Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come Out, the Sun Made for you!

Why now people tend to view the Sun be dangerous? Make your skin rapidly aging, wrinkles, causing cancer, thus briefly read the writings on blogs, especially from the West.

As if man was waging war against the Sun. Cosmetic Chemists of Australia, Amanda Foxon-Hill try to uncover habits that had suggested otherwise bad but now?

The sun is the nearest large star and the source of the solar system. It has a diameter 218 times larger than Earth. Surface temperature reaches 6,000 degrees Celsius. Incredible heat.

Consisting of hydrogen, 73 percent helium, 25 percent, the real sun is a burning ball of gas that is always moving, reacting and radiating heat. He also produced the plasma around the ball, like a giant magnetic field, sometimes the plasma was spread out towards the earth, called solar flares, or the flames of the Sun.

Why need a sunscreen?

Earth receives almost all its energy from the sun and without it, life would not exist. More than 386 million megawatts of energy produced by the sun, approximately 8900 terawatss her toward the Earth (one terawatt is one trillion watts)

Fear of humans against humans do not fully irrational. When the body exposed to the sun too long can result in skin cancer. It's true, 85 percent of melanomas expressed triggered mainly by the sun.

In Addition, there are three effects caused by the Sun on one's appearance. Yes, this is related to beauty. If you look at the list of raw material anti-aging cosmetics brands on board, all prioritize the protection of sunscreen.

Skin damage due to exposure to the sun too long can cause a lot of wrinkles, thickened skin, such as leather and striped pigmentation as well. Of course it's not interesting combination in which the era with the slogan 'when the age of forty is twenty new version of' being trendy.

Then, the slogan of 'anti-sun' else also mentioned that the sun can lower immunity. If someone likes to go to the beach and sunbathing, then when I got home got the flu, she thought it was the sun. Is this true?

One fact that needs to be known, the pressure on the immune are actually a good thing. If we do not lower the body's immune reaction when exposed to the sun's out, then someone unconscious tan and lead to shock, rather than just a red rash.

But that should be emphasized, the human body still needs the sun. The most obvious examples, so the body can make vitamin D, vitamin that plays a major role needs to absorb calcium for bones, skin needs the sun.

Secrets Behind Skin Color.

You know when the light skin it will make the body more easily synthesize vitamin D, although there are only low levels of UV rays. Meanwhile, the darker the skin, the more sunlight is needed to make vitamin D.

That is the reason why people with more skin colder climates, darker got the risk of having low levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D not only vitamins that are related to the sun. Jablonski, also suggests that protection can be broken when exposed to a lot of sun. That could be the reason why people who live around the line of the Equator have darker skin due to every human being can not overdose vitamin D!.

Then, related to the protection of skin against the sun, sunscreen is the best on the market. Amanda in paparanya replied, "your brain." The body is designed to work with the sun to keep healthy both physically and mentally.

He stressed, there's nothing to be afraid of traveling outside the home and enjoy the sun exposure in safe doses. How secure? Every person is different. Every human being, she said, basically have the best sunscreen in the skin.

So whether commercial sunscreens do not work. "Absolutely not," said Amanda. But he stressed nothing has a broader spectrum such as human skin. Sunscreen commercial, he said, no matter how well will still make the sun burst

"The most important thing is to listen to your body's response while enjoying outdoor activities," he said. "Use the appropriate sunscreen skin to taste, hear the reaction of your body, take advantage of both. So move out not only safe but also fun." said Amanda.

Problem pressure on the immune system, she say no one can suppress the good things that have been given by nature, except in excessive doses, including the sun. So come on out and enjoy the bright sun.

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