Thursday, December 31, 2009

Visit Bangka Belitung Archipelago 2010 GDP is expected Increase

Map showing Bangka-Belitung province in IndonesiaImage via Wikipedia

JAKARTA - Governor of Bangka Belitung (Babel) Eko Maulana Ali hopes the program in 2010 Archipelago Visit Babel (Babel Visit Year 2010) will increase the tourism sector's contribution to the Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of the province.

Today''tourism and fisheries have not signed the three largest contributors to GDP of Babel,''said Eko Maulana Ali as halal bihalal Society Islands province of Babe in Jakarta, Sunday (4 / 10).

Eko said the program is expected to increase the flow of local and domestic tourists. He said the country's various preparations for the 2010 Visit Babel Archipelago. Like hotel rooms and other infrastructure continue to be done. It is expected that all the constraints in the face of the program can be overcome so that the programs implemented properly.

He said the program began in 2010 was only the beginning. The program does not just stop at 2010 but will continue dilajutkan. At the event were also invited several representatives of friendly countries. They are given a plane ticket to Babel.

(Source : osa/kpo - Republika Newsroom - Visit Babel Archipelago 2010 Diharap Tingkatkan PDB)


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nature and Rural touring in Yogya

Mount Merapi as seen from Loon MountainImage via Wikipedia

YOGYAKARTA - Tired of spending Christmas holidays and new year in urban areas, just visit to Yogyakarta. Especially for Christmas holiday and new year 2010, this Association of the Indonesia Tour & Travel Agency (ASITA) Yogyakarta tour package offers an alternative "back to nature" and "live in the village tourism".

Treasurer ASITA, Edwin Himna, yesterday said the package "back to nature" was deliberately offered for tourists to Yogyakarta that longing can enjoy the natural atmosphere and tradition in the countryside.

"Tourists who are interested enough to coordinate with the hotel where they were staying or directly related to ASITA. The hotel will contact ASITA,''he said.

He also explained, before Christmas and New Year, the entire hotel in Yogyakarta with a capacity of 9600 rooms, starting on 25 December to 2 January 2010, the reserve has reached 90 percent. Edwin predicted a few days before Christmas, the hotel occupancy rate will reach 100 percent.

"Based on coordination with the hotel, starting on December 25 hotel reservation is 90 percent for all classes of hotels. We believe that tourists will spend New Year in Yogyakarta will be plentiful,''said Edwin.

According to him, with this package as well as tourists can enjoy the new year, and then the next day visits to the villages, and can also stay in the village wisatat, to know the life of the community.

"We invite tourists to enjoy and engage directly in the life of village communities. Together we bring those people involved how to make coconut sugar, how to make tempeh and other stuff,''said Edwin.

He said, tourists can choose their own tourist villages they want to visit, through brochures available in hotels in Yogyakarta. He said, tourist villages that could be a reference, among others, Hamlet Village Pentingsari in Umbulhardjo, Cangkringan, Sleman.

He said, the village has a shower (the waterfall), mountainous landscape like the lava tour (the rest of eruption of Mount Merapi). Travelers also can still see the natural life of the village with many traditions.

In addition there Tembi village in Sewon, Bantul. Here can enjoy performing arts, and there is a place to stay in the form of traditional buildings hundreds of years old, and there is a traditional menu of Centini.

One such alternative tour package, a tourist is charged Rp 200,000 to Rp 250,000. The cost is already included transportation, lodging, eats up the direct introduction of nature and rural life.

Package tour''of this alternative is the main target of both tourists and family groups from big cities like Jakarta, which was tired of urban life,''said Edwin.

Edwin said, for the Christmas holiday and new year 2010 this time, tour packages which are still the most popular tourists enjoying the sun set or sun rise at some historic sites. For example enjoying the Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Temple Boko. "This package is the belle of tourists abroad,''said Edwin.

Sumber : (yoe/rin: Berwisata Alam dan Pedesaan di Yogya)


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Monday, December 28, 2009

Six Causes of Back Pain


Back pain can happen to anyone and if it appears to interfere with the activity. But do not underestimate the back pain because it is an early symptom of the disease in the body.

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The cause of back pain are the most common muscle tenseness (ligaments) or a posture that is not appropriate. Back pain sometimes feels as just got up, sat up too long, too tired, lifting heavy items or injury.But there are also back pain all the time day and night without us know why. Cases like this led to many serious diseases such as infection or bone tumor that is usually followed by fever."The pain in his back that could mean signs or signals telling you that there is something wrong in a person's body," said Dr. Lutfi Gatam, SpOT, Spine Surgeon (K) of the International Hospital detikHealth Bintaro when contacted on Monday (28/12/2009 ).Exemplified by Dr. Lutfi, back pain that is felt when just woken up probably due to something wrong in sleeping position or a sudden movement of an unstable (unstable) when the person is asleep.According to a consultant orthopedic spine have 6 groups that cause pain in the back, namely: 
1. Trauma  
In this case the person is experiencing collision, accident, crashed while on the move or injury from something like one taking a position in taking the goods. 
2. Infection 
Can occur due to infections in other organs like the lungs that affects the spine or the result of infections that occur in the bone itself. 
3. Degeneration 
A change in bone structure of the person's age by one.
4. Congenital 
These factors can include the improper position, or a stiff spine and can not be moved so that causes inflammation (inflammation). 
5. The existence of tumor 
It could also be a sign of the changes to the tumor cells in the body. 
6. Scoliosis 
Diseases hitherto unknown cause also cause pain in the back, this time mostly experienced by women and teenagers. If there are no serious symptoms, back pain usually improves after resting a few days, but there is also the pain lasted longer.If there are attacks back pain should lie on the bed. Make straight back and legs slowly.That obese people are also often experience back pain. Meanwhile, chronic back pain because of muscle weakness usually need to strengthen the backbone treatment with exercise.Keep your back straight and abdomen flat because of spinal problems causing pressure on nerves, causing pain in various parts of the body.Treatment can be done to overcome back pain depends on the results of the diagnosis, whether included mild, moderate or severe. If only occur occasionally with paracetamol or ponstan drinking alone can help eliminate pain.Treatment should be done by the patient can only be a rest. But if a serious illness because there is the position of the spine that have to do physiotherapy, invasive treatment to reduce or eliminate pain or have surgery."Better when you're feeling back pain, consult a physician immediately. Do not underestimate this disease, because it could be related to the skin, joints, bones or surrounding organs such as kidney and gastrointestinal tract," said a doctor who also practiced at RS Fatmawati.

(Source : Vera Farah Bararah - detikHealth - 6 Penyebab Nyeri Punggung)
(Foto: healthflame)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


A w:Waitress taking a breakfast order at Kahal...Image via Wikipedia

By: Andy F. Noya

One night, after work, I stopped at a fast food restaurant in the area of Bintaro. Quiet. Outside the rain. All the servants already packed. Restaurant to close. But maybe I see the face of the pleading for food, one of them signaled to continue to serve. In fact, if you want, they could have refused.

While eating I began to watch the activities of the waiters. There are counting money, packaging utensils, mopping floors and some are clean and tidy tables cluttered. I imagine their life routines like that from day kehari. So far, it escaped my attention.

To be honest, if accompanying the children eat at fast food restaurants like this, I will not bother their existence. As if they were between there and gone. They're there if I needed help and they seemed dead if I was too busy eating the food.

But that night I could see something that had seemed invisible. I saw how the waitress was clearing the remnants of food on the table. The scene is actually mediocre. But, perhaps because that night my mind's eye view, the view became special. Looking at the remaining pile of food on top of one table was cleared, I wondered to myself: who exactly had just dine at the table? When viewed from the remnants of food scattered, apparently large enough group. But what caught my attention is how the group had left the former junk food. It was a horrible sight. Chicken bones strewn on the table. And there are cardboard boxes that can be used as a trash can. Rice here and there. Not to mention under the table also soiled by the spill crumbs. Perhaps the group took the children. The table was like a slaughter field. Scattered bones. I do not understand how they once would leave garbage strewn like that. It never occurred to them how the remnants of that horrible food that must be cleaned by someone, even though he was a servant.

Since that night I decided to throw his own leftovers when dining at such restaurants. I also asked the children to do the same thing. Not easy at first. Before this I never did. But my actions were just a laughingstock friends. I pretty much westernized sok. Sok show ever come out of the country. Because in many countries, especially in Europe and America, have multiple customers own waste food scraps into the garbage. The waiter is limited because of expensive labor.

Actually not too hard to clean up the remnants of our food. Summarize living and threw it in the trash. Just takes a few minutes. A small deed. But if everyone does it, it means it will be great for the waiters.

I once read a book about small acts that have great meaning. Including the story of a father who took his son to clean up trash in a vacant lot in their house compound. Because of the complex residents daily see the father and son clean up the garbage in there, their long embarrassed to dump there. Later all the residents and even moved to follow his father's footsteps and end up housing a clean environment and healthy. Though there is no single word from the father is. There are no slogans, banners, let alone banners or billboards. He just gave the example. Small example of a big impact.

I also once read a story about the power of a smile. If only every person to give a smile to at least one person who met that day, then the impact will be extraordinary. People who got the smile will be happy. He will smile at other people he encountered. And so on, so that the smile had spread to many people. Though originally from just one person who smiled.

Inspired by a story in a book "Chicken Soup", I often pay a toll ticket for the car behind me. No matter who's behind. Because of the stories in the book, people behind me would have been a surprise. A pleasant surprise. If he was happy that day, then a beautiful day would make him such happiness spread the virus to people he met that day. I hope that the virus can spread to many people. Imagine if you give a sincere compliment for at least one person every day. Praising it would give a chain effect when you praise people feel happy and happiness is contagious to those around him.

My child is in elementary school always reminded if I forget to say the word "thank you" when the officer gave a ticket highway and change. According to him, said "thank you" is the "magic words" that will make others happy. So did the word "please" when we ask for help from others, such as our housekeeper.

I used angry if there is public transportation, such as bus, microbus, bajaj, or angkot casually grab my car. Until one day my wife reminded that I should empathize with them. The public vehicle driver must strive to pursue the deposit. "While you're not chasing the deposit?''The advice that my wife obtained from an article late Father Mangunwijaya. Ever since, if there is public transportation that pilfer as good stomach, I immediately remembered the advice the wife. I thought, how beautiful our lives if we can make other people happy. It would be wonderful if we could empathize with the feelings of others.

How happy when we realize the rest of our food waste at fast food restaurants, we've alleviate waitress job. So do not throw away the toll ticket just after paying, we had a janitor burden. By not throwing bubble gum at random, we have to avoid people from feeling upset because shoes or pants got sticky gum. We often claim that cultured nation, but how many of us that when in public places, when he opened the door, held it a moment and turn round in case anyone else is behind us? Personally I often see people who opened the door and let it go without the care of people hit by the door behind them.

If we want, many little things we can do. It is not our burden, but of great significance for others. Start with small things-small. Start with yourself first. Begin right now ...!!!
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Acts of Love Grandpa-Grandma shook the 80 Years of Turkey

Image via Wikipedia

This love story really thrilling, and hilarious. Uniquely, this story does not happen Like the stories of novels or soap operas, but in real life, in an exotic city of Konya and charming, Turkey in the middle.
Kaltum Arslan, a widow and 80-year-old grandmother, was suddenly reported missing, and ran away from home after the children and grandchildren love story and refused his marriage plans with her boyfriend, a widower and grandfather are also for the rest.
As reported by the Turkish news office Dunya Bulteni (25/12), Kaltum lived in one village green hilly and beautiful in the province of Konya, in Turkey the middle. He became acquainted with a man named Kazim yıldız, who is also a widower's age and status.
Yıldız and Kaltun met about two months ago, when they take the welfare money for the elderly from the government. And indeed the basis of love that he did not know the age, it was an abstract feeling blossomed in the heart's grandparents. Until finally, they both agreed to plan a wedding.
But, fate did not go smoothly. The children and grandchildren Kaltum refused romance, wedding plans too.
On December 10 last, Kaltum out of the house. He said, he would go to a clinic for health check. But, really, he did not return to the house. One was followed Kaltum grandson to the clinic. But, the grandson of his grandmother did not get there, and after checking into the clinic staff, nor is there a list of names found Kaltum patients.
The family was reported "lost" their grandmother to the police. And, after searching for three days, was found Kaltum was in his girlfriend's house, Kazim yıldız.
To the children and grandchildren, also to the police, if Kaltum said he would not return to his home if he was not married to Kazim.
After seeing such things, eventually the children and grandchildren were Kaltum rethink. Attitudes and their decision to soften, even changed. They were finally approved Kaltum wedding plans.
The plan, also Kaltum and Kazim will carry out their intent in the early marriage years later. Ouch, ouch. (ags / db)
Source: Eramuslim

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's so different

Pashmina_goats, LadakhImage via Wikipedia

One day, Karyo passed by a shepherd with his goats. Karyo asked
with amazement.
Karyo: "Sir, can ask you?"

Shepherd: "Can"
Karyo: "The goats you very healthy, eat what you give?"

Shepherd: "Which one first? A black or white?"
Karyo: "Hmmm ... The first black ...."

Shepherd: "Oh, black reply, he ate grass wet"
Karyo: "Ohh ... if you are white?"

Shepherd: "The white too ..."
Karyo: "Hmmm ... these goats, how many pounds a strong way, sir?"

Shepherd: "Which one first? A black or white?"
Karyo: "Hmmm The first black ..."

Shepherd: "Oh, if you are black, 4 km a day"
Karyo: "If the white?"

Shepherd: "The white too ..."

Karyo began mumps ..: "this goat, feathers do not make a lot of packs, annually?"

Shepherd: "Which one first? A black or white?"
Karyo: "(with irritation) first black ..."

Shepherd: "Oh, a black, a lot ... 10 kg / year"
Karyo: "If the white ...?"

Shepherd: "The white, too"

Shepherd: "Oh, look younger, because the black, got me ...."
Karyo: "Oh so sir, I'm sorry if my emotion ..., if the white?"

Shepherd: "The white, too"
Karyo: #$@%!!??..
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The former Liverpool player was to embrace Islam

Abel Xavier, the famous former football player from Liverpool decided to retire from football, and later converted to Islam. He immediately changed his name.
The Portuguese star was renamed Faisal Xavier and will start humanitarian projects.
He last played for the LA Galaxy (United States) in 2008 and now has decided to stop at the world of football.
Xavier, 37, joined Liverpool from Everton in 2002 and scored two goals in 21 appearances for the Merseyside club this. In addition to the Liverpool and Everton, he played well at Middlesbrough.
He moved to Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy with David Beckham.
Xavier said: "It's an emotional farewell and I hope to participate in something very satisfying in a new phase of my life.
At times sad, I have found comfort in Islam. Slowly, I learned religion full of peace, equality, freedom and hope. "
Barokallah, Senhor! (sa/
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A bowl of hot noodles

At night, Ana quarreled with her mother. Because very angry, Ana immediately left the house without carrying anything. When walking on a street, She realized that she was ill with the money.

When walking through a street, she passed a noodle shop and she smelled the scent of cooking smells. She wanted to order a bowl of noodles, but it broke.

Shop owner saw her standing in front of a long bar, and said "Miss, do you want to order a bowl of noodles?" "Yes, but, I'm ill with the money" Ana replied shyly
"It's okay, I'll buy you" replied the proprietor. "Please sit down, I'll cook noodles for you".

Not long later, the proprietor was delivering a bowl of noodles. Ana quickly ate a couple of bites, and then the tears began to tear. "What lady?"
Asked the proprietor.
"Okay" I'm just thrilled Ana answered, drying her tears.

"In fact, I know a new one gave me a bowl of noodles!, But,? my own mother, after a fight with me, threw me out of the house and told me not to come back home "
"You, a new familiar, but so concerned with me than with his own birth mother" she told the proprietor.

The owner of the diner after hearing the words of Ana, took a deep breath and said "Miss why you think like that? Think about this, I just gave you a bowl of noodles and you're so moved. Your mother has cooked noodles and rice for you when you were little until now, why do not you thank him? And you're even arguing with him "

Ana, was shocked to hear that they will be. "Why would I think you know about this ill-tsb? A bowl of noodles for new-org dr know, I was so
thank you, but to my mother wrote to cook for me for many years, I did not even show concern for him. And just because a trivial issue, I argued with him.

Ana, immediately spent her noodles, and Ana steeled herself to get back to her home. As I walked into the house, she thought the words should be spoken reply to his mother. Once in the house doorway, she saw his mother, his face weary and anxious. When meeting with Ana, the first sentence out of his mouth is "Ana you're home, come quick, I
has to make dinner and eat before you sleep, food will be cold if you do not eat it now ". At that time Ana could not help crying and she cried before his mother.

Once upon a time, we may be very grateful to the other org around us for a little help given to us. But to someone who is very close to us (family), especially our parents, we must remember that we are grateful to them for life We.


However we must not forget our Parent Services. Often we think they are a natural process for granted. But the love and concern for our parents is the most precious gift given to us since birth. Think about it!
Do we want to appreciate the unconditional sacrifice of our parents?

Hey Children, obey your parents in everything, because that's the beautiful in the Lord.
(Source : semangkuk bakmi panas, 1001Motivation)
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

8x3 = 23

an Hui was Confucius's favorite disciple who likes to learn, good nature.
On a day when Yan Hui was on duty, he saw a fabric store was surrounded by many people. He approached and found that buyers and sellers of cloth were arguing.

Purchaser shouted: "3x8 = 23, why did you say 24?
"Yan Hui fabric buyers approached and said:" My friend, 3x8 = 24, do not argue anymore ".

Fabric buyers are not happy and pointed nose and Yan Hui said: "Who asked your opinion? If not ask for opinions to be asked to Confucius. Right or wrong is right Confucius say".

Yan Hui: "Well, if Confucius says you're wrong, how?"

Fabric buyers: "If Confucius say I was wrong, I cut my head for you. If you are wrong, how?"

Yan Hui: "If I was wrong, my position for you".

Both agreed to a bet, then went looking for Confucius. After sitting out the problem Confucius, Confucius said:
to Yan Hui said, laughing: "3x8 = 23. Yan Hui, you lose. Give your job to him." Yan Hui forever will not argue with the teacher. When he heard Confucius say he is wrong, then he lowered his cap to the buyer gave the cloth.

The man took his hat and passed Yan Hui with satisfaction. Although Yan Hui received his assessment of Confucius but did not agree. He was Confucius's old and senile that he does not want to learn from him. Yan Hui asked for leave of absence for reasons the family business. Confucius knew Yan Hui's heart and gave him leave. Before leaving, Yan Hui and Confucius asked him goodbye quickly returned after the business was complete, and Hui Yan gave two advice: "When the heavy rains, do not take shelter under a tree. And do not kill."

Yan Hui said okay and went home.

On the way sudden strong winds accompanied by lightning, seemed to have come down heavy rain. Yan Hui wanted to take shelter under a tree but suddenly remembered the advice of Confucius and the liver thought to obey the teacher said once again. He left the tree. Not long ago he left, lightning struck and destroyed the tree. Yan Hui surprise, the first teacher's advice has proven.

Am I going to kill someone? Yan Hui arrived at home late at night and did not want to disturb her sleep. He used his sword to open the room. Arriving in front of the bed, he felt and found no one on the left side of the bed and another on the right side. He was very angry, and wanted his sword. At the time of going to thrust his sword, he remembered advice of Confucius, do not kill. He then lit candles and turned out that his wife was sleeping beside his wife's brother.

On the next day, Yan Hui returned to Confucius, knelt and said: "Teacher, how teachers know what will happen?"

Confucius said: "Yesterday is extremely hot days, is expected to rain lightning, so the teachers tell you to not take refuge under a tree. You go with anger yesterday and carried a sword, then warn teachers not to kill".

Yan Hui said: "Teacher, you expect great, students are very impressed."

Confucius said: "I know you asked for leave of absence is not due to family matters. You do not want to learn more from me. Try you think. Yesterday teachers say 3x8 = 23 is correct, you lose and lose your job. But if the teacher says 3x8 = 24 is correct, then the buyer loses the cloth and that means lives will be lost 1. Do you think your job is more important or lose 1 life is more important? "

Yan Hui was aware of his mistake and said: "Teachers are more concerned with the main, students actually think teachers are old and senile. Disciples really embarrassed."

Since then, wherever Confucius went Yan Hui is always followed.

This story reminds us:

Even if I bet and win the whole world, but I lost you, whatever that means.

In other words, you bet to win what you think is the truth, but instead lost something more important.

Many things there are levels of importance. Do not bet because of the death to the principles of truth, but ended up sorry, never mind too late.

Many things really do not need to stake. Step back, instead obtained a good for everybody.

Insisting against customers. We won, but really lost too.

Insisting against superiors. We won, but really lost too.

Insisted against her husband. We won, but really lost too.

Insisting against friends. We won, but it also loses

Victory is not about the medal, but first is the triumph of the self and more important victory in the liver.


(Source from Bungacerita)
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