Saturday, May 22, 2010

6 Disease-collar man

In these modern times, workers spent more time behind a desk. According to the Urban Institute data, the number of jobs that require physical activity has indeed been bekurang 10 percent in 1950.

Sitting for hours behind a desk is not without risk. Health disorders such as back pain, eye fatigue, sleep disturbance to be caused by sedentary lifestyle plus a working environment that is full of stress. What are the health risks that lurk "the office?"

1. Syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome is a symptom of the pain, tingling and numbness in your fingers. These problems can arise due to repetitive mechanical stress and rhythmic, like typing. To prevent this, do light stretching to loosen the tension on the wrist. After typing, rest your hands for a moment. Consult your doctor if symptoms felt quite disturbing.

2. Low back pain Sitting for hours, especially with the wrong posture or an ergonomic chair, could have a negative impact on the spine. According to one study, back pain is the main reason for employees to be absent from work. Correct sitting position is to sit by dividing the weight of the body so it does not just rely on the waist.

In addition to notice when sitting posture, regular exercise, including activities tummy tuck can reduce pain in the lower back. Also, avoid sitting with the conditions of the wallet is too full because it can cause pressure on nerves in the pelvis.

3. Problems on the human body joints created to move and stay in one position long can make the joints tight. Therefore, regularly stand up and take a walk in between work time.

4. Looking tired eyes computer screen too long can make the visually impaired and sensitive eyes. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms such as dry eyes, watery, headache, or sore throat, can be classed as symptoms of eye fatigue (eyestrain). To prevent it, enlarging the font size on a computer screen so you do not need too much flash. Also, reduce the radiance of the screen and rest your eyes periodically by looking the other way.

5. Bacteria desk, in terms of content of the bacteria, apparently more and more dirty than a toilet. "Bacteria are usually gathered at the table because people do many things in there, ranging from food and storing objects, but rarely clean it," said University of Arizona microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba. You can reduce the number of bacteria by routine cleaning tables with antibacterial wipes and liquids each day.

6. Stressful situation One of the six workers in the U.S. said, feeling irritated and angry at the office can cause adverse effects. Approximately 2-3 per cent said they had been slapped or hit her coworkers. In addition, 22 percent of workers claimed to have wept because feeling stress in the workplace.

Pressure or minor stressor can be controlled by way of a deep breath and relaxation techniques that can be done while seated. Or, take the time to take a walk in the park and elsewhere to distract the moment. Conflicts with coworkers can be overcome with the help of third party mediation in order not to accumulate and cause unexpected actions.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grape, an antidote to diabetes and heart disease

The benefits of grape as an alcoholic beverage has been much studied. However, consumption of whole fruit grapes are also no less great. Unmitigated, fruit is believed to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Researchers from also states, the grape also reduce the risk of low blood pressure, improve heart function and minimize the risk of metabolic syndrome, disturbances caused by an imperfect body metabolism and cardiovascular disease.

The claim was based discovery of a substance in grape that are known as phytochemicals, antioxidants which are normally kind of plant. Previously, researchers gave some sort of liquid grape in animal experiments to overcome the metabolic disorder, the condition may develop into type 2 diabetes.

At that time, researchers combine a number of grapes such as green grapes, red and black, and then given to rats as part of a package of fat-rich foods, like most citizens of the U.S. food packages.

Then, researchers divided mice into two groups. For the first group, given package of grape and food from the second group were given packages of food rich in fat and sugar.

After three months, the mice that received a diet of grape known to decrease blood pressure, better heart function, and reducing signs of inflammation in the liver and blood than mice that did not receive a food package grape. Not only that, the rats in the first group had lower triglyceride levels and improved glucose tolerance.

Internal Medicine Expert Dr. Steven Bolling revealed possible reason behind the lack of risk of metabolic syndrome is the presence of active protection of the phytochemicals on liver cells from damage caused by the disease.

"In mice, inflammation of the heart and heart functions much better preserved," he said as quoted from the Telegraph, recently.

He says, though there was no direct relationship between a particular research and what to do with humans, it is interesting to suggest a diet of fruits rich in phytochemicals, such as grape may be beneficial for human beings

Bolling added, untuj those who want to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes should try and live a good pattern of consumption such as eating foods low in fat and cholesterol. Also, try to control weight and get regular exercise. (
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