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Suez Canal was not built Ferdinand de Lesseps

Suez Canal was not built Ferdinand de LessepsDid You Know? Ferdinand de Lesseps (1805-1894) was not the first person to build the Suez Canal. So in fact the French engineer who lived long in Egypt was not right to hold the title as the builder of the Suez Canal.
The real history begins when the Pharaoh was still in power in Egypt thousands of years before Christ. When that Egypt is known to have imported a number of commodities from the south, including Barus chalk from the city of Barus on the east coast of Sumatra. Barus chalk is one of the main ingredient for embalming the Egyptian kings and nobles at the time. Robert Dick-Read, in The Phantom Voyagers: Evidence of Indonesian Settlement in Africa in Ancient Times (2005), written when other Barus chalk, Egypt also imported incense, ebony, ivory, incense, electrum (a natural mixture of gold and silver), and so forth from the East Indian region, especially Indonesia.
Before the ruling Pharaoh Cheops, the Pharaoh of Egypt to import these materials from the "behind the rising sun", which brought down the Red Sea and across the hot desert sun, with a carried human or camel-headed central government or regional warehouses. Travel in the desert this is what often takes victims, both crude and energy costs to the kingdom. It is certainly frustrating the Egyptian authorities. Finally they decided to make a long spatula which connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea and building a strong navy.
The Egyptians had long known as a nation that long cruise control techniques. Nancy Jenkins in The Boat Beneath the Pyramid (1970) writes, in an archaeological dig in the desert near Cairo, discovered a sea shipwrecks dibenam in one particular tomb beneath a pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops. Pharaoh lived more than six centuries before the throne of Pharaoh Sesostris. The ship was broken intentionally fragmented and intelligent to be approximately 1200 pieces and placed inside a large tomb. In the dry desert conditions and vacuum, the pieces of the ship remained intact when found after buried for more than five hundred years empatribu.
When the pieces of the ship was built back by a team of experts, formed a lovely seuah ship 141 feet long, with a 19 foot long beams made of wooden planks cedar of Lebanon. Wooden blocks measuring about 70 feet combined with beautiful by using halfa grass.
The ships of the Egyptians at that time was passing the Suez Canal, both the Lebanese and the Red Sea to the south. For several centuries after the end of Sesostris government, Indus culture began deteriorating. And the Suez Canal which was then known as Pharaoh Canal was abandoned. Canal was finally closed neglected and sand, so the historical record since there was no interaction between the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean until a thousand years later.
But Sesostris had pioneered the idea is not forgotten; when Pharaoh Necho (power in the 6th century BC) leading the Phoenician fleet to sail around Africa, he was getting ready to rebuild a new canal from the branch of the Nile Pelusian to the Bitter Lakes, this giant project reportedly took 100,000 lives. The project was continued by Darius I of the River Nile to the Red Sea, in 521 BC to 485 BC. When the canal was closed again by natural sedimentation, covered with sand and soil, a few years later opened again by the people of Athens; and two centuries later by Ptolemy Philadelphus.
Robert Dick-Read notes, the Roman government did not mengrus canal well so close. It was not until the late 1st century AD, the Empire Trajan kemblai canal opened and managed by Hadrian and the Antonines until the end of the 2nd century AD Redupnya Roman rule around Egypt made canal covered with sand again until the early light of Islam shone on the peninsula Arabia reopened the canal to facilitate delivery of grain from Egypt to Mecca.
But in the 8th century AD, Al-Mansur ordered that the canal was closed for security reasons, preventing threats from the east. Suez Canal or the Suez Pharaoh was also deliberately closed for centuries, until the advent of Ferdinand de Lesseps.
Suez Canal in Arabic is called al-Suways Qana, which was in the western Sinai Peninsula. This canal approximately 163 kilometers long, linking Port Said on the Mediterranean with Suez on the Red Sea.
On November 17, 1869, a French engineer who had long lived in Egypt called the Vicomte de Lesseps Ferdinand reopened the ancient canal after studying the history of transportation and trade routes between ancient Egypt to the southern regions. Previously, the ships from Europe who wanted to Asia from Egypt to the African continent first round and was clearly takes energy and cost is not small. Some are doing the same thing done the kings of Egypt before the canal was built, namely the empty boat and took his belongings through the desert between the Mediterranean and Red Sea.
For his services to reopen the Suez Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps revered as a hero by the Europeans. French government bestowed him with the highest kehormtan him as a member of the Académie Française.
For nearly twelve years of De Lesseps enjoy a delicious life and a great name. But in the age of 73 years, he was appointed to head the construction of the Panama Canal. After 10 years of doing this project was not finished eating when the death toll was approximately 22,000 workers and also the cost of not a few. Year 1888 Panama Canal project leader de Lesseps declared failed. De Lesseps was dragged to court for allegedly embezzled funds and sentenced to prison project 5 years.
De Lesseps through the rest of his life during the next 6 years on the chaise. All the passion and mentally disturbed vanished. There's one unique thing at once sad, since out of jail, he only wanted to read a newspaper which was published before the year 1888, the year the Panama Canal project is stopped. This she did until she died on December 7, 1894.
Now, the world record as the De Lesseps great builder of the Suez Canal. This is really not appropriate, because the Pharaoh was actually the first to build the canal. [] (Ridyasmara)
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Introvert VS Extrovert

Where's personality is actually better? Introvert or Extrovert? How well do so could be a person with keribadian extrovert? If I chose for myself whether I have a disorder means? Why other people can have a more pleasant personality and I do not?
The sentences above may be asked questions that are general enough diatara people especially the teenagers who are required to be able to adapt to the surrounding environment. What was actually meant by personality traits Extrovert and introvert? Extrovert personality is a major stimulus personality comes from the environment. Therefore people with good social Extrovert personality, assertive, and open to the environment. Instead introverted personality is the main stimulus of personality comes from yourself. People with introverted personalities tend to be more closed, not assertive and enjoys individual activities.
Both these personality traits have positive aspects and negative, so actually there is no personality better or worse between the two. Being a loner does not mean a negative thing or a disorder, and vice versa with people who always need someone else. Every person has certain limitations in social comfort, social and open itself to the environment. Therefore there is nothing wrong with being Extrovert or introvert. Thing to note is that during these personalities do not harm yourself and others, then we do not need to have a very deep concern. But if the personality is very harm yourself and others, then we should do something. This does not mean changing ourselves totally, but we adjust to the environment.

The tendency to be alone to make our neighborhood shunned for refusing to work on group tasks.
The tendency to always need someone else disturb other friends who are preparing for the exam.

Based on consultation emails that go to the team Webkonseling, many are questioning about how to transform a closed personality (introverted) become more open. This is particularly related to their difficulty to adjust to the environment (work, school, college, etc.).
To make ourselves become more open to others, it is important for us to find out why more comfortable alone than hang out with other people. There are various reasons why people are more comfortable alone, such as shame, feel no PD, feel inferior / inferior, afraid of making mistakes, there are painful experiences in the past about friendship, etc..

There are a few suggestions that can be given so that we become more daring and open in social / hang out:
1. Eliminate negative thoughts about themselves
At the time of speaking or meeting with others, do not ever criticize ourselves. Eliminate the way the thoughts of people's opinions about us. For instance, "he did not like me", "I'm not good at speaking" etc.. Negative thoughts or self criticism would only hinder speech and our desire to get along because of what we think is not necessarily true.
2. Do not expect too much from others
Our efforts to get along with others must be accompanied also by our expectations of other people will respond to us. Instead, we do not have too great expectations of others. Because, if expectations are not met the more disappointed we are with others, which in turn can decide semnagat us to associate with other people back in other time. Not too much hope others will react in accordance with our wishes. It is natural if the answers are given they may only limited to "yes", "no" or short answers. This does not mean they do not like us or reject friends with us. Therefore, self-stick approach with them.
3. Talk about things that are common
In order to communicate with new people can go smoothly, begin by talking about things common, such as, hobbies, news, movies, music, events that are happening in the community excited, etc.. Not too much talk about yourself or anyone else because it would provoke negative reactions from others, not necessarily according to your purpose.
4. Be a good listener
If you find it difficult to find something to talk about, then you can be a good listener. Listen to the story or curhatan friend. You do not need too much talking, because usually people just want to be heard.
5. Do not start or engage debate
When you chat with your friends started pointing towards the debate, avoid. Do not make yourself you're trapped in a debate or a debate triggered, as this will only complicate you.
6. Start or select a group of friends a safe
In an environment, usually there are many different types of groups that have their own group identity. Generally, these groups have characteristics or similarities that can be based on status, hobbies, sex, etc.. If you want to hang out or have a close friend, start with the safe group. In this case is the group that is not misleading, does not require or groups according to you. That way you will be more comfortable in the group.
Hopefully Helpful!
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Yes, Traore, tattoo Not Allowed In Islam!

Armand Traore's name may not be as famous as Nicolas Anelka or Robin van Persie in the world of football world. But along with the two men, Arman Traore was a Muslim footballer in the Premier League of England.
There's something else now in the way of thinking club Arsenal midfielder who started the most played by manager Arsene Wenger. He will remove the entire tattoo on his body. The reason is, because Islam, as religion-has been banned tattoos all over his body.
"I will undergo surgery at the end of the season to remove a tattoo," he told Arsenal Matchday.
"I plan to do in the summer. They (the doctors) would put me under anesthesia and then do it all, and when I woke up everything would be gone.
"It takes a little recovery time so I'll do it at the end of football season."
Traore, 20, felt that having a tattoo is a big mistake, and he was sorry for it.
"If I had lived my religion correctly before I have a tattoo, I would never have a tattoo," he explained.
"I think it's one of the biggest mistakes in my life, but I'll try to fix it.
"My religion has benefited me personally and in my career. I have always been a Muslim but I do not really train for it, I just say to people 'I am a Muslim'. This is a gradual development." Yes , Armand. Tattoos are forbidden in Islam. (sa / goal)

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Never Stop

President Bill Clinton with Nelson Mandela, Ju...Image via Wikipedia

Author: Gede Prama

Some historians believe, that Winston Churchill's speech of the most influential was w
hen he spoke at the graduation ceremony at Oxford University. Churchill was preparing this speech for hours. And when the speech came, Churchill spoke only three words: 'never give up' (never stops).

Winston Churchill in Downing Street giving his...Image via Wikipedia

A Cropped version of :File:Vladimir Putin in S...Image via Wikipedia

For a moment I felt was mediocre. But when somebody asked me, how can I presentation in public with such a controlled way, I am reminded again of this Churchill speech.

Many people think if I could speak in public as it has from the beginning. Of course it is not true. Initiall
y, I was a shy, irritable, scared and insecure mix.

And when he began professional public speaker, often I am ridiculed, abused and humiliated people. From the wording 'T' that never plate, hot foot like a worm, not able to make people laugh, talk too much theoretical, sophisticated terms that do not need, as well as a myriad of other shortcomings.

Not able to sleep a few weeks, stress, or fall ill, it was used. Never even recommended that my students have become professors fired in my teaching.

Similar experiences have happened to many excellent insurance agent. Rejected, slamming doors, insulted, suspected persons, until the abused may have been immune. Humanitarian fighters like Nelson Mandela and Kim Dae Jung likewise. Savings that they have difficulty mounting such. From jail, almost killed, tortured, dikencingin, but did not stop fighting.

What is behind all this experience, apparently behind the tenacious attitude to never stop this, often hide a lot of perfection in life. Similar to water dripping on the same rock over and over again, just because it never quit attitude that makes the stone hollow.

Iron only hammer forged knives after repeated large, hot fire and burned hundreds of degrees Celsius. Large banyan tree hundreds of years old, survived the hurricane thousands, millions of rain, and a variety of temptations that ruined.

On one occasion in early June 1999, while accompanying his wife and children, I had dinner at one restaurant in front of Sanur Bali Hyatt hotel. What makes this event so relived, because at this restaurant my wife and I met a singer who so entertaining entertainer.

The man with the face of this plain, just playing music and singing by herself. Capital, just a guitar and an organ. However, the resulting mixture of music so amazing. My wife and I have been in many restaurants and cafes. However, the concoction of music and musicians presented a solo singer was so touching. Almost every song he sang to invite admiration, my wife and many other tourists. It was hard to forget the sweet memories together

singer. Some tips and my gratitude in, apparently not enough to pay my wife keterhiburan.

On one occasion staying at one of the guest house Caltex Pacific Indonesia in Pekan Baru, once again I met a wonderful man. House boy (read: maid) is responsible for the guest house that I live so touched my heart. Every movement of work done with a whistle. Or at least as happy and smiling a little. Almost all things in the head, without the need to be translated into orders, he performed perfectly. Purwanto, thus the name of this small staff, melakoni profession with no complaints.

The difference in the Sanur singer and most human Purwanto, the longer and more regular work was done, he was not followed by the boredom which then accompanied by a desire to quit.

When boredom arises in teaching, there is temptation in the office dirty politicking that followed the ego wants to stop, or saturated writing, I am ashamed of Sanur and the house singer at the boy. In the middle of a routine so suffocating, so monotonous life, the two men on top, as if the schools of the speech did Winston Churchill: "never give up."

You may admire the writing of this, or I admire, but you are more worthy of admiration and Sanur on the singer on a house boy. Without a lot of theories, without the need to write, without the need to patronize, they are conducting a profession with a simple principle: "Do not ever stop."

I often feel inferior and despicable in front of the man as a singer and a maid at the top. Imagine, as a consultant, public speaker and director of a private company, of course I was on the social status and higher incomes greater than they. However, they have a mental "never give up" the more admirable.

Sometimes I had to think, lest the social level and higher income, do not make a mental "never give up" getting stronger.

If this is true, the people down like a servant, traders meatballs, security guards, drivers, a lowly singer, and artisans kebunlah teachers we truly are.

Maybe Winston Churchill's speech inspiring - as quoted at the beginning - actually derived from the last teachers.
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When Opportunity Others Bigger Always

Hello friends,
Often we feel th
at the chance of others is always greater.
I think we never get enough. With all that we get we still feel that the lives of others always seem more comf

I once met a friend intern work from France. She (the woman) said that living in Indonesia is more dynamic, more alive. There (France) when the roads inside the city bus at the old ... and should put the parents, it was a lot of countries to manage the cost of retirees.

Countries such as countries become pensioners. Especially look at the building in Jakarta, every month comes a new building. There when the new building could make go to jail if you do not have permission to tear down old buildings.
buildings? we thought it was an exotic ancient buildings, it is because in a modern building next to it, then so exotic, but if the whole of Paris or Amsterdam or The Hague contents of ancient buildings, well good for only photographed it. In fact, in every building there is rarely an elevator. Shopping in stores climbed 3 floors up the stairs.
We feel it's living in Indonesia there is no legal certainty. Try to imagine a month we have in Singapore, we could go to jail ... we smoke in public places went to prison, eat chewing gum in jail, spit on the city bus, went to prison, idly destroy other people paint, straight to jail.
We think, as
in Indonesia, we can run away when it's a red light. In Singapore we can not deal with the Bank or to other countries if not paid ticket.
Then we think, can a credit card because we know diakalin Sujana Eggi, in Singapore if we do not pay the credit card, do not expect we can open a savings.
In America we can spend on credit Hypermarket (Pay monthly), or may be returned within a few days if not suitable, but imagine, we could go to jail if our pets are not neglected.
Here we are fighting for human rights, there is no animal fairy. Animal rights clearly have laws.
Imagine if in
front of our house there is a skinny cat and we are puzzled to be given to eat, er was reported neighbor next door and the police came, he he go to jail or fine.
We think in Tokyo beautiful girl, in fact someone is successful Tokyo (Manager) today would die if 2 days' taxable termination. Because there people can not afford to pay rent (very expensive), and do not expect to ride a friend or relative's house, since each has its difficulties and high ego, then he will feel
ashamed if you say fail, and better freeze to death under bridge.
We think that under a bridge in Jakarta more comfortable, too much wind most mosquitoes. Under a bridge in Tokyo, the temperature could be minus 2 degrees Celsius. We use all kinds of jacket
s, coats, blankets also still penetrate.
We think the Jakarta selfish, was in Tokyo a lot of the shops beauty maintenance services animal. Swimming pool for pets, dog salon, salon cats, even a TV show for dogs. Contents of fish in the aquarium.
We thought we could get a cat funny or ask a neighbor. In Tokyo dogs and cats are rarely orig
inal, most robots.
In Hong Kong many beautiful girls, especially if the road really fast, it feels like we are chasing at Cawang Bus. The reality in Hong Kong and more couples are delaying marriage because it was not even able to buy a house installments. Apartment flats only model worth USD 2 Billion installm
ents Rp 10 million per month. So if you eat with a girl in Hong Kong, be sure to pay his or her own. My friend made the marriage contract Singapore, who pay electricity, pay for milk, pay school fees, paid assistants, pay cooking, recreation pay, pay-diaper baby, not all covered by her husband, usually 50-50, including a washing clothes. Wash your clothes at least stay the hell will you enter Electrolux but iron?
In Jakarta, we can get all kinds of many paid with love.

Goenardjoadi Goenawan

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Even The Maya also Disgusted With Doomsday 2012

Where it comes from 2012's Resurrection begin? As reported so far, the end of the world taken from the 2012 version of the Mayan calendar that will "run out" at December 21, 2012.

So how did the response from the Maya themselves? Apparently, they too are fed up, annoyed, and angry with this.

Apolinaro Chile Pixtun really tired of being bombarded with questions about it. Pixtun is a Mayan. "I returned from England last year, and people keep asking, I'm sick of this!" He growled.

Pixtun Chile, is from Guatemala, said that even the theory of the spring end of the West, not from the ideas the Mayans.

Huchim Jose, Yucatan Maya archaeologist said, "I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked them to tell what will happen in 2012, they say, they do not know. That the world would end (in 2012)? They do not believe it! We have real concerns about what happened today, like rain. "

Stuart, a specialist in Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin is also an opinion. "The Maya never said the world would end, they never say anything bad will happen by itself."

Conversely, Guillermo Bernal, an archaeologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico said that the end of 2012 was "very Christian." According to Bernal, it may be because Western society has been feeling "tired" with their lives without a purpose. Well! (sa / msnbc)
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Floods in Saudi Arabia, There Is?

Very heavy rain and floods hit Saudi Arabia. According to gulfnews, 13 people were killed and thousands of pilgrims trapped in Jeddah airport on Wednesday (25/11).
There is with this? As we all know, Saudi Arabia is a hot country. If anything happens rain, and even then never large and only occurs in a long distance.
Floods inundate the streets of Mecca. "We are stuck because of water and rain. God willing, everything will be fine." Hakan said, a pilgrim from Istanbul Turkey when he was waiting for a bus to Mecca.
This is the rainfall heaviest for many years, that never happened in the Saudi kingdom, floods inundate many roads and buildings in Jeddah. Currently around 1.6 million pilgrims came from all over the world.
Maybe we should reflect on one of the Prophet Muhammad's hadith: "Last Day will not come to us until the Arab plains once again become pasture land and filled with rivers." (Muslim Hadith). Is there any relation with this? Wallohu alam
bi Shawwab. (sa / gulfnews}
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keep on Moving

Do not you quit. Not because stopping will hinder your progress rate. But the real nature teaches that you could never stop. Although your silence there, the earth still take you around the sun. Then, move,
try, working. Work

A class photo of the 110th United States Senate.Image via Wikipedia

is not just to achieve something. Working to give happiness away. That is expected by the nature of you.

United States Capitol buildingImage by Bernt Rostad via Flickr

Water is not moving faster decay. The key that never opened more easily fibers. The machine that was lit more easily corroded. Only tools which are used not stored in a dusty drawer. Nature has taught me this. Do not stop trying, work, move, or you do something soon become old and useless.

Below is a list of failures of those who during his lifetime experienced many challenges and storms, but he's constantly trying to .......... and successful.

1831 - he went bankrupt in his business.
1832 - he suffered defeat in local elections.
1833 - he returned suffering from bankruptcy.
1835 - his wife died.
1836 - he suffered from mental pressure such that almost all mental hospital.
1837 - he suffered defeat in a speech contest.
1840 - he failed in the election of members of the United States Senate.
1842 - he suffered defeat to sit in the United States Congress.
1848 - he lost again in the United States Congress.
1855 - he failed again in the United States Senate.
1856 - he lost the election to occupy the vice president of the United States.
1858 - he lost again in the United States Senate.

1860 - he eventually became president of the United States.

Who is he? His name was Abraham Lincoln.
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Watch TV Make Children More Aggressive

EXCESSIVE: Excessive television watching in children can cause various adverse effects of psychological and medical side. It is feared that it also triggered an early sex as a teenager.

Some U.S. researchers have found that watching television affects a child's behavior is just learning to walk, the more often they watch television, the more aggressive their behavior. For the study, researchers at the State University of New York to collect data from home and by telephone on 3128 children born between 1998 and 2000.
The children came from 20 major cities in the U.S., and their mothers completed the polls when children are born, and then fill them again when the child was one year old and three years.
The study found that watching TV directly by the child or papranan (exposure) to indirectly watching television in the house, both related to aggressiveness in children is still very young.
"For every hour a child watching TV directly, the aggressiveness up 0.16 on a scale of zero to 30. Make every TV was turned on in the house, the increase was 0:09," said study leader Jennifer A. Manganello, assistant professor of health communication at the University of Albany School of Public Health, State University, New York, as reported China's official news agency, Xinhua.
The researchers finally concluded after the monitoring data on a variety of other factors, such as depression experienced by her mother, living in unsafe neighborhoods and beaten. "TV is more likely, compared with other factors, to increase aggressive behavior," said Mangenello.
"The message from this study is that parents are not just thinking about how long kids can watch TV, but also think about the media environment as a whole in the house," Manganello said.
The study was published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, published in November. "Exposure to violence in the media, including television, movies, music and video games, is an important risk to the health of children and adolescents," said American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
"The evidence indicates that extensive research on media violence can contribute to aggressive behavior, decreased sensitivity to violence, nightmares and fear harmed," wrote the Council of Communication and Media AAP. ant/rin/
Republika Newsroom
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