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Recovery Your Body Stamina

Working more than 12 hours a day. Sleeping less than 8 hours each night. Unbalanced food intake. Stress always accompany the activity. If this all happens to you, be careful, because it could have a serious illness in your body.

But not to worry about being a hard worker. What is important to balance your life from now on. The trick? It's easy, follow the following tips as reported by Sheknows.

1. Diligent Exercising

Sports became one of the most lazy activity done by office workers. Actually you do not have to exercise like an athlete. As little as 15 minutes three days a week and performed regularly!.

Get used to after getting out of bed in the morning, do the stretch in your backyard or balcony of your apartment. Stretching is important to relax your muscles. Then breathe fresh air in the morning in deeply. Morning air pollution has not been contaminated well enough to launch the body's metabolism.

So if you've arrived at the office, try not to climb the elevator. Use the emergency stairs from ground floor to your room. Diligently climbed the stairs will nourish the heart, improving blood flow and makes your legs become stronger. Simply go up the stairs as much as 3-6 floors only, it is regularly feel the benefits. But first ask your building manager if the emergency staircase at the building where your office is possible to use other than in an emergency.

Running or cycling is the most expensive sport but the effect was devastating. If routinely performed, in addition to healthy, your body weight can come down. Try biking to the office once a week, as more and more done by office workers in Jakarta. Besides burning fat, cycling will help to reduce pollution. But note the factor of safety if your cycling in a big city. Use a helmet, bicycle brakes and a standard for which a safety lamp, and make sure you're not in the vehicle path.

If on the weekdays difficult exercise, use the weekends. Morning or afternoon no problem. In the gym or jogging outdoors is also healthy. The important thing is do not forget to warm up for injury and did not have great fun.

2. Supplements Consumption

Taking vitamins or supplements can help increase stamina. Select a supplement that is safe and not cheap. Also note whether you have an ulcer or not. Do not forget to look at the date of expiration.

Well you need berkonsutasi to a nutritionist to choose a supplement that will be used.

3. Caffeine consumption in the Morning and EveningDrinking coffee and tea in the morning and afternoon was good. Some nutritionists in the United States advocated for a cup of coffee / tea in the morning and evening to maintain concentration and refreshes the mind.

But for that to have high blood pressure, heart or ulcer, replace your coffee with tea.

4. Fruit, Juice and Vegetable

Too much eating steak or grilled chicken is not good. Combine your meals with fresh vegetables in sufficient quantities, such as vegetables. Especially in green vegetables have high fiber. Fiber from vegetables is good for the human digestive organs. Besides vegetables help ward off colds da number of diseases. Vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, carrots or certain leaves are very good for the body.

Do not forget to eat fruit. In the morning would be more beneficial fruits eaten before breakfast. Fruits such as banana or apple best eaten in the morning. Juice can also be an alternative if you're lazy to chew. Consider the composition of water and fruit while trying menjusnya. At least 70 percent for fruit, the remaining water. Also avoid sugar, because the fruit already contain natural sugar.

5. Enough SleepUse your free time as possible. On weekends you can take a nap. Two-hour nap can refresh your body and mind. We recommend that you try to sleep at night for 6-8 hours. If you want fast asleep, you can precedence with reading, drinking low-fat milk or a massage.

Good luck!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Here are 10 Foods Healer

Let food be your medicine. The words of ancient Greek physician named Hippocrates was so popular in the medical world. Messages that are then encouraged the scientists to figure out the benefits of food for health.

For years, nutrition experts conducted a study to identify the nutritional benefits of certain foods. They studied proteins, carbohydrates, calories, fats, minerals and vitamins to determine health benefits for the human body.

Here are some foods that provide many benefits to the body, as quoted by the website Methods of Healing.

1. Honey

Research shows that honey contains antibacterial and antiviral. Studies over the mention of honey useful for wound healing and good for digestive health.

2. Green Tea

Research shows that green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Green tea is also believed to help prevent type two diabetes and osteoporosis, and relieve inflammation of the intestine.

3. Walnuts

Eating 1.5 ounces of walnuts every day can be a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

4. Blueberry

Is one of the fruits with high antioxidant levels. The content of substance in it to help slow down aging, reduce the risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol, improve motor skills, and support urinary health and eyesight. Blueberries also have anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Pomegranate

As a fruit rich in antioxidants, a study showed that pomegranate helps reduce the risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure. In fact, help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

6. Spices

Cinnamon helps lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Ginger helps to improve digestive health, and contains anti-inflammatory. Benefits of ginger for the prevention of cancer is also being studied. While anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric is believed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease and reduce the risk of cancer.

7. Yogurt

The best thing is plain yogurt. The content of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B-2 & B-12, and probiotics are known as good bacteria in the gut, digestive system healthy and beneficial immunity. Regular consumption of yogurt is also believed to help lower cholesterol.

8. Dark chocolate

Type of brown offers good benefits for the cardiovascular system as well as protection from cancer. Not only that, eating dark chocolate can also generate a good mood for the emotional and mental health.

9. Salmon

Salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, low calorie, low saturated fat, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon health benefits including prevention of diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and cardiovascular system healthy.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is full of vitamins like folic acid, vitamin A, B6 and K. Minerals such as calcium and potassium make it more healthy. Broccoli is considered a healing food that is activated by the phytochemicals indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane, helps fight cancer.

Source from VIVAnews

Friday, October 15, 2010

3 Methods Teach Children Rise Bicycle

Teach your child bicycle is not easy. Even so, still, this activity will make the little guy and you have quality time together is fun.

As quoted from, there are several ways that must be considered when trying to teach your child cycling. Here are some methods you can choose to teach the little guy.

1. Riding a bike with extra wheels.
Usually the bike for beginners are equipped with additional wheels on the left and right side. This can help your child keep his balance while cycling.

With this method, children can learn how to direct his first bicycle pedals without having to worry about maintaining a balance bike. Once he has mastered how to pedal and steering wheel, you can gradually raise the extra wheel so that bike a little more unstable.

2. Wear a bike with a smaller size
This method works on the contrary, teaches children to balance the bike before he learns to pedal and direct the handlebar. You can start with a small bike or lower the bike seat for child's feet may tread the ground. After he was familiar with the balance, you can begin to elevate him to more comfortable seats.

3. Remove and give encouragement when the child riding a bicycle
If the child refuses to ride a bike is small or you do not have it, you can try this old way. Create a quiet child to be riding his bike without the extra wheels.

Just as with additional wheel method, you should use strategies to help your child learn to pedal and steering wheel. Teach your child to the first focus balance. Finally, you can begin to let go and allow your child to balance itself.

Doc. Photo kingston

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Want senile? Expand is the Sun in the Morning Day

Seniors with low vitamin D levels have the potential of problems with memory, learning, and thinking. Furthermore, low vitamin D will provide early warning for risk of dementia aka senility.

Just so you know, most vitamin D is naturally produced by the body from the additional sun exposure to skin. So, bask in the morning is very beneficial in this regard.

The researchers from the UK, Italy and the United States examined 850 Italian men aged 65 years and over and find someone who is an acute shortage of vitamin D as much as 60 percent experienced a general decline in cognitive abilities. The rest, 31 percent experienced problems with mental flexibility. "This is the first study to identify a clear link between low vitamin D levels and a decrease in cognitive abilities," said study chairman, David Llewellyn from the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Exeter, UK.

Llewellyn said the findings raise concerns because of the previous depth has been estimated one billion people worldwide lack of vitamin D. He said that giving vitamin D supplements in the elderly can be a very promising therapeutic target for prevention of dementia, particularly because supplements cheap, safe and has been shown to help to reduce the risk of fractures.

Most vitamin D is naturally produced by the body from the additional sun exposure to skin. Vitamin D is also found in some foods such as fish oil and essential for our health, because it helps cells absorb calcium, essential for bone.

Some recent research has also shown vitamin D may protect against cancer, artery disease and tuberculosis.
In this study, the researchers found seniors who Llewellyn acute deficiency of vitamin D - which is defined by having 25 hidrovitamin D blood level is lower than the 25 nanomole per liter - 60 percent more likely to experience cognitive decline in the ability of these six years of research.

The results also showed 31 percent more likely to experience a decline in executive function tests to test.
These findings were also published in the journal "Archives of Internal Medicine."

Dementia is a condition that a waste of brain power that affected 35 million people in the world. The most common form is Alzheimer's disease, a disease sufferers gradually lose their memories, ability to navigate and understand the world around him and taking care of themselves.

Tim Llewellyn researchers say they think vitamin D can prevent the degeneration of brain tissue that have a role in shaping the neural network, maintaining levels of calcium in the body, or remove beta-amyloid, a substance that forms the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers estimate that in the U.S. and Europe, between 40 to 100 percent of the elderly and vitamin D deficiency a problem exacerbated by the conditions of older people spend more time indoors and their skin becomes less efficient to produce vitamin D.

Source: AP,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

6 Disease-collar man

In these modern times, workers spent more time behind a desk. According to the Urban Institute data, the number of jobs that require physical activity has indeed been bekurang 10 percent in 1950.

Sitting for hours behind a desk is not without risk. Health disorders such as back pain, eye fatigue, sleep disturbance to be caused by sedentary lifestyle plus a working environment that is full of stress. What are the health risks that lurk "the office?"

1. Syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome is a symptom of the pain, tingling and numbness in your fingers. These problems can arise due to repetitive mechanical stress and rhythmic, like typing. To prevent this, do light stretching to loosen the tension on the wrist. After typing, rest your hands for a moment. Consult your doctor if symptoms felt quite disturbing.

2. Low back pain Sitting for hours, especially with the wrong posture or an ergonomic chair, could have a negative impact on the spine. According to one study, back pain is the main reason for employees to be absent from work. Correct sitting position is to sit by dividing the weight of the body so it does not just rely on the waist.

In addition to notice when sitting posture, regular exercise, including activities tummy tuck can reduce pain in the lower back. Also, avoid sitting with the conditions of the wallet is too full because it can cause pressure on nerves in the pelvis.

3. Problems on the human body joints created to move and stay in one position long can make the joints tight. Therefore, regularly stand up and take a walk in between work time.

4. Looking tired eyes computer screen too long can make the visually impaired and sensitive eyes. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms such as dry eyes, watery, headache, or sore throat, can be classed as symptoms of eye fatigue (eyestrain). To prevent it, enlarging the font size on a computer screen so you do not need too much flash. Also, reduce the radiance of the screen and rest your eyes periodically by looking the other way.

5. Bacteria desk, in terms of content of the bacteria, apparently more and more dirty than a toilet. "Bacteria are usually gathered at the table because people do many things in there, ranging from food and storing objects, but rarely clean it," said University of Arizona microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba. You can reduce the number of bacteria by routine cleaning tables with antibacterial wipes and liquids each day.

6. Stressful situation One of the six workers in the U.S. said, feeling irritated and angry at the office can cause adverse effects. Approximately 2-3 per cent said they had been slapped or hit her coworkers. In addition, 22 percent of workers claimed to have wept because feeling stress in the workplace.

Pressure or minor stressor can be controlled by way of a deep breath and relaxation techniques that can be done while seated. Or, take the time to take a walk in the park and elsewhere to distract the moment. Conflicts with coworkers can be overcome with the help of third party mediation in order not to accumulate and cause unexpected actions.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grape, an antidote to diabetes and heart disease

The benefits of grape as an alcoholic beverage has been much studied. However, consumption of whole fruit grapes are also no less great. Unmitigated, fruit is believed to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Researchers from also states, the grape also reduce the risk of low blood pressure, improve heart function and minimize the risk of metabolic syndrome, disturbances caused by an imperfect body metabolism and cardiovascular disease.

The claim was based discovery of a substance in grape that are known as phytochemicals, antioxidants which are normally kind of plant. Previously, researchers gave some sort of liquid grape in animal experiments to overcome the metabolic disorder, the condition may develop into type 2 diabetes.

At that time, researchers combine a number of grapes such as green grapes, red and black, and then given to rats as part of a package of fat-rich foods, like most citizens of the U.S. food packages.

Then, researchers divided mice into two groups. For the first group, given package of grape and food from the second group were given packages of food rich in fat and sugar.

After three months, the mice that received a diet of grape known to decrease blood pressure, better heart function, and reducing signs of inflammation in the liver and blood than mice that did not receive a food package grape. Not only that, the rats in the first group had lower triglyceride levels and improved glucose tolerance.

Internal Medicine Expert Dr. Steven Bolling revealed possible reason behind the lack of risk of metabolic syndrome is the presence of active protection of the phytochemicals on liver cells from damage caused by the disease.

"In mice, inflammation of the heart and heart functions much better preserved," he said as quoted from the Telegraph, recently.

He says, though there was no direct relationship between a particular research and what to do with humans, it is interesting to suggest a diet of fruits rich in phytochemicals, such as grape may be beneficial for human beings

Bolling added, untuj those who want to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes should try and live a good pattern of consumption such as eating foods low in fat and cholesterol. Also, try to control weight and get regular exercise. (
Source: Ririn Sjafriani/

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tired? Throw Only with a Lemon

Weekend or this weekend, plans to go out of town for a short refreshing? But later Monday, we had a schedule packed with meetings here and there. Keep in sniper tactics to drive across town tired from the trip, starting from now and prepare the lemon juice.

Research University of Maryland's Medical Center prove, aroma and taste of lemon with a high content of vitamin C, can reduce fatigue and give freshness. Remember also that the lemon contains antioxidants to prevent infections suffered by people who are vulnerable to fatigue.

Recipe: Squeeze one lemon into a medium size glass of warm water. Mix with one tablespoon of Manuka honey. Drink up. Repeat 3 times a day. But if we are already sick (fever) for being too tired, drink this potion every 2 hours, until the fever subsided. (Prevention / Lily Turangan / Astrid Anastasia)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A rendering of the redesigned World Trade Cent...Image via Wikipedia
After the events of September 11, a company invited employees of
Other companies that survived, whereas most of the dead time
the attack on the WTC - to tell his experience.

At the meeting that morning, a security leader tells the story of how they can survive. And the story is all about: THINGS THAT SMALL.

Head of security companies that survived that day because his son took the day
The first kindergarten.

Other employees were still alive since the day it was his turn to bring cookies for the students in her class.

One woman was late because the alarm clock did not go off on time.

An employee is late because the NJ Turnpike trapped in the event of an accident

An employee missed the bus.

An employee spilled food on her clothes, so take time to change clothes.

An employee can not be turned on his car.

An employee went into the house again to receive the telephone rang.

An employee has a child who lounged so it can not be ready on time for the journey together.

An employee does not get a cab.

Meanwhile, one thing that held my own is: a new shoe. I
wearing new shoes that morning, and went to work with enthusiasm.
But before it reached the office (WTC), a shoe that causes sores in
heel. I stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. This
which caused me to remain alive to this day.

One morning when you felt everything was very chaotic, the children
slowly dressed, you can not find the car keys, always
reached the intersection at red light, do not rush
angry or frustrated, because the Lord was working to keep
your life!
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Strains of Music The Healing

Strains of Music The Healing
"Actually there is a close relationship between the music with the neurological structures of the brain and biological systems work in the human body," says Clive Robbins, DDM, founder of the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University. Because the non-verbal level, music activates the mind and provoke our interest, followed by regulations affect body functions.

That's why Robbins belief, enjoying music or favorite song we not only restore the romance of the past but also can relieve pain. And the high level, music can set the rhythm of the body to be perfect. Because music has a tempo, rhythm, melody, and harmony. This is then stimulates the brain works in a comprehensive manner.

This theory is then completed with the Colorado State University study that found the facts, stroke and Parkinson's sufferers can find stability when it's done music therapy. Simply by using the metronome, rhythm gauge. Michael H. Thaut, PhD, director of the Center for Biomedical Research in Music explains, rhythm has full power to organize our motor skills. "Metronome helps synchronize our motor reflexes quickly."

The same work process then occurs in the ability of music to create a more stable blood pressure because of our triggers to breathe more regularly, Deforina Lane, PhD, director of music therapy Ireland Cancer Center, join Thaut complete statement. "Evidently, when I play music to patients before performing medical acts, the patient is very quick to react and the reaction is positive for his recovery." (Preventiononline / Priska Siagian-kompas)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple iPad, Stimulus Development E-Reader

Like other Apple output device, Apple ipad design eye-catching too. However, unlike the feared, iPad will not be considered competitors Kindle - E-reader made by Amazon, according to the fans and the electronic book publishing executive. Instead, iPad device category tend to spur e-reader to evolve into more sophisticated.
Apple iPad, Stimulus Development E-ReaderImage via Wikipedia

"iPad is a type of casual readers, those who want all the features in one device, while the e-reader that uses E-ink (electronic ink) is for advanced readers," said the executive director of Dutch-based publishing - Eburon Academic Publisher, Wiebe de Jager as quoted by gadget lab.
"iPad powerful tool for general reading activities, particularly smelling magazine articles and text books, as well as a few snippets of e-book. However, you are difficult to compare the LCD screen's not how bright the screen iPad with e-readers currently available.'s a long way," he said.
On Wednesday last week, Apple launched the iPad, measuring 9.7 inches, which offers the ability to browse, read books, watch movies, listen to music and portable. iPad will be officially sold two months since the launch and begin price 500 dollars to 800 dollars, depending on the memory and connectivity.
However, according to analysts from Forrester Research, James McQuivey, iPad has doubled the price of the e-reader measuring 6 inches and comfort, ironically, only half,
"After we saw the iPad, we do not see any possibility of an e-reader market will be shaken by these devices," he said. "The size of the e-reader that is smaller only half the price and very good iPad in the eyes to read."
IPad Screen for All Time?
The fundamental difference between digital book reading device and electronic fellow colleagues, such as laptops and smart phones is the screen technology.
Ponselcerdas and laptops use LCD screen that offers a real color display, however, difficult to read when under exposure to sunlight. Meanwhile, the electronic ink display, such as the Kindle or other e-readers, are trapped in a black and white world, but they claimed to offer a better reading experience.
Only with the Kindle or Sony Reader, in the park on a sunny weekend, could be fixed to make you feel at home picnic. Meanwhile, according to analysts from research firm iSuppli, Vinita Jakhanwal, iPad can not offer the same quality. LCD screen is not nearly as nice as the sun such as E-ink screen.
Not only that, the LCD is also more wasteful batteries. Compare iPad promise for the use of non-stop 10 hours with Kindle performance, which does not need to fill the power, at least in a week. Electronic ink display on the Kindle consume power only when turning the page. Turn off the wireless antenna, then you can use the tool a week without the battery plug.
LCD screen, but also more wasteful hard on the eyes. "Read a few hours on the LCD screen can be very exhausting," says Vinita.
Perhaps, this time winning numbers in iPad color capabilities and include audio and video files in the book. However, it was not the same advantages in long-term. Both E-Ink and Qualcom, is currently working on projects that consume bewarna display very little power and can be used inside or outside the room.
Fresh View for E-Books.
As noted just above, iPad provides an interesting look through the eye color and audio files and video. While the Kindle and similar peer-black-white sail, probably good in effect tired eyes, but they considered eliminating the aesthetics of art books featuring characters of text in a monotone blocks.
iPad would offer more opportunities for publishers to provide additional features in the book. That's clearly a step that seemed to encourage makers of traditional e-reader's ability to deliver similar.
However, a loyalist 'daredevil' conventional e-reader, Len Edgerly, who produces weekly podcasts on a regular basis, Kindle Chronicles, saying, good-quality books, not the same as painting, as some people might be considered.
"When I read, I do not want to focus too diverted," he said. "It's about the words and when I read on the Kindle, he could bring me closer to the words of the author. To me that's the essence of reading."
As a consumer, Len said, even if Apple book comes with an extra video and audio, he will not buy it. "Why do I need to remove the extra 3 dollars just for video and audio, when I can be much cheaper on Amazon?"

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Shampoo Anti Environmental Pollution
Taking this photo was made possible through th...Image via Wikipedia

"How wonderful! Now shampoo was made without foaming. Really understand the meaning of environmental pollution," said a father to his daughter after a shampoo.
The girls then went to the bathroom to check on what shampoo to use his father. After that, he soon met her father again.

"Ha ha ha ... it seems you'd wash wear hand & body lotion."(e-ketawa)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Umbrella swagger

A conversation between a father who brag about his new umbrella to a neighbor child.

Dad: "How old are you, boy?"

Son: "6 years old, sir."

Dad: "6 years? Umbrella just higher than your height? Ha ha ha ...."

Son: "hhmm ..., so how many umbrellas you age?"

Father: "??!!$%??%"
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice Cream Flavor Chili, Onion, Egg, Sardine, Crab, also Meat

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...Image via WikipediaStores Selling Ice Cream Flavor 860

You might imagine a store that sells ice cream with a sense of the world's largest in Italy or the United States, but it was in Merida, a city in Venezuela. His name, Coromoto store.

Neon lights outside that says "Guinness Book of Records" pink become one of the unique features of the store, but once opened the door it became clear that other stores than others.

Inside there is a refrigerator with an ice cream looks bright and tempting to eat. Taste of ice cream sold as chili, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms in wine, garlic and cream of crab.

Coromoto founded in 1980 by an immigrant from Portugal, Manuel da Silva Oliveira. The owner does not often appear and now the store is managed by Jose Ramirez.

Jose was clearly visible as manager of an ice cream shop. Friendly male 40-year-old when found wearing a white shirt and purple, and black mustache. "Oliveira tired of working for a large ice cream company," said Jose, "and decided he could make ice cream taste interesting."

The first experiment is the Avocado. "To get a sense of right requires hard work, because the avocado is very rich in taste," said Jose. "Oliveira remove approximately 50 kg of ice cream to experiment to get the perfect taste."

Coromoto sold about 60 taste every day, but change the taste of ice cream in accordance with the seasons. In addition to the standard ice cream taste like chocolate and rum and raisins, lots of choices of exotic fruit such as guava, papaya, mango and passion fruit type.

Some other sense, including 860 types of taste in ice cream are: eggs, macaroni and cheese and sardines, are examples of ice cream taste weird. And also there are many strange names like the taste of British Airways, Andean Kisses and I'm Sorry, Darling. One of the sense that, given the name Viagra Hope, like a bright blue Viagra pill.

I have to ask what the ingredients, and natural ingredients to make ice cream: Honey and all natural: honey and pollen. "Different people like different things," said store manager.

"Personally I like the taste of fruit but many buyers are choosing flavors containing alcohol such as Cointreau, cognac or vodka-and-pineapple. Of course, as people venezuela plus lots of rum."

Ice cream flesh
"Flavor of ice cream what is special for the store?" I asked Jose. With a laugh, Jose said "pabellon criollo" - Venezuela's traditional food made from meat, rice, plantains, cheese and black beans, which were copied by Coromoto to taste ice cream.

Jose get a scoop of ice cream from every taste-and it's really like ice cream sold in the meat Coromoto.

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"I was Touched by the Teach Tolerance of Islam"

Photo source:

Aarif Zarif is the name of Islam today. Australian man who was raised in a family that decided to embrace Christianity to Islam because it was so impressed by Islam teaches tolerance toward other faiths.

He first learned about Islam as a teenager while visiting Morocco and the Granada district of a city in Andalusia, Spain. In Morocco, Aarif was amazed at the art of Islamic cultures and share the atmosphere of Islamic culture in everyday life the country's population. In Alhambra, he watched the scene of Moorish architecture in the form of plantations in the underneath which rivers flow. The sight of him touched and amazed. At first childhood, prefer Aarif swinging church bell rope, yelling Tarzan imitation rather than join a church choir practice. He always had a reason to avoid the Lord and did not participate in church services. But in one morning, 16 years later, for some reason he decided to go to church. A few months later, he was like really become a Christian and a few years later he enrolled in a college major in Tabor to achieve a degree in Bible.

It was there that he began to discover that rumors had been circulating among Christians, which he sometimes abusive and he does not believe the information she had heard correctly. But the information he had also heard from the suppliers of books to the store he managed. "History of Christianity into opening my eyes that what happened during and after the Crusades really bothering the adherents of this religion," he said.

A few years later, began to leave Aarif formal worship because he did not agree with the doctrine that puts God in a framework that is limited by the definitions. He is also considered more inclined Christian organization and self-assertive politically, than as a representative of a religion. He finally decided to get out of the Christian religion.

A few years after that, Aarif had lived some time in Jeddah and Riyadh for a company working on the project investment. Despite never been to church again, he still has confidence in the Christian religion and want to know more about Islam. He wanted to know the difference between Christianity and Islam.

One day, Aarif went to an Islamic bookstore near his hotel stay and buy a few books on Islamic literature. "Then I asked my guide for the Saudis, or the name Mahmoud Muhammad, I forgot, where I can get the Quran," recalls Aarif. Guide provides recommendations Quran translations are good and the night began reading Aarif and pray that provide guidance to him while reading the translation of the Qur'an. The first verses which he read was about the scribes, Christians and Jews, which became part of God's people. The verses that opened his eyes to a religion that teaches tolerance and even of belief to the contrary.

Seven years later Aarif met a Muslim from Indonesia. They exchanged letters and discussions via the Internet. "At that moment, I look more into Islam, and what that might mean for me personally I then visited Indonesia; we met again and talk about the future. I propose to her and she accepted," said Aarif.

He then taking care of official documents to get married in Australia. At that time Aarif not convert to Islam, but he had great respect for his wife conviction. Until at some point he felt the difference of religion does not make a good marriage.

"I think and reflect. Ask lots of questions and prayed for months until I feel peace in my heart about the way I was going to take," said Aarif.

"Really, there's no reason for me to not embrace Islam. I admit I'm not the typical person who diligently worship, but I think that laziness can be removed by the will and determination," he continued.

I was committed and started to learn the prayer. I then went to a mosque in Perth, talk with the priest there and say the creed at the mosque. "Although I have converted to Islam a few years, I am still in the learning stage and I enjoy the learning process," he said. (ln / readislam)

Source :
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Female Happiness According to Quran

Female Happiness According to Quran
Friends of this article is taken from islam in Ukraina, may be useful.

Sociologists use a notion of "stigmatization". It means use of labels, when the society forms concerning any group (or other society) a certain stereotype and actively uses it. In most cases it does not bring good results.
"Our women are not at
all "closed", as non-Muslim world
tends to think", Deriya Kazandzi

Let us consider one of the steadiest stereotypes. Islam, Islamic culture, Islamic people. What associations we have concerning them? Aggression and full closeness from the external world, extreme conservatism and, simultaneously, proselytism. Intolerance to others, rigid regulation of internal, first of all, family life. Harems, veils, yashmak and hijab; immediate vendetta for wrong gaze, murder of girls and other passions. Truth or excesses on places?

"TIMER" decided to clear the situation, moreover, in Odessa there are a lot of Muslim women, and every year their quantity increases.

Veil – the European yashmak

Inhabitant of Odessa Deriya Kazanzhi, going out of doors, necessarily puts on hijab, a scarf which does not cover the face, only hair. This is the most liberal variant for Muslims.

In the homeland of her husband – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - rules are more rigid. There Deriya has to cover herself with another headdress - niqab. This is such a black thing which completely covers the face, with a narrow cut for eyes. However, according to the girl, she does not experience any inconveniences in this connection; moreover, there are some advantages in inaccessibility to gazes of strangers.

- The clothes should not be open, that's all interdictions, – she says. - But it is only for going out, a woman is allowed to dress anything at home.

Muslim women dress a lot of ornaments, gold; at home they dress beautiful, interesting, bright, stylish clothes, jeans, European trade-marks.

By the way, speaking about hijab, niqab and as a whole - about taboo on demonstration of separate parts of body. Both in European and in our, East-Slavic, Orthodox culture, there are direct analogues of similar interdictions – for example, in Russia since ancient times it was considered that a married woman in any way cannot show even locks of her hair. And to go out doors without a headdress, a scarf or a kerchief, bare-headed, was considered as a terrible shame. In "civilized" Europe till the XX century the same role was played by a veil (voilet). The transparent fabric covering face meant that the woman is inaccessible and one should not show her an excessive interest. Is it not a variant of hijab? So, the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy who sharply speaks against Islamic traditions in lady's wear is an ordinary uneducated xenophobe.

But we will return to our heroine. Unlike many Ukrainian women who convert to Islam, having married to a foreign citizen, Deriya (Darya by passport) became a Muslim as a teenager, when she was 12. She prefers not to tell why and how. Her nationality the inhabitant of Odessa defines as "a hybrid of Gaguazes with five-ten other nations".

- To trace my nationality is rather difficult. I have a Turkish surname, my father is swarthy, I am light-skinned. My family is incomplete, my parents divorced 20 years ago, therefore education was the duty of my mother, Deria says. - She, as well as all family: grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, - the natives of Uzbekistan. There Russians and Uzbeks, Tatars, Tadjiks, people of different beliefs and faiths always lived together. Therefore my family easily accepted my choice. Besides it was not a fanatical jerk, I did not muffle at once in a "bag" and almost did not change my way of life.

Deriya-Darya is a live refutation of a stereotype about cowed Islamic women deprived of civil rights. She is an active, modern, educated, cultural and sociable. She even has her pages in social networks!

The girl for some time studied at the faculty of international economic relations in the ONU of Mechnikov, but she voluntary gave up the study long before her marriage.

- No any interdictions! I just understood that difficult laws of economy are inapplicable to me, - the Muslim woman tells. – Then I finished courses of design and started to work. I worked in a small advertising agency, then at home. Even in the beginning of our family life I continued to work, my husband was not against. But in Ramadan it became difficult for me to fast and to spend the whole day in the office, therefore, I decided to make a break, but I did not return to my work later…

When she became unemployed by her own will, Deriya became very interest in needlework: embroidery and weaving by beads, sewing, work on metal and with a wire, creation of costume jewelry and cookery. She spends a lot of time for creation of stylish family albums.

- I do not understand, how the time can pass so quickly, - she says. - If I worked, I would surely have no time for anything. Now I decided to expose my "masterpieces" on sale for the first time. We will see what comes out of it. I also wish to open the studio where I could sew exclusive clothes, accessories, footwear, ornaments in Saudi Arabia. But for now this is just a dream.

She plans to enter university again, but on the other speciality: Shariat, the Arabic language and philosophy, or design and applied arts.

Islamic family: "As mum says, so in the daddy's way it will be"

Muslim family, according to Deriya, is not such as we are used to think. It is simply different, not worse and not better …

- In the family of my husband, and he is the native of the most closed Islamic country, as mum says, so in the daddy's way it will be. Yes, the man is the getter, the core of the family and he gets a lot of honor and respect, but everything in the family is led by a woman and it is visible only from within. When they show Islamic families on the TV or describe in the books, it is like a theatre... only when you get beside the scenes, you could understand it. The care of the house, of life lies on a woman, the man in this duty is helpless. The woman cooks, cleans, dresses, solves many family questions, and disposes the budget. She is a powerful back. And men appreciate it. Women do not work, or work, but not too hard. But they lead not so boring life at all. It is not only kitchen, children and shops. Husbands often spend with them days off, simply go for a drive on a city, visit cafes, cinema, walk on a quay, as in Jeddah, there it is very beautiful. It is possible to leave for sands and to prepare meat and tea on a fire or all the night long to go for a drive across the night Riyadh, or to go on the evening market. This is a real show…

All families of relatives, both from the side of the husband, and from my side, are well-off. We easily accept their traditions, and they - ours. For example, if we visit my non-Muslim relatives, they will never offer us pork. And my husband learned to celebrate such holidays as birthday and students' day.

For me the main thing is that we still have a part of our personal liberty. He does not press on me and me on him. Thus there will always be mutual understanding and we solve disputes very quickly.

Perhaps, also there are families where everything is as terrible as it is described, but, thank God, it does not concern me. But such families are everywhere, happens even worse. There are so many families in Odessa where the woman carries an excessive burden: work, children, the tyrant husband. It seems to me that everything depends on a woman. Both here, and there. As neither Christians, nor Muslims do not keep in the wed-lock by force. The woman has the right to apply for divorce …

"We accept polygamy as a norm of religion, but no any woman will accept it in her family"

And at last the most interesting subject – polygamy. As it is known, the Quran allows a Muslim to have four wives. In Ukraine, on the contrary, monogamy is legislatively established, though some politicians and public figures oppose this norm. For example, the writer and the journalist Oles Buzina last year published the book "Return to women harems". In it he proves that only polygamy can rescue Ukraine from degeneration. Otherwise, our colleague is assured, at such rate of alcoholism and negative birth rate, soon there will be no Ukrainians in this world. We quoted to Deriya some theses of Buzina….

- You say! - she was filled with indignation. - I am categorically against it, as well as the majority of Muslim women, at least, with whom I communicated. We accept polygamy as a norm of religion, but no any woman will accept it in her family. And men practically do not recall it too. Nowadays that occurs in the youth environment, and this, believe me, is much worse than harems. The general catastrophic falling of morals. The nation degenerates, and it is sad. Anyway, personally I will never get on with the competitor, let even assume that we will live in different houses … I do not wish to share with anybody the man, the family and the children!

Deriya confirms: except rather small list of interdictions – on open clothes, alcohol use and so on, - as a whole Islamic tradition liberally enough treats female weaknesses. Much more liberally, than orthodox, for example. Arabian women spend a lot of time for body care, use cosmetics, visit beauty salons.

- However, they rarely use nail-polish, - our interlocutor laughs. - It is forbidden to read namaz with nails covered with polish (The matter is that ritual ablution before a prayer, made on the nails covered with polish, will be void since the polish coat interferes with water stream – editor's comment) I personally cut a lemon half and stick there nails while I watch a film: they grow faster, and look so good. And in general women in the Arabian world know thousand recipes for skin, hair, lips.

- Certainly, among us, Muslims, there are fanatics and conformists, - she says. - As basically in each religion. But I do not consider myself or my husband, Muslims surrounding us, as conformists or fanatics. They are ordinary people, with regular life-style. In life there are practically no differences, too, unless there is more attention given to spiritual cleanliness.

(Given in reduction)

The full version of the article on the web-site of "TIMER"
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camel Milk Squeeze race in Emirates

Camel Milk Squeeze race in Emirates
For the first time, the competition squeezed camel milk and camel milk the most out held in the United Arab Emirates. Competition was followed by many participants from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia Gulf, Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Abu Zhabi Cultural Council, which sponsors the unique title race, said race series completed on Tuesday (26 / 1) ago, and has become a hot topic of conversation among the Gulf Arab community, mainly students of a camel.

The number of participants who followed the race up to 500 people. They come from different parts of the Gulf Arab state. A female camel origin Emirates managed dairy weighing 17 kg, while the female camel milk Oman pulled out weighing 15.74 kg.

Muhammad Abdullah al-Mahiri, the race committee chairman told the Alarabiya (27 / 1), a few camels from Arab countries to compete with the Gulf looks tight in the milk out of the race.

Emirates camel's Thasah Muhammad ibn al-Amiri out as champions. Female camel named "al-Qu'ud" that produce milk weighing 17 kg. Al-Amiri had pocketed the first prize trophy plus a cash prize and a car. (ags / aby)


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too Many Choices, can cause Obsession & Depression

Walkway near the QuadImage via WikipediaLONDON - The phrase "Life is a choice" would often you hear. Especially when faced with a dilemma situation that requires the right decision and carefully. True that the choice will bring you to happiness or vice versa.

Although the "choice" is given the greatest gift of God, behind it there is also a big responsibility. Long story short, the law of cause and effect applies here.

For example, when you select the status as a celebrity, of course you must accept the conditions as your personal life is reported to the public. Another example, when you become a leader of a great nation, of course inevitable when there are parties who blasphemes or criticize policies that you do.

Interestingly, it happens when you are confused by the choice of plays or so sorry to learn of your choice miss. Here, you need to "connect" to him. Nature of submission and sincerity is the key for you to deal with such crises.

The reason, a research journal published Consumer of Research in the UK mentioned the difficulty choosing among the many options can make you prone to obsession syndrome.

Hezel Professor Mark Rose from the Department of Psychology, Stanford University, said that as a human person can not assume an option, as insights provided education or knowledge, the influence of the west, a universal aspiration but should base itself on freedom and the will itself.

"Although the context of self-selection based on the independence, strength and freedom, but not always generate a good thing. Option also causes lack belief, depression and self-distrust," he said as quoted by the, Friday (22/1).

Mark saw that tendency in western society that has been overwhelmed by the freedom of choice. Departure from the freedom that Western society will become confused his own choice. Therefore, he said, the negatives and then descend the blessings of liberty to choose.

From the words of Mark can be observed, the fundamental problem in decision-making is closely related to the psychological condition of branching on the mental and physical health. Why the preparation and planning you fortify an excess of harmful obsession with self.

Translation of: Terlalu Banyak Pilihan, Bisa Sebabkan Obsesi & Depresi (
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Travel story Gold Coins

A smart look while sitting contemplate a piece of his gold coins, "For what I continue to keep this coin?, It not be more useful if I gave one more I need it?" Thinks in his heart.

Travel story Gold CoinsImage via Wikipedia

A few moments later he stood up and walk around. On the trip he met and chatted with a little girl. Then he gave gold coins to the little girl. The little girl's eyes did not blink when you receive the gold coin, the coin he did not believe it now belonged to him. He went home with a determination, "this coin will be given to the mother, she would be happy kerana can buy necessities of life of our day."

The little girl's mother was very happy to receive the gold coins and he was getting ready to go into town for shopping. On her journey of compassion when he saw a poor man who crouched leg coolness five. "Maybe it's better coin given him. God still blesses my family with a house, clothes and decent food, "he thought. He also took the gold coin and handed it to the poor are.

The poor feel very lucky, he's like getting a windfall. He took the gold coin was tight and he limped toward his dump. In the slums he found new occupants, a man who maimed and blind, who sat with a sad face.

"I'm much more fortunate than this guy. Earlier I did not have anything before accepting this gold coin. If I gave it to this guy, actually I did not lose because I too have got for nothing. God must still take care of even without this gold coin, "Think of the poor who was generous, handing the coins into the hands of the blind.

The next day the poor man had to walk to the slums and talk with the blind owner of the gold coin. He treated the blind as his best friend, so that the blind man's heart is warm cold. The poor to embrace the blind and said, "Friend, now I do not have anything valuable to give to you other than friendship." To which the blind now know that in this world there are people who care about him, even seeing him as a friend. She cried with happiness, friendship revealed that the poor have now been expelled the darkness from his heart. He gripped his friend's hand and slipped his gold coins, saying, "Here, take it as a sign of our friendship."

The story above I took from a blog Malaysia ( and translated into English. So what the moral behind this story? Morale is not stingy to give. Give nothing to them any more than we need for one when we will receive a reply from Him.

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