Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is the message of Buried Secrets of Da Vinci 400 Years

Florence - Archaeologists have discovered a secret message hidden in a painting of Leonardo da Vinci. The message was revealed behind the walls of the Palazzo Vechio, an ancient palace in Florence that was founded in the 1300s.

Secret message that says 'seek and ye shall find' (Cerca trova) on a mural painting on the wall of Da Vinci. According to Dailymail.co.uk, Tuesday (13/3), the researchers turned out to reveal the secret message is referring to a work of Da Vinci's been missing since 400 years ago.

A miniature camera endoscope inserted into the wall in the Palazzo Vechio, and obtain samples of chemical pigments are also used in the Da Vinci painting Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa is considered one of Da Vinci's most phenomenal, which is assumed to have been destroyed by fire in the 16th century.

This invention makes possible a variety of researchers believe that the phenomenal work of Da Vinci has been deliberately hidden by other painters. The archaeologists began to investigate the murals in the Palazzo Vechio after an archaeologist to find the words, "Cerca trova '.

"These data are found are very encouraging," said researchers from the National Geographic, Maurizio Seracini. Although scientists are still in early stages of research, and is still much work to be done to solve this mystery.

In 1503, Da Vinci was commissioned by Piero Soderini Gonfaloniere painting 'Battle of Anghiari' in Hall 500 of the Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of government in Florence.

The painting commemorates the 1440 victory of the battle on the plains of Anghiari between Milan and the Italian League led by Republic of Florence. The Florentines present as an important force in central Italy, the Papacy and dominated Italian politics for hundreds of years.

Leonardo Da Vinci himself had a scene in the film industry, through the science fiction film called Da Vinci Code. The film tells how the secret of Da Vinci's paintings reveal about the person of Jesus in the painting 'The Last Supper'nya.

Leonado Da Vinci was an artist as well as the scientist who was born in 1452, the Enlightenment (Renaissance) Europe. His work along with other works of the Enlightenment scientists, like Galileo Galilei much opposed by the church at that time opposed to science. However, due to Da Vinci's scientific approach to using the art of making himself more secure than Galileo.

Source: republika[co][id]

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Apparently Living in Dubai More Convenient Than in Europe

DUBAI - United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now ranked 16th as a state "advanced" in the world. According to international surveys, satisfaction levels exceeded the population even other Arab countries. Even more than European countries like Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Singapore and Hong Kong.

Approximately 55 percent of UAE residents believe that they are the developed countries when compared with the British who won the 54 percent figure. While Germany's 44 percent, 42 percent French, Italian and Singapore 37 per cent respectively.

These figures released by Gallup pollsters global. "The UAE was ranked 16th worldwide in terms of resident satisfaction," explained the agency, as reported by Zawya news agency on Tuesday (26 / 4).

In the Arab region, Qatar ranked second as a state "developed"-despite the highest living expenses-with 53 percent satisfaction level of residents. Followed by Kuwait at a rate of 46 percent, 43 percent of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain at number 27 percent.

Gallup classifies welfare respondents as "advanced," "developing" and "poor," based on their assessment of life lived today and in the future, on a scale of 0 to 10. They are considered advanced if the current level of their lives at number 7 or more, and in the next five years in the number 8 or more.

Developed countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Japan, have average citizens at the level of "developing" higher than the UAE who only scored 44 percent. While in countries hit by unrest that is now kind of Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Morocco, only a few who feel the level of satisfaction with their lives at number 7.

Source: Republika/Zawya


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