Monday, April 18, 2011

Islamic Financial Russian touched

MOSCOW-Islamic Finance has become widespread in the territory of Russia. This year, the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the Russian federation, will issue Islamic bonds known as sukuk.
According to some observers in the World Islamic Economic Forum which was held some time ago in Moscow, Russia in fact was ready to issue a sukuk. "Russia will have a lot of money, up to one trillion dollars by issuing sukuk," said Director of Syndicated Finance Gazprombank, Alexander Kazakov, as quoted by The Moscow Times.
He said it had studied the Islamic financial instrument for several years. As a result, the sukuk could be offered by using the underlying asset of the place.
But according to sukuk must still be socialized into the community. "There is still much we must do to popularize this instrument," he said.
According to Director of Amanah Raya Capital Group in Malaysia, one of the largest Islamic banking group in the world, Abas Jalil, Russia is considered the most prospective countries for Islamic investment. Especially when compared with the four other countries that belong to economic groups Brazil Russia India China (BRIC).
In addition to relatively stable, Russia is seen closer to the Middle East region and has a strong infrastructure to support the development of Islamic economics.
"Islamic Finance would bring Russians to the entry of many investments. It also could have an impact on the economy more inclusive and would facilitate trade with the Middle East, "he explained.
The same thing also expressed an independent financial adviser from Luxemburg, Alberto Brugnoni. According to him, Russia has become the largest market potential for Islamic finance in Europe.
"With the increasingly close relationship with the Middle East, Russia could explore the potential sources of Islamic finance in the world's largest. Where 20 million Muslim population lives, "he said.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bedouin Women's Maternity 4 Baby Twins After 31 Year Marriage

Sinai NORTH - An Egyptian woman, on Wednesday (13 / 3) yesterday, gave birth to twins 4 after repeatedly failing to have children for 31 years of marriage. 

Women's Bedouin tribe comes from a village near the town of Sheikh Zuwaid, North Sinai. She gave birth to her children at home as normal after the refuse was taken to the hospital. According to local residents, this event is one of the rare events in Sheikh Zuwaid. The husband who was happy animals directly to slaughter his cattle, in the midst of excitement resident tribes. 
Medical sources said the woman four decades this year, over the years since his marriage-never even want to be taken to the doctor. 

But a few months ago he felt ill and went to the doctor, who then reported that she is pregnant. It turned out that the embryo is carrying more than one, until the doctor suggested to remove a number of embryos so that he can go through stages of her pregnancy safely. 

But the woman, said her parents, refused to get rid of these embryos, although only one. And the pregnancy continued until reaching the age of nine months. When the moment of birth arrives, this woman refused to be brought to the hospital to get care medical team. Surprisingly, she gave birth naturally at home. Getting the first child number four at a time, three men and one woman. Everything is in good condition and healthy. 
According to the relatives of the woman, her husband gave the names Aidh, Mansur, and Salem for boys. While the girls named in accordance with the name of the father's mother. "The excitement swept through the village as soon as we heard the neighbor who has 31 married, but has not been granted a child, eventually became pregnant and gave birth. Happiness is increasingly upset because it gave birth, which came out four babies at once, "said one resident. 

In the Bedouin tradition, if a person endowed with twins, then he should hold a big celebration which was attended by resident tribes and other tribes. Of course the number of cattle slaughtered are different from ordinary feast celebration, or the birth of a newborn baby alone. 

In addition to parties and meals, shower was also accompanied by poetry readings and musical concerts Bedouin, in an atmosphere of joy nan happy. 

Source:  Republika and Al-Sharq Al-Awsat
foto: ilustration
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swedish Couple Caught Disaster At Six Times Honeymoon, One of them in Bali

STOCKHOLM - Swedish couple is receiving "the wedding test" unusual. Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, who always celebrate wedding anniversary with a honeymoon trip, having monster snow storm, a large tsunami, two earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes as they cruise from Germany, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
In Munich, the first Svanstrom couples find themselves trapped in a blizzard that blanketed Europe in December. Hoping to escape, they went to Cairns, Australia, where the hurricane disaster forced them to live in a camp with thousands of others who sought refuge.After the family arrived in Brisbane, the flood has put most of the city in water depth. Daily Mail wrote them earlier had "escaped" from the forest fires in Perth.
"We escaped death at the time," said Stefan the AP their time in Australia. "The trees were burning and large branches scattered in the streets." They also decided to step aside to the neighboring countries, New Zealand.

Shortly before the couple one child arrived in New Zealand, SR 6.3 quake struck. They think fast to departure to another country, Japan. But two days after they finally got to Tokyo, earthquake and tsunami occurred, triggered a nuclear crisis on the national electricity generation.
Erika told The Times of London that he did not think his trip will be an adventure of a lifetime would not be forgotten. All occurred during the honeymoon.
He remembered their honeymoon in 2004. Upon arrival in Bali, they were greeted by a tornado.Shifted to Thailand, they are almost hit by a tsunami caused massive earthquake that struck Aceh.
"Is our destiny is always dealing with natural disasters?" said Erika, who was a career in the Swedish Parliament. "But at least we were unlucky in love."
The couple said they had been inundated with media requests for interviews from around the world. A few days ahead, they will fly to New York to appear on Good Morning America. They have also been offered money by Ving Swedish travel company to travel to Aruba, the famous natural disaster free.


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