Thursday, January 27, 2011

Uric Acid Orange Juice Cause?

Every morning drink orange juice? Also like to drink soft drinks? There is a good start to be careful and measured the amount of drunk. Because one-one not so healthy but it is coming disease.

Within a day, how many times to drink soda or orange juice? If more than two times a day, it's good to start to be careful. Because based on studies conducted in the United States contain fructose in soft drinks and orange juice can increase the risk of uric acid in women in the age above 40 years until old age.

Gout or uric acid is one of the joint disease caused by too much uric acid in the blood and crystallizes around the joints. Gout is very rare in women, drink this kind could be a possible cause of the increased acid levels in the blood. The results of this study have been published in The Journal of the American Medical Association last year.

According to some researchers at the Mayo Clinic, in addition to mushrooms, asparagus, and liver, were fructose can also cause uric acid levels in the blood increases. A study recently conducted on 78,906 women who had normal blood condition for 22 years (1984-2006), of which 778 were exposed to uric acid.

Women who drank one glass of soft drinks per day, 1.74 times more exposed to gout than those who drank less than one drink per month. Those who drank two or more servings per day were 2.4 times more likely to develop gout.

"Drinking two or more soft drinks per day causes the increase in 68 cases of gout per 100,000 women per year, compared with drinking less than one serving of soda per month," explained the researchers.

Drinking orange juice also increases the risks. Women who drank one serving of orange juice per day, 1.41 times more likely to get gout while drinking two glasses even more exposed to the risk 2.4 times more.

The high uric acid can occur because of changes in lifestyle and diet is also a mess. This is the kind described by Dr. Hyon K. Choi from Boston University School of Medicine. Choi suggested to reduce the intake of fructose, especially for women who have undergone menopause.

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