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Apple iPad, Stimulus Development E-Reader

Like other Apple output device, Apple ipad design eye-catching too. However, unlike the feared, iPad will not be considered competitors Kindle - E-reader made by Amazon, according to the fans and the electronic book publishing executive. Instead, iPad device category tend to spur e-reader to evolve into more sophisticated.
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"iPad is a type of casual readers, those who want all the features in one device, while the e-reader that uses E-ink (electronic ink) is for advanced readers," said the executive director of Dutch-based publishing - Eburon Academic Publisher, Wiebe de Jager as quoted by gadget lab.
"iPad powerful tool for general reading activities, particularly smelling magazine articles and text books, as well as a few snippets of e-book. However, you are difficult to compare the LCD screen's not how bright the screen iPad with e-readers currently available.'s a long way," he said.
On Wednesday last week, Apple launched the iPad, measuring 9.7 inches, which offers the ability to browse, read books, watch movies, listen to music and portable. iPad will be officially sold two months since the launch and begin price 500 dollars to 800 dollars, depending on the memory and connectivity.
However, according to analysts from Forrester Research, James McQuivey, iPad has doubled the price of the e-reader measuring 6 inches and comfort, ironically, only half,
"After we saw the iPad, we do not see any possibility of an e-reader market will be shaken by these devices," he said. "The size of the e-reader that is smaller only half the price and very good iPad in the eyes to read."
IPad Screen for All Time?
The fundamental difference between digital book reading device and electronic fellow colleagues, such as laptops and smart phones is the screen technology.
Ponselcerdas and laptops use LCD screen that offers a real color display, however, difficult to read when under exposure to sunlight. Meanwhile, the electronic ink display, such as the Kindle or other e-readers, are trapped in a black and white world, but they claimed to offer a better reading experience.
Only with the Kindle or Sony Reader, in the park on a sunny weekend, could be fixed to make you feel at home picnic. Meanwhile, according to analysts from research firm iSuppli, Vinita Jakhanwal, iPad can not offer the same quality. LCD screen is not nearly as nice as the sun such as E-ink screen.
Not only that, the LCD is also more wasteful batteries. Compare iPad promise for the use of non-stop 10 hours with Kindle performance, which does not need to fill the power, at least in a week. Electronic ink display on the Kindle consume power only when turning the page. Turn off the wireless antenna, then you can use the tool a week without the battery plug.
LCD screen, but also more wasteful hard on the eyes. "Read a few hours on the LCD screen can be very exhausting," says Vinita.
Perhaps, this time winning numbers in iPad color capabilities and include audio and video files in the book. However, it was not the same advantages in long-term. Both E-Ink and Qualcom, is currently working on projects that consume bewarna display very little power and can be used inside or outside the room.
Fresh View for E-Books.
As noted just above, iPad provides an interesting look through the eye color and audio files and video. While the Kindle and similar peer-black-white sail, probably good in effect tired eyes, but they considered eliminating the aesthetics of art books featuring characters of text in a monotone blocks.
iPad would offer more opportunities for publishers to provide additional features in the book. That's clearly a step that seemed to encourage makers of traditional e-reader's ability to deliver similar.
However, a loyalist 'daredevil' conventional e-reader, Len Edgerly, who produces weekly podcasts on a regular basis, Kindle Chronicles, saying, good-quality books, not the same as painting, as some people might be considered.
"When I read, I do not want to focus too diverted," he said. "It's about the words and when I read on the Kindle, he could bring me closer to the words of the author. To me that's the essence of reading."
As a consumer, Len said, even if Apple book comes with an extra video and audio, he will not buy it. "Why do I need to remove the extra 3 dollars just for video and audio, when I can be much cheaper on Amazon?"

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