Monday, May 28, 2012

Online Shopping Information - Tips For Safe

Online Shopping Information

Holidays or not, online shopping is fast suitable the main shopping choice for many people. People prefer online stores for their shopping needs over the brick-and-mortar stores for a variety of reasons - discounted prices, quick price comparisons, unavailability of desired items in the retail stores, 24 hours shopping convenience, etc. Whatever the reason is, before you jump into the online shopping bandwagon, you must consider a few things to avoid frustration and monetary loss.
If you find a shopping site, usually advertised in a spam e-mail, that sells for example $100 software for $10, look out! Before you select sites that are worthy of your hard earned money, ask your friends about their experiences with online shopping sites. When you use Yahoo to search for an item, you will get advertised and non-advertised sites offering your searched items at different prices. Check out a few sites before you decide where to make the purchase.
Many sites like or offer price comparisons, reviews, and shopping site ratings. Sites like publish information on latest bargains, coupons, and discounts offered by various online shopping sites. One comparison shopping site,, provides information on qualified shopping sites that have gone through a screening process for merchant's identity, online sales experience, and the ability to deliver purchased items.
If you have to shop with an unknown online merchant, check for their telephone number at their website. There are dozens, if not hundreds, good online merchants for any items you want to buy.
At the online checkout counter, you have to use a credit card to pay. It is perfectly safe if the site has http in its URL for all pages except the order page - the page where you enter your credit card and other personal information like address, etc. Always use a credit card to pay for your online purchases. Most credit cards have online purchase protection. If something goes wrong, you can always call your credit card company and dispute the charge. Never use a debit card. How safe is online shopping? If you are careful, you can guard yourself against identity and credit card thefts by following safety tips, such as the ones discussed above.

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

With more localised online shops, people do not have to worry too much about shipping costs either. Scan your System for Malware
There might be others that are more lethal acting as key loggers that can obtain personal account information including your credit card information. Upgrade your Operating System and Browser
Carefully Look at the Site Address before Making any Transactions
The latest browsers include anti-phishing technologies that can detect fake shopping websites that do nothing but keep your details for malicious use. These anti-phishing technologies aren't perfect and may not detect all sites. Read any Supplied Terms and Conditions
Double Check your Shopping Cart or Order
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samir Nasri: City Champion? Allahu Akbar!

MANCHESTER - Manchester City victory over Queens Park Rangers (QPR) at Etihad Stadium on Sunday (13/5) nights, is celebrated with great fanfare. All players including the Citizen's manager Roberto Mancini bergitu happy. Why not. They managed to break the record of fasting English Premier League title for 44 years. Trophy for the third time it was carved City and the first since taken over by Sheikh Mansour. The overflow kegembiran City players came under the spotlight a variety of media from around the world. The coach Mancini, Sergio Kun Aguero, Vincent Kompany, and Edin Dzeko, and several prominent role players who were interviewed during the 2012 season. But there is a media of the Arab world who chose to interview midfielder Samir Nasri. Nasri is one of the mainstay midfielder Mancini. According to Nasri, one key to the success of City as a role player in maintaining the discipline of performance. Also, he does not deny the intervention of God in his success. "It's all thanks to God (Allah SWT). Allah Akbar (God is Great)! "Cried Les Blues midfielder told a television presenter who interviewed him. Nasri is known as one of the players practicing Muslims against Islamic teachings. He is known to diligently read the Koran and abiding practice of religious ritual. Marseile-born footballer, France, June 26, 1987 is positioned as an attacking midfielder. Earlier, he defended the Gunners under Arsene Wenger.
Here's the video:

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 Samir Nasri

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yaya Toure: I'm Muslim, Not Drinking Alcohol

Yaya Toure, printing two goals against Manchester City, Newcastle United, refused to accept a bottle of champagne at the victory party in the locker room. "Sorry I do not drink alcohol. I'm Muslim," said Yaya Toure as he handed the bottle of champagne to Joleon Lescott, his partner.
Toure is a man of the match game. He bought up the win with two goals and make the City is getting closer to the Premier League title. By tradition the club, the star of the game had the honor of opening a bottle of champagne.
Toure refused not the first time the victory party with drinking. He often avoids that tradition, while trying not to offend his colleagues.
Manchester City spokesman said the gift of champagne is a coveted award each game. However, he said, the club could understand if there are individuals who refuse on religious grounds.
What can be done the club, according to a spokesman for Manchester City, is ensuring that every individual in the club locker room do not feel offended if there are those who reject a party colleague on religious grounds. Premier League is a competition that accommodate players from 68 countries. Yaya Toure from Ivory Coast and Muslims.
When I was in Barcelona, Yaya Toure is a priest for his two companions; Eric Abidal and Seydou Keita. All three are always took time to pray in congregation, and Toure is considered to have more religious knowledge than Abidal and Keita.
When Yaya Toure decided to move to Manchester City, Abidal and Keyta be the most to lose. In one interview opportunities with one radio, Abidal had to say.
"We lost a priest."

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dark side of a Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston makes death shocked his fans. The famous black singer with a song I will always love you've won the title of diva's number one in America even the world. The celebrities in Indonesia was admire. Some time after Whitney died, one of the singers in Indonesia honestly say that Whitney is the inspiration for him. While one of the leading guitarist said, that Whitney is a great singer.

But in the midst of its popularity there is one thing that characterizes the typical top American celebrities, namely their moral its dilapidated. Secular and liberal American life have brought Whitney in a slump behavior in complex and prolonged.

Gay activist, Peter Tarchell revealed that Whitney is a true lover of the same sex. quoted as saying, Tarchell stated that since the 1980's Whitney has established relationships with one woman. This is the happiest moment in his life felt by Whitney.

Some sources had claimed her lesbian lover's name is Robyn Crawford. Just a few hours of the death of Whitney, Robyn could write a paper for Valentine's Day-themed tribute to Whitney, who later published in a magazine in America.

"The first time I met Whitney when I was 16 and I immediately knew that she was special. He has a very nice skin color and not look like most people I met in New Jersey. I do not believe, I will not be able to hug him or hear laugh again, "wrote Robyn Crawford.

Houston and Robyn have known each other since Houston was 16 years old, when they became Monmouth College students. Robyn then get out of school and chose to become a singer.

Brother-in-law and former Whintney her Bodyguard, Kevin Ammons also support the statement. In his book, Kevin wrote that Robyn had slapped Whitney when she saw him flirting. In fact, Robyn is very upset when Whitney was married to Brown.

Previously, Whitney's ex-husband, Bobby had expected their marriage was to cover up his desire for women. This is what was said during the Whitney Tarchell that marriage is only to cover the "disgrace" her lesbianism.

Tarchell then consider that this is where Whitney began to enter the world of medicine. "His inability to accept this fact contributes to drug abuse," he added.

At the peak of his career in the era of the 90s, singer Whitney Houston was addicted to alcohol and drugs. During recent years, he has struggled against bad habits.

In 2002, Houston did an interview with Diane Sawyer to promote her new album. The interview is the highest rated in television history.

Houston spoke a variety of topics including drug use and his marriage. When asked about rumors of drug use, he replied, "First of all, let's get one thing straight. Crack cheap. I make too much money to ever consume crack," he said at the time.

But Whitney admitted that if he was taking other substances. Then in 2009, the singer of song "I Look to You" was never revealed if he was addicted to cocaine. After starring in the film 'The Bodyguard' Whitney as one who lost control.

The singer was born August 9, 1963 and then went into rehab on his own in mid-2011 then. He admitted that he had tired of his addiction to alcohol and drugs. But he could not look out of his hobby of drinking is haram. Because, until the final seconds of his death was Whitney still consume alcoholic beverages. Combination of drugs and alcohol that is brought close age.

The fact that at least visible from the room where the photo that reveals the rest of Whitney died last meal. He is mentioned ordering a hamburger, fries, turkey sandwich, and jalapenos. There are also a can of Heineken and a glass of wine I have drunk out.

Had enough? There remains one other habits that can not be left Whitney, which consumes a cigarette. According to sources quoted by the tabloid National Enquirer, doctors have given a stern warning to immediately stop smoking Whitney. Even the doctor said that if you can not stop it will die.

"The doctors had warned her about the disease Emphysema and he could die in tragic because the disease," said a source.

Emphysema is the destruction of alveolar walls of the lungs, where oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide compounds. This disease also reduces the elasticity of the lung itself.

The late Whitney Houston is known to consume alcoholic beverages before she died. The combination of drugs and booze that's what brought him to the afterlife.

The fact that at least visible from the room where the photo that reveals the rest of Whitney died last meal. He is mentioned ordering a hamburger, fries, turkey sandwich, and jalapenos. There are also a can of Heineken and a glass of wine I have drunk out.

Whitney died last Saturday (11/2) at the age of 48 years. Doctors said he died of a heart attack triggered by drugs and alcohol.

Source: Tahukah anda -

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is the message of Buried Secrets of Da Vinci 400 Years

Florence - Archaeologists have discovered a secret message hidden in a painting of Leonardo da Vinci. The message was revealed behind the walls of the Palazzo Vechio, an ancient palace in Florence that was founded in the 1300s.

Secret message that says 'seek and ye shall find' (Cerca trova) on a mural painting on the wall of Da Vinci. According to, Tuesday (13/3), the researchers turned out to reveal the secret message is referring to a work of Da Vinci's been missing since 400 years ago.

A miniature camera endoscope inserted into the wall in the Palazzo Vechio, and obtain samples of chemical pigments are also used in the Da Vinci painting Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa is considered one of Da Vinci's most phenomenal, which is assumed to have been destroyed by fire in the 16th century.

This invention makes possible a variety of researchers believe that the phenomenal work of Da Vinci has been deliberately hidden by other painters. The archaeologists began to investigate the murals in the Palazzo Vechio after an archaeologist to find the words, "Cerca trova '.

"These data are found are very encouraging," said researchers from the National Geographic, Maurizio Seracini. Although scientists are still in early stages of research, and is still much work to be done to solve this mystery.

In 1503, Da Vinci was commissioned by Piero Soderini Gonfaloniere painting 'Battle of Anghiari' in Hall 500 of the Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of government in Florence.

The painting commemorates the 1440 victory of the battle on the plains of Anghiari between Milan and the Italian League led by Republic of Florence. The Florentines present as an important force in central Italy, the Papacy and dominated Italian politics for hundreds of years.

Leonardo Da Vinci himself had a scene in the film industry, through the science fiction film called Da Vinci Code. The film tells how the secret of Da Vinci's paintings reveal about the person of Jesus in the painting 'The Last Supper'nya.

Leonado Da Vinci was an artist as well as the scientist who was born in 1452, the Enlightenment (Renaissance) Europe. His work along with other works of the Enlightenment scientists, like Galileo Galilei much opposed by the church at that time opposed to science. However, due to Da Vinci's scientific approach to using the art of making himself more secure than Galileo.

Source: republika[co][id]

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Apparently Living in Dubai More Convenient Than in Europe

DUBAI - United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now ranked 16th as a state "advanced" in the world. According to international surveys, satisfaction levels exceeded the population even other Arab countries. Even more than European countries like Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Singapore and Hong Kong.

Approximately 55 percent of UAE residents believe that they are the developed countries when compared with the British who won the 54 percent figure. While Germany's 44 percent, 42 percent French, Italian and Singapore 37 per cent respectively.

These figures released by Gallup pollsters global. "The UAE was ranked 16th worldwide in terms of resident satisfaction," explained the agency, as reported by Zawya news agency on Tuesday (26 / 4).

In the Arab region, Qatar ranked second as a state "developed"-despite the highest living expenses-with 53 percent satisfaction level of residents. Followed by Kuwait at a rate of 46 percent, 43 percent of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain at number 27 percent.

Gallup classifies welfare respondents as "advanced," "developing" and "poor," based on their assessment of life lived today and in the future, on a scale of 0 to 10. They are considered advanced if the current level of their lives at number 7 or more, and in the next five years in the number 8 or more.

Developed countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Japan, have average citizens at the level of "developing" higher than the UAE who only scored 44 percent. While in countries hit by unrest that is now kind of Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Morocco, only a few who feel the level of satisfaction with their lives at number 7.

Source: Republika/Zawya

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have You Been Loving Mother?

Old Woman
In Japan, there had been a tradition throw an old man into the woods. They are discarded are parents who are helpless, so as not to burden her children's lives.

One day a young man who intends to dispose of his mother into the forest, because the mother has been paralyzed and somewhat senile. The youth seemed hurried through the forest while carrying his mother. The mother who looked helpless trying to reach every branch that can be achieved and then break it and sprinkle along the path they travel.

Once in a very dense forest, the lower the child's mother and said good-bye as he tried to hold sad because she did not think would do this deed to his mother. Instead of the woman who looks strong, the smile he said, "my son, mother love you very much since you were little until adulthood, the mother always take care of you with all my love. Even to this day think my love is not reduced at all.

Mother had been marked along the way we pass through the brush. mother was afraid you'd get lost, follow the signs to get you home safely. "Upon hearing these words, the child was crying very loudly, then hugged his mother and carried her back to bring the mother back home. The young man finally a very loving caring mother until her mother died.


Dear brother!

Parents are not damaged goods that can be discarded or ignored after a helpless look. Because when we succeed, or when we are hard, only 'parents' who understands us, and his mind will suffer if we are hard.


Our parents never leaves us, however our circumstances, even though we never disrespectful to parents .. But the father and mother we would still love us. From now on let us love our parents while they are still alive, or pray when it died before us.

"And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and let the mother do well with the best father. if any one of them or two of them in old age maintenance of your, so do not ever say to both words 'ah' and they do not yell and say to them a noble word. "(Qur'an 17:23) Wallahu a'lam bishawab.

Source: with title: Sudahkan anda menyayangi ibu Written By M. Nurcholis, edited by vahruddin Jayadi

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