale for the first time. We will see what comes out of it. I also wish to open the studio where I could sew exclusive clothes, accessories, footwear, ornaments in Saudi Arabia. But for now this is just a dream.

She plans to enter university again, but on the other speciality: Shariat, the Arabic language and philosophy, or design and applied arts.

Islamic family: "As mum says, so in the daddy's way it will be"

Muslim family, according to Deriya, is not such as we are used to think. It is simply different, not worse and not better …

- In the family of my husband, and he is the native of the most closed Islamic country, as mum says, so in the daddy's way it will be. Yes, the man is the getter, the core of the family and he gets a lot of honor and respect, but everything in the family is led by a woman and it is visible only from within. When they show Islamic families on the TV or describe in the books, it is like a theatre... only when you get beside the scenes, you could understand it. The care of the house, of life lies on a woman, the man in this duty is helpless. The woman cooks, cleans, dresses, solves many family questions, and disposes the budget. She is a powerful back. And men appreciate it. Women do not work, or work, but not too hard. But they lead not so boring life at all. It is not only kitchen, children and shops. Husbands often spend with them days off, simply go for a drive on a city, visit cafes, cinema, walk on a quay, as in Jeddah, there it is very beautiful. It is possible to leave for sands and to prepare meat and tea on a fire or all the night long to go for a drive across the night Riyadh, or to go on the evening market. This is a real show…

All families of relatives, both from the side of the husband, and from my side, are well-off. We easily accept their traditions, and they - ours. For example, if we visit my non-Muslim relatives, they will never offer us pork. And my husband learned to celebrate such holidays as birthday and students' day.

For me the main thing is that we still have a part of our personal liberty. He does not press on me and me on him. Thus there will always be mutual understanding and we solve disputes very quickly.

Perhaps, also there are families where everything is as terrible as it is described, but, thank God, it does not concern me. But such families are everywhere, happens even worse. There are so many families in Odessa where the woman carries an excessive burden: work, children, the tyrant husband. It seems to me that everything depends on a woman. Both here, and there. As neither Christians, nor Muslims do not keep in the wed-lock by force. The woman has the right to apply for divorce …

"We accept polygamy as a norm of religion, but no any woman will accept it in her family"

And at last the most interesting subject – polygamy. As it is known, the Quran allows a Muslim to have four wives. In Ukraine, on the contrary, monogamy is legislatively established, though some politicians and public figures oppose this norm. For example, the writer and the journalist Oles Buzina last year published the book "Return to women harems". In it he proves that only polygamy can rescue Ukraine from degeneration. Otherwise, our colleague is assured, at such rate of alcoholism and negative birth rate, soon there will be no Ukrainians in this world. We quoted to Deriya some theses of Buzina….

- You say! - she was filled with indignation. - I am categorically against it, as well as the majority of Muslim women, at least, with whom I communicated. We accept polygamy as a norm of religion, but no any woman will accept it in her family. And men practically do not recall it too. Nowadays that occurs in the youth environment, and this, believe me, is much worse than harems. The general catastrophic falling of morals. The nation degenerates, and it is sad. Anyway, personally I will never get on with the competitor, let even assume that we will live in different houses … I do not wish to share with anybody the man, the family and the children!

Deriya confirms: except rather small list of interdictions – on open clothes, alcohol use and so on, - as a whole Islamic tradition liberally enough treats female weaknesses. Much more liberally, than orthodox, for example. Arabian women spend a lot of time for body care, use cosmetics, visit beauty salons.

- However, they rarely use nail-polish, - our interlocutor laughs. - It is forbidden to read namaz with nails covered with polish (The matter is that ritual ablution before a prayer, made on the nails covered with polish, will be void since the polish coat interferes with water stream – editor's comment) I personally cut a lemon half and stick there nails while I watch a film: they grow faster, and look so good. And in general women in the Arabian world know thousand recipes for skin, hair, lips.

- Certainly, among us, Muslims, there are fanatics and conformists, - she says. - As basically in each religion. But I do not consider myself or my husband, Muslims surrounding us, as conformists or fanatics. They are ordinary people, with regular life-style. In life there are practically no differences, too, unless there is more attention given to spiritual cleanliness.

(Given in reduction)

The full version of the article on the web-site of "TIMER"
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Camel Milk Squeeze race in Emirates

Camel Milk Squeeze race in Emirates
For the first time, the competition squeezed camel milk and camel milk the most out held in the United Arab Emirates. Competition was followed by many participants from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia Gulf, Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Abu Zhabi Cultural Council, which sponsors the unique title race, said race series completed on Tuesday (26 / 1) ago, and has become a hot topic of conversation among the Gulf Arab community, mainly students of a camel.

The number of participants who followed the race up to 500 people. They come from different parts of the Gulf Arab state. A female camel origin Emirates managed dairy weighing 17 kg, while the female camel milk Oman pulled out weighing 15.74 kg.

Muhammad Abdullah al-Mahiri, the race committee chairman told the Alarabiya (27 / 1), a few camels from Arab countries to compete with the Gulf looks tight in the milk out of the race.

Emirates camel's Thasah Muhammad ibn al-Amiri out as champions. Female camel named "al-Qu'ud" that produce milk weighing 17 kg. Al-Amiri had pocketed the first prize trophy plus a cash prize and a car. (ags / aby)


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Too Many Choices, can cause Obsession & Depression

Walkway near the QuadImage via WikipediaLONDON - The phrase "Life is a choice" would often you hear. Especially when faced with a dilemma situation that requires the right decision and carefully. True that the choice will bring you to happiness or vice versa.

Although the "choice" is given the greatest gift of God, behind it there is also a big responsibility. Long story short, the law of cause and effect applies here.

For example, when you select the status as a celebrity, of course you must accept the conditions as your personal life is reported to the public. Another example, when you become a leader of a great nation, of course inevitable when there are parties who blasphemes or criticize policies that you do.

Interestingly, it happens when you are confused by the choice of plays or so sorry to learn of your choice miss. Here, you need to "connect" to him. Nature of submission and sincerity is the key for you to deal with such crises.

The reason, a research journal published Consumer of Research in the UK mentioned the difficulty choosing among the many options can make you prone to obsession syndrome.

Hezel Professor Mark Rose from the Department of Psychology, Stanford University, said that as a human person can not assume an option, as insights provided education or knowledge, the influence of the west, a universal aspiration but should base itself on freedom and the will itself.

"Although the context of self-selection based on the independence, strength and freedom, but not always generate a good thing. Option also causes lack belief, depression and self-distrust," he said as quoted by the, Friday (22/1).

Mark saw that tendency in western society that has been overwhelmed by the freedom of choice. Departure from the freedom that Western society will become confused his own choice. Therefore, he said, the negatives and then descend the blessings of liberty to choose.

From the words of Mark can be observed, the fundamental problem in decision-making is closely related to the psychological condition of branching on the mental and physical health. Why the preparation and planning you fortify an excess of harmful obsession with self.

Translation of: Terlalu Banyak Pilihan, Bisa Sebabkan Obsesi & Depresi (
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Travel story Gold Coins

A smart look while sitting contemplate a piece of his gold coins, "For what I continue to keep this coin?, It not be more useful if I gave one more I need it?" Thinks in his heart.

Travel story Gold CoinsImage via Wikipedia

A few moments later he stood up and walk around. On the trip he met and chatted with a little girl. Then he gave gold coins to the little girl. The little girl's eyes did not blink when you receive the gold coin, the coin he did not believe it now belonged to him. He went home with a determination, "this coin will be given to the mother, she would be happy kerana can buy necessities of life of our day."

The little girl's mother was very happy to receive the gold coins and he was getting ready to go into town for shopping. On her journey of compassion when he saw a poor man who crouched leg coolness five. "Maybe it's better coin given him. God still blesses my family with a house, clothes and decent food, "he thought. He also took the gold coin and handed it to the poor are.

The poor feel very lucky, he's like getting a windfall. He took the gold coin was tight and he limped toward his dump. In the slums he found new occupants, a man who maimed and blind, who sat with a sad face.

"I'm much more fortunate than this guy. Earlier I did not have anything before accepting this gold coin. If I gave it to this guy, actually I did not lose because I too have got for nothing. God must still take care of even without this gold coin, "Think of the poor who was generous, handing the coins into the hands of the blind.

The next day the poor man had to walk to the slums and talk with the blind owner of the gold coin. He treated the blind as his best friend, so that the blind man's heart is warm cold. The poor to embrace the blind and said, "Friend, now I do not have anything valuable to give to you other than friendship." To which the blind now know that in this world there are people who care about him, even seeing him as a friend. She cried with happiness, friendship revealed that the poor have now been expelled the darkness from his heart. He gripped his friend's hand and slipped his gold coins, saying, "Here, take it as a sign of our friendship."

The story above I took from a blog Malaysia ( and translated into English. So what the moral behind this story? Morale is not stingy to give. Give nothing to them any more than we need for one when we will receive a reply from Him.

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Leaving traitorous, Got Grace

Front of the QuranImage via Wikipedia

Al-Qadi Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Abd al-Baqi al-Bazzar Al-Ansari said: "In the past, I've been in Mecca may Allah the Most Holy and Most High always watch, one day I felt very hungry. I do not get something that can eliminate my hunger. Suddenly I found a bag of silk tied with socks made of silk also.

I picked it up and brought him home. When I open, I get inside a diamond necklace that I'd never seen before. I went out of the house, and then there was an old man who cried for the lost bag holding a cloth bag containing five hundred dinars. He said, 'This is for people who want to return the silk bag containing the jewels'. I said to myself, 'I'm needed, I was being hungry. I can take the money for the gold dinar I use silk bag and return it to him '.

So I said to the old father, 'Hey, come here'. Then I took him to my house. Arriving home, he told me that feature silk bag, the characteristics of restraints socks, diamond characteristics and amount of thread that bound follows. So I pulled out the bag and gave it to him and he gave me five hundred dinars, but I do not want to take it. I told him, 'Indeed I should return it to you without taking payment for it'. Turns out he insisted, 'You must be willing to accept it', as he kept forcing me. I'm still on my mind, do not want to accept.

Finally the old man went away leaving me. As for me, some time after that I came out of the city of Mecca and sailed by boat. In the middle of the sea, the boat lift was broken, people are all drowned with their possessions. But I survived, with riding a board from the broken pieces of the boat. For some time I stayed in the sea, not knowing where to go!

Finally I arrived at an island population. I sat in one of their mosque while reciting verses from the Qur'an. When they know how I read it, none of the inhabitants of the island unless he came to me and say, 'teach the Qur'an to me'. I fulfill their requests. From them I got a lot of property.

Inside the mosque, I found a few pieces of Mushaf, I took and started to read it. Then they asked, 'Can you write? ", I replied,' Yes'. They said, 'Well, teach us to write'. They also come with children and adolescents are also their. I teach them writing. From that instant, I got a lot of money. After that, they say, 'We have an orphaned daughter, she has enough property. Would you marry her? "I refused. But they continued to insist, 'No way, you have to want'. Finally I indulge them, too. When they took the girl to the front of me, I look at him. Suddenly I saw the diamond necklace that once I find in Mecca around his neck. Nothing I did at that time but just keep watching the jewel necklace.

They said, 'Really, you have destroyed the heart of this orphan girl. You only notice the necklace and did not notice him '. So I tell them my story with these necklaces. Once they know, they shouted Takbir until tahlil and heard by local residents. 'What's wrong with you?', I asked. They said, 'How did you know that the parents who took the necklace from you at that time was this girl's father'. He once said, 'I have never had a Muslim in this world (well) people who have returned the necklace to me'.

He also prayed, 'O Allah, that I arrange a meeting with him until I can marry her off with my daughter', and has now become a reality '. I began to navigate life with him and we were blessed with two children. Then my wife died and diamond necklace into treasures for me and for my children. But both my son was dead, too, until the jewel necklace fell into my hands. Then I sold it for a hundred thousand dinars. And the property you see in me right now is the rest of the money that 100 thousand dinars. "

Translate from khianat, mendapat rahmat
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How to Achieve Top 1000 Alexa Rank

I am sure everyone of you would have heard about – The web Information Company which is a website that tracks every websites traffic based on many factories like page views, uniques etc using their toolbars and some own known ways. Also iam sure everyone of you would always like to get your website a very good alexa rank because thats how others can know the value of your website in terms of traffic unless they have got your Cpanel and Awstats to see the real traffic. Now let me explain you guys some small tricks to gain a better alexa rank very easily and quickly.
  • Try to add a Alexa Widget on your website so alexa can track every visitor on your website
  • Get the Latest Alexa Toolbar version 7.2 which may again help alexa in tracking all the visitors
  • Try to get many returning visitors by offering regular updates on your website.
  • Set your browsers homepage to your own website so you add a hit count whenever you visit your own website.
  • Submit your website to Digg kind of websites which can offer you with tonnes of traffic in a short span of time.
  • Learn how to Stumble your website and get many stumbles.
  • Listing on homepage can also get you thousands within a hours time.

Even though is having enermous numbers of visitors its not able to beat yahoo just because has many email users who visit yahoo just for checking their emails and sending emails.

Followed is the image which shows how i did all the above steps all at once and got my website to the Top1000 Alexa Rank.Click on the Image to Enlarge it.

Gii Alexa Rank Top 1000

    Note :

These are all the tricks we can try out though they are not guaranteed, though some websites like usopen get huge traffic and get to the Top 100 Alexa rank easily, but these are the tips and tricks for people who are interested in achieving decent alexa rank easily.

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Galloway Promise To Come Again Gaza With the new convoy

Galloway Promise To Come Again Gaza With the new convoy
George Galloway, the head of the convoy Lifeline 3, successfully entered Gaza Tuesday night (02/01) and managed to get out again on Thursday (08/01). In his press conference (09.01) promises to give more aid to Gaza and will return to Gaza with convoys new.

"If the Almighty to give us strength, then we will come back to Gaza and try desperately to liberate the people of Gaza from the Israeli grip," said George Galloway in front of all journalists.

George Galloway also said, Lifeline 3 will continue his travel to various countries such as Malaysia, Venezuela and South Africa, in order to mobilize the world to Gaza. After this, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will lead Lifeline 4 is received direct support from the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma and former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammad.

He also expressed his disappointment to the Egyptian government because there are 48 units of cars carried on hold for reasons inconsistent with the requirements to enter Gaza, even though his party and the Egyptian government has agreed to these rules.

At the event "When hudud" aljazeera television station, and then Wednesday afternoon, George Galloway said he felt the "deception" by the Egyptian government with violating requirements into Gaza and has deviated from the original agreement.

"Now it's time to change the Egyptian government and government policy. Their service really is not good to us," he said.

Galloway also criticized the steel wall built by Egypt along the border with the Gaza Strip. He stated that the steel wall, adding it will strangle the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He also asserted, "Hamas movement is a large movement that can liberate the Palestinians from Isreal grip. Because they are different movements with Israel and Egypt." (alj / sn / jey)

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Fatih Güler: Silent Poets Turkey Toward the International Literary Prize

Fatih Güler: Silent Poets Turkey Toward the International Literary PrizeHe, the man who did not have the ability to speak, did not have complete control over his body joints. He was handicapped man, who lived in silence and solitude. For him, no friend to live a more understanding and happy except the silence itself, amid silence and sensory disabilities and the body.

Nevertheless, he did not then give up before the uproar and fury of life. Silence is not a reason to be ungrateful, tried, and have the achievement. He was also learning to read and write, until he was able to write several books of poetry. Remarkably, recently he was named as an international literary award.

The main character of this patriotic story is a young Turk named Fatih Güler. He was diligent and thoughtful writing, in the midst of solitude and silence of his life. His writings manifest in the poems which are full of meaning, so deep, beautiful, touching and inspiring as well.

Recently, Güler didapuk as winners' medal Çubuk ", a prestigious literary awards and international class, which had the potential winner is the ranks of great writers and poets from Turkey, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Albania, China, and several other countries.

Post-coronation on Friday (1 / 1) Güler yesterday interviewed by the Arab television channel MBC I. When answering any question, write a computer Gular. "I welcome and thank you all. I convey greetings of honor, glory, and love to my brothers in humanity in the Arab world," he wrote.

He then continued, that "very narrow and impossible to feel when a man running away from a bad fate that God has given him. Ideally he tried, to be able to change the destiny for the better."

Güler himself began to suffer from paralysis and mute when he went five years. But Gular likes to think and reflect, and he poured the reflections and thoughts through poetry verses. Until now, the Turkish literary treasures have been kept more or less a collection of 135 poems Gular. Many of the poems read by Gular at several television and radio channels, both in Turkey or in other parts of the world.

The poet Güler, who is now 32 years old and born in the numbers of Kars, Turkey, learned to read and write self-taught, assisted by her parents who wholeheartedly and keep watching. This is precisely what makes Güler have confidence and more strength to continue living, and more prominent than the others.

Source: (A. Ginanjar Sha'ban - Fatih Güler: Penyair Bisu Turki Meraih Penghargaan Sastra Internasional)

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This story is talking about a problem child named Severn 

Suzuki,a problem child at the age of 9 years has 

established EnvironmentalChildren's Organization (ECO).

ECO itself is a small group dedicated to problem childto 

learn and teach children "the other about the problem 


And they were invited to attend the UN Conference on 

Environment, which at

that Severn wrote 12 year old gave a powerful speech wrote 

a big impact

(and silenced) some prominent world leaders.

One's delivered by a small child to the age of 12 years 

until he could make

the UN HEARING ROOM silence, then finished his speech 

during a

courtroom filled with prominent people wrote up and gave 

bring down the

house to the 12-year-old child.

This is the contents of the speech: (Source: The College 


Hello, My name Severn Suzuki, speaking for ECO - 


Children's Organization.We are a group of Canada which 

consisted of children aged 12 and 13 years

old, who tried to make a difference: Vanessa Suttie, 

Morga, Geister,

Michelle Quiq and myself. We raise funds to be able to 

come here

as far as 6000 miles to tell you

all the adults that you must change your ways, today here, 


I do not have a hidden agenda. I want a future for myself 


Loss of the future is not the same as losing the general 

electionor losses in the stock market. I was here to speak 

forall the generations to come.

I was here representing the children wrote hunger around

the world that cries no longer heard.

I was here to speak for the animals dyingcountless 

throughout the planet because of the loss habitat. We can 

not not listen.

I was afraid to be under the sun becauseberlubangnya ozone 

layer. I was afraid to breathe becauseI do not know what 

the chemicals carried by air yg.

I often fishing in Vancouver with my dad to someyears ago 

wefound that the fish full of cancers.And now we hear that 

animals and plants oneindividually extinct every day - 

gone forever.


In my life, I have a dream to see a large collectionwild 

animals, jungles and tropical forests full ofbirds and 

butterflies. But now I do not know if these thingsit even 

still there to see my son later.

Are you all having to worry about small problems thiswhen 

you are all still the same age I am now serperti?

All this happened in front of us and although we stillact 

like we still have a lot of time and allsolution. I was 

just a kid and I do not haveall solution. But I want you 

all to realize thatyouall the same as me!

You do not know how to fix a hole in our ozone layer.You 

do not know how how to restore the salmon fish in the 

riverorigin.You do not know how to restore the animals 


You do not know how to fix a hole in our ozone layer.You 

do not know how how to restore the salmon fish in the 

riverorigin.You do not know how to restore the animals 


Here you are delegates your country. Entrepreneurs, 

members ofassociations, journalists or politicians - but 

really you arefather and mother, brothers and sisters, 

uncles and aunts- And you all are children of a person.

I was just a kid, but I know that we allis part of a large 

family, whose members are morefrom 5 billion, consisting 

of 30 million families andwe all shareair, water and soil 

on the same planet - borders and governmentswill not 

change it.

I was just a kid but once I know that weall face the same 

problems and we should unitefor the same purpose.

Although angry, but I'm not blind, and even fear, I do 

notFeel free to tell the world what I feel.

In my country, we are very much to waste. Webuy something 

and then thrown away, to buy and then discard.Although it 

remains only countries in the North will not be sharedwith 

those in need.Even when we have more than enough, we feel 

afraid tolose some of our wealth, we are afraid to share.

In Canada we have a comfortable life, with clothing, 

foodthe affluent and the board - we have at 

hand,bicycle,computer and television equipment.

Two days ago here in Brazil, we were surprised when 

wespending time with children who live on the streets. And 

oneone child told us: "I wish Irich, and if I'm rich, I 

will give street childrenfood, clothing and medicines, 

shelter, love and compassiondear ".

If a child who was on the streets and do not have 

any,willing to share, why do we who have everything 

stillso greedy?

I can not stop thinking that these children agedsame with 

me, that place of birth you can make a differenceis so 

great, that I might be one of thechildren who live in the 

Rio Favellas; I could be a childthe famine in Somalia; an 

eastern war victimsmiddle orbeggars in India.

I was just a kid, but I know that if allmoney spent on the 

war used to reduce the level ofpoverty and find answers to 

the problems of nature, howwould the world be beautiful.

At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us todo good. 

You taught us to not fight withothers, to find a way out, 

clean up the messwe caused; to not harm other living 

beings, toshare and not greedy. Then why did you then do 

theYou taught us that not to do it?

Do not forget why you are attending this conference, why 

youdo this - we are your children all. You sekalianlahwho 

decides, what kind of world would we live. Parentsit 

should be able to givecomfort in their children withsays, 

"Everything will be fine, 'we do thatThe best we can do 

and this is not the end of theeverything. "

But I do not feel that you can say itto us again. Do we 

even exist in your priority listall? My dad always said, 

"You will always be remembered fordeeds, not by your words 


So, what you do makes me cry at night.You adults say that 

you love us. IYour challenge, try to realize those words.

Thank you for your attention.***********

Servern Cullis-Suzuki has silenced one courtroom 

ConferenceUnited Nations, silencing all the important 

people from all over the world justwith his speech. Having 

finished his address simultaneously all thepresent in the 

room speechthe stand and applaudto the lively 12-year-old 

child was.

And after that, the UN chief said in his speech:

"Today I feel very ashamed of myselfbecause I had just 

made aware of the importance of environments andcontents 

around us by a child who is only 12 years old, who 

developedstood at this podium without even a script for a 

speech.While I brought forward numerous manuscripts that 

have been made bymy assistant yesterday. I ... do not we 

all defeated by the kids12-year-old "

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -- 


* Please pass this article to everyone you know, notto 

obtain good fortune or bad luck if you do not send,but let 

us together open the eyes of all people in the world 

thatEarth is now dying and it is our humanaThis makes the 

need to act to prevent the destructionworld.

(Photo :

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Throne To The Princess

A father, a wealthy businessman coincidence multi-business, facing a very delicate matter. Who should choose the President & CEO to replace him to lead his business empire which had painstakingly built over half a century?

Now age has seven heads and old diseases have started to undermine him. He knew that soon he would follow his ancestors into the hallway mortal life.

Son three people. The eldest is very bright, reaching MSc. and an MBA abroad, he tastefully sophisticated, like glamorous, ambitious, and have extensive interactions among the jet set. Only the father is worried because the eldest is a talent flirt with danger like the (supposedly) the Kennedy family. His gambling instincts big, and his intent was fraudulent strong enough. In short, he's smart, creative, but the wily and slippery.

The center, even more powerful. PhD degree. in chemistry from famous universities in the United States, he graduated magna cum laude. His paper strewn in international journals. Very proud of the father's heart who just graduated from high school during the Japanese occupation. He was a lecturer and researcher. And the company his father he served as Director of Research and Development. But it became CEO, he was too academic.
Kurang cocok dengan bisnis mereka yang kini berspektrum sangat lebar.

The youngest, the only female, just graduated from S1 in the country.

Although the last five years since she joined her father's business as Director of Consumer Groups, but she began his career in the foreign company as a salesman (marketing executive). She crawled out from under to 15 years and could reach the position of General Manager. Brain loses both brilliant than her brother.

Although likely to save a word, but she showed good leadership talent. She was able to listen intently. The views and ideas it can be treated with consideration.

Casual lifestyle. She liked and respected man for being fair, honest, and capable of populist with her subordinates.

Well, if you are an independent consultant, who select the your replace the patriarch became President & CEO?

I bet most of you will nominate the youngest.

And the father the same way. This problem becomes complicated, because according to custom, the heir to the throne sulunglah. And, he was very ambitious for it. Was the youngest, but most bloated, women again. So he lost the status, title and gender.

How the solution?

Consultant raise your hand.

Textbook reference no. The patriarch finally could only rely on the authority and wisdom as a father. Then she called her three children.

His problems are laid out clearly.

Described his plus-minus of each child. Analyze the possibility of success of each

led the group's efforts towards the third millennium.

The dialogue begins.

And the father immediately informed, dead lock will occur.

"Come, I'll decide for myself who my successor," said the parents were finally. All three reverence by.

A week later, the father came with a test.

"Whoever can fill this space to its fullest, so he is my successor," he said, pointing to the only conference room filled with four chairs and a round table. "Budget $100 maximum," he added.

The first chance fell to the eldest. Easy, he thought.

The next day, fulfilling the room with shredded paper sacks. And indeed it becomes a solid room.

"Good, tomorrow it's your turn," said the father to her second child.

Twenty-four hours later, the room was compliance with styro-foam beads are obtained by destroying the packaging marks.

"Okay, tomorrow it's your turn," said the patriarch pointed to her daughter.

The next day, when the inspections began, the room was still empty.

"Why, really empty?" Asked the three nearly simultaneous. The princess said nothing. Turned off the light switch. From her pocket she was out a candle. Placed on the table.

Then lit with a match.

"Look, this room filled with light. Please assessed, whether there is no light gaps, "he said calmly.

Irrefutable anyone, he declared victory and the princess had the right to occupy the highest seat. Problem solved.

Quality indicated the father and daughter is what I call wisdom. The main characteristic of the wise (wise person) is the ability to solve problems in a genuine and satisfactory. This is consistent with the defining Jerry Pino wisdom as the ability to make the best decision at
any given situation.

Smart, on the other hand, is the ability to digest and process information rapidly. Features, rational, methodical, linear, and analytic. General intelligence of the brain were obtained with bald.

From the first balding traits are smart people.

But the wisdom (wisdom) not only requires mental exercise but especially if the liver. Rarely we realize, our hearts can actually think. In the tradition of ancient literature, especially the holy scriptures, the heart is the location of wisdom, wisdom and intelligence. More specifically, the liver is our access point to the higher knowledge, namely the Lord himself, namely Allah. In this sense, the sage always connotes the pious and devout.

Now, as the rationalism of Descartes and the legacy of Immanuel Kant became commander, the wisdom that comes from the heart (conscience or inner voice) tend to come second. The main thing is the head. World politics, business and society we then dominated by technocrats, experts and masters degrees, doctorates, and professors.

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