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Strains of Music The Healing

Strains of Music The Healing
"Actually there is a close relationship between the music with the neurological structures of the brain and biological systems work in the human body," says Clive Robbins, DDM, founder of the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University. Because the non-verbal level, music activates the mind and provoke our interest, followed by regulations affect body functions.

That's why Robbins belief, enjoying music or favorite song we not only restore the romance of the past but also can relieve pain. And the high level, music can set the rhythm of the body to be perfect. Because music has a tempo, rhythm, melody, and harmony. This is then stimulates the brain works in a comprehensive manner.

This theory is then completed with the Colorado State University study that found the facts, stroke and Parkinson's sufferers can find stability when it's done music therapy. Simply by using the metronome, rhythm gauge. Michael H. Thaut, PhD, director of the Center for Biomedical Research in Music explains, rhythm has full power to organize our motor skills. "Metronome helps synchronize our motor reflexes quickly."

The same work process then occurs in the ability of music to create a more stable blood pressure because of our triggers to breathe more regularly, Deforina Lane, PhD, director of music therapy Ireland Cancer Center, join Thaut complete statement. "Evidently, when I play music to patients before performing medical acts, the patient is very quick to react and the reaction is positive for his recovery." (Preventiononline / Priska Siagian-kompas)

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Apple iPad, Stimulus Development E-Reader

Like other Apple output device, Apple ipad design eye-catching too. However, unlike the feared, iPad will not be considered competitors Kindle - E-reader made by Amazon, according to the fans and the electronic book publishing executive. Instead, iPad device category tend to spur e-reader to evolve into more sophisticated.
Apple iPad, Stimulus Development E-ReaderImage via Wikipedia

"iPad is a type of casual readers, those who want all the features in one device, while the e-reader that uses E-ink (electronic ink) is for advanced readers," said the executive director of Dutch-based publishing - Eburon Academic Publisher, Wiebe de Jager as quoted by gadget lab.
"iPad powerful tool for general reading activities, particularly smelling magazine articles and text books, as well as a few snippets of e-book. However, you are difficult to compare the LCD screen's not how bright the screen iPad with e-readers currently available.'s a long way," he said.
On Wednesday last week, Apple launched the iPad, measuring 9.7 inches, which offers the ability to browse, read books, watch movies, listen to music and portable. iPad will be officially sold two months since the launch and begin price 500 dollars to 800 dollars, depending on the memory and connectivity.
However, according to analysts from Forrester Research, James McQuivey, iPad has doubled the price of the e-reader measuring 6 inches and comfort, ironically, only half,
"After we saw the iPad, we do not see any possibility of an e-reader market will be shaken by these devices," he said. "The size of the e-reader that is smaller only half the price and very good iPad in the eyes to read."
IPad Screen for All Time?
The fundamental difference between digital book reading device and electronic fellow colleagues, such as laptops and smart phones is the screen technology.
Ponselcerdas and laptops use LCD screen that offers a real color display, however, difficult to read when under exposure to sunlight. Meanwhile, the electronic ink display, such as the Kindle or other e-readers, are trapped in a black and white world, but they claimed to offer a better reading experience.
Only with the Kindle or Sony Reader, in the park on a sunny weekend, could be fixed to make you feel at home picnic. Meanwhile, according to analysts from research firm iSuppli, Vinita Jakhanwal, iPad can not offer the same quality. LCD screen is not nearly as nice as the sun such as E-ink screen.
Not only that, the LCD is also more wasteful batteries. Compare iPad promise for the use of non-stop 10 hours with Kindle performance, which does not need to fill the power, at least in a week. Electronic ink display on the Kindle consume power only when turning the page. Turn off the wireless antenna, then you can use the tool a week without the battery plug.
LCD screen, but also more wasteful hard on the eyes. "Read a few hours on the LCD screen can be very exhausting," says Vinita.
Perhaps, this time winning numbers in iPad color capabilities and include audio and video files in the book. However, it was not the same advantages in long-term. Both E-Ink and Qualcom, is currently working on projects that consume bewarna display very little power and can be used inside or outside the room.
Fresh View for E-Books.
As noted just above, iPad provides an interesting look through the eye color and audio files and video. While the Kindle and similar peer-black-white sail, probably good in effect tired eyes, but they considered eliminating the aesthetics of art books featuring characters of text in a monotone blocks.
iPad would offer more opportunities for publishers to provide additional features in the book. That's clearly a step that seemed to encourage makers of traditional e-reader's ability to deliver similar.
However, a loyalist 'daredevil' conventional e-reader, Len Edgerly, who produces weekly podcasts on a regular basis, Kindle Chronicles, saying, good-quality books, not the same as painting, as some people might be considered.
"When I read, I do not want to focus too diverted," he said. "It's about the words and when I read on the Kindle, he could bring me closer to the words of the author. To me that's the essence of reading."
As a consumer, Len said, even if Apple book comes with an extra video and audio, he will not buy it. "Why do I need to remove the extra 3 dollars just for video and audio, when I can be much cheaper on Amazon?"

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Shampoo Anti Environmental Pollution
Taking this photo was made possible through th...Image via Wikipedia

"How wonderful! Now shampoo was made without foaming. Really understand the meaning of environmental pollution," said a father to his daughter after a shampoo.
The girls then went to the bathroom to check on what shampoo to use his father. After that, he soon met her father again.

"Ha ha ha ... it seems you'd wash wear hand & body lotion."(e-ketawa)

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New Umbrella swagger

A conversation between a father who brag about his new umbrella to a neighbor child.

Dad: "How old are you, boy?"

Son: "6 years old, sir."

Dad: "6 years? Umbrella just higher than your height? Ha ha ha ...."

Son: "hhmm ..., so how many umbrellas you age?"

Father: "??!!$%??%"
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Ice Cream Flavor Chili, Onion, Egg, Sardine, Crab, also Meat

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...Image via WikipediaStores Selling Ice Cream Flavor 860

You might imagine a store that sells ice cream with a sense of the world's largest in Italy or the United States, but it was in Merida, a city in Venezuela. His name, Coromoto store.

Neon lights outside that says "Guinness Book of Records" pink become one of the unique features of the store, but once opened the door it became clear that other stores than others.

Inside there is a refrigerator with an ice cream looks bright and tempting to eat. Taste of ice cream sold as chili, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms in wine, garlic and cream of crab.

Coromoto founded in 1980 by an immigrant from Portugal, Manuel da Silva Oliveira. The owner does not often appear and now the store is managed by Jose Ramirez.

Jose was clearly visible as manager of an ice cream shop. Friendly male 40-year-old when found wearing a white shirt and purple, and black mustache. "Oliveira tired of working for a large ice cream company," said Jose, "and decided he could make ice cream taste interesting."

The first experiment is the Avocado. "To get a sense of right requires hard work, because the avocado is very rich in taste," said Jose. "Oliveira remove approximately 50 kg of ice cream to experiment to get the perfect taste."

Coromoto sold about 60 taste every day, but change the taste of ice cream in accordance with the seasons. In addition to the standard ice cream taste like chocolate and rum and raisins, lots of choices of exotic fruit such as guava, papaya, mango and passion fruit type.

Some other sense, including 860 types of taste in ice cream are: eggs, macaroni and cheese and sardines, are examples of ice cream taste weird. And also there are many strange names like the taste of British Airways, Andean Kisses and I'm Sorry, Darling. One of the sense that, given the name Viagra Hope, like a bright blue Viagra pill.

I have to ask what the ingredients, and natural ingredients to make ice cream: Honey and all natural: honey and pollen. "Different people like different things," said store manager.

"Personally I like the taste of fruit but many buyers are choosing flavors containing alcohol such as Cointreau, cognac or vodka-and-pineapple. Of course, as people venezuela plus lots of rum."

Ice cream flesh
"Flavor of ice cream what is special for the store?" I asked Jose. With a laugh, Jose said "pabellon criollo" - Venezuela's traditional food made from meat, rice, plantains, cheese and black beans, which were copied by Coromoto to taste ice cream.

Jose get a scoop of ice cream from every taste-and it's really like ice cream sold in the meat Coromoto.

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"I was Touched by the Teach Tolerance of Islam"

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Aarif Zarif is the name of Islam today. Australian man who was raised in a family that decided to embrace Christianity to Islam because it was so impressed by Islam teaches tolerance toward other faiths.

He first learned about Islam as a teenager while visiting Morocco and the Granada district of a city in Andalusia, Spain. In Morocco, Aarif was amazed at the art of Islamic cultures and share the atmosphere of Islamic culture in everyday life the country's population. In Alhambra, he watched the scene of Moorish architecture in the form of plantations in the underneath which rivers flow. The sight of him touched and amazed. At first childhood, prefer Aarif swinging church bell rope, yelling Tarzan imitation rather than join a church choir practice. He always had a reason to avoid the Lord and did not participate in church services. But in one morning, 16 years later, for some reason he decided to go to church. A few months later, he was like really become a Christian and a few years later he enrolled in a college major in Tabor to achieve a degree in Bible.

It was there that he began to discover that rumors had been circulating among Christians, which he sometimes abusive and he does not believe the information she had heard correctly. But the information he had also heard from the suppliers of books to the store he managed. "History of Christianity into opening my eyes that what happened during and after the Crusades really bothering the adherents of this religion," he said.

A few years later, began to leave Aarif formal worship because he did not agree with the doctrine that puts God in a framework that is limited by the definitions. He is also considered more inclined Christian organization and self-assertive politically, than as a representative of a religion. He finally decided to get out of the Christian religion.

A few years after that, Aarif had lived some time in Jeddah and Riyadh for a company working on the project investment. Despite never been to church again, he still has confidence in the Christian religion and want to know more about Islam. He wanted to know the difference between Christianity and Islam.

One day, Aarif went to an Islamic bookstore near his hotel stay and buy a few books on Islamic literature. "Then I asked my guide for the Saudis, or the name Mahmoud Muhammad, I forgot, where I can get the Quran," recalls Aarif. Guide provides recommendations Quran translations are good and the night began reading Aarif and pray that provide guidance to him while reading the translation of the Qur'an. The first verses which he read was about the scribes, Christians and Jews, which became part of God's people. The verses that opened his eyes to a religion that teaches tolerance and even of belief to the contrary.

Seven years later Aarif met a Muslim from Indonesia. They exchanged letters and discussions via the Internet. "At that moment, I look more into Islam, and what that might mean for me personally I then visited Indonesia; we met again and talk about the future. I propose to her and she accepted," said Aarif.

He then taking care of official documents to get married in Australia. At that time Aarif not convert to Islam, but he had great respect for his wife conviction. Until at some point he felt the difference of religion does not make a good marriage.

"I think and reflect. Ask lots of questions and prayed for months until I feel peace in my heart about the way I was going to take," said Aarif.

"Really, there's no reason for me to not embrace Islam. I admit I'm not the typical person who diligently worship, but I think that laziness can be removed by the will and determination," he continued.

I was committed and started to learn the prayer. I then went to a mosque in Perth, talk with the priest there and say the creed at the mosque. "Although I have converted to Islam a few years, I am still in the learning stage and I enjoy the learning process," he said. (ln / readislam)

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