Monday, March 21, 2011

There are meals that Make Beautiful, Want to Know?

"You are what you eat"? Have you ever heard the adage that? That not only applies to health but also for your skin. Very reasonable. The body will be seen in the best condition when all the parts to get good nutrition with a healthy diet.

Eating a variety of options of course is very good, because it opens opportunities for sharing type of vitamins and minerals. But for those of you who care about the health of the skin without wanting to spend a lot of money for cosmetics and treatment, make sure you get the specific nutrients that are believed to enhance your beauty. This is the basic nutrients that make you glow from head to toe.

For your skin


Omega-3 fatty acids, is a nutrition class magic found in soybean oil, nuts and fish such as salmon, has long been a meal as good news for the heart. However, these types of fatty acids are also key to keep skin young and soft texture.

That is possible because the omega-3 has the ability to strengthen cell walls, which means they help your cells moist. That does not include anti-inflammatory properties owned by omega-3. If you want to be seen shining make sure there is food with high content of omega-3 in your menu.


He is known also as a carotene (or a pigment soluble in fat). These nutrients can be found in ripe tomatoes, one of the best menu you can eat when wanting beautiful skin.

Likopene are antioxidants and can boost the ability of a natural sunscreen to the skin, protect your skin from the inside and prevent the signs of aging. One of the facts related to lycopene, the volunteers who ate tomato paste for 10 weeks, showing no sign of sunburned skin when exposed to ultraviolet compared with the group who did not eat tomatoes.

Vitamin C

You are well aware this is a vitamin that plays a major role in your immune system, but there are other reasons to start your day with this vitamin, which can be obtained through the grapes, strawberries, raspberries, asparagus or other types of foods that are high vitmin). Vitamins are powerful enough to make you look beautiful. Facts according to a study in 2007 stating that embraces womanhood diet rich in vitamin C have a little wrinkle and skin moisture levels higher than a similar lifestyle but lack of Vitamin C.

For Nails and Hair

Vitamin B

Vitamin energy can be found in all types of foods, from carrots, salad vegetables to the east and has long been regarded as the best nutrition for hair and skin.

And for the same reason some B complex vitamins in the family has a relationship with nail health. For example, beberaa study found when biotin in vitamin B boost the body's production of keratin, a protein that can increase the beauty of skin and hair.

In a study in 2001, women who have alopecia (a condition that causes hair loss) have finally repair the hair quality after taking B6 few weeks. The type of this vitamin to make hair stronger, more polished look. Now researchers also believe that the vitamins that have similar benefits to the nail.


This element can be found in meat, fish, poultry meat, eggs, milk, leek, garlic and cabbage and some other sources. This element is essentially to maintain your beautiful nails stay strong, do not crack, split, or peeling.

One of the evidence taken from a small study. After six weeks the participants taking supplements of sulfur, named Metilsulfonilmetane (MSM), 50% of participants have a nail extension and thickness is very noticeable. The group who consumed the MSM has accelerated nail growth 2.5 times than those who consume MSM pickup.

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