Monday, March 28, 2011

Eating Habits Already Fried Indonesian People Worried

All fried food is a type of food the most demanding people of Indonesia. All this fried food habits are Considered to be very alarming.

Fried foods that contain lots of fat and cholesterol, often the trigger of various diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Food is also just as unhealthy junk food.

"The level of consumption of fried food community has been very worrying because there is almost no food that is not fried," said Dr. L. Toruan Phaidon, MM, healthy living expert detikHealth when contacted on Monday (3/28/2011).

Phaidon dr said this condition looks good at public eating houses or in their own homes where people prefer fried foods than boiled or steamed.

Habits make all fried foods, according to Dr. Phaidon because fried foods are made faster, it feels good, and also practical because it is given a little salt and then fried.

Unfortunately, the oil used for frying is the most easily oxidized materials. The process of oxidation can be seen from the change in oil color that became somewhat blackish after frying.

If the food has oxidised the free radicals will easily formed. Free radicals that enter the body to destroy DNA in cells that cause cancer and many other health problems.

"Direct link between fried foods and cancer because the oil used for frying can not be optimized so as to make people fat, if fat people increases the levels of the hormone estrogen that makes a person susceptible to breast cancer in women," he said.

Also, fried foods are high in fat will make a person susceptible to coughs and slows gastric emptying. Fat will stimulate the throat and makes it itch so easily develops a cough.

Fried also not good for ulcer patients, because of the presence of fat, the stomach will quickly filled, but more slowly digested, eventually someone will feel it is full and will not be hungry when only fast food in small portions. This makes the stomach work will be disrupted.

But unfortunately for these people prefer good food rather than healthy food. People prefer a strong taste sweet food because it is more delicious, more like a salty or savory taste bervetsin because more and more like fried foods because of fat that makes tasty food rather than boiled.

"To change one's diet can not just once, but gradually and slowly. In addition, his mind set should also be changed," said Dr. L. Toruan Phaidon.

He also hopes people start to change your lifestyle completely fried food into vegetables and fruits.

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