Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dermasis Introductions

Dermasis - Calming Aid

 Dermasis Psoriasis Cream will help you combat the symptoms that cause your skin to become red and have scales. This will give your skin the help you've been looking forward. Psoriasis causes skin cells to reproduce at a very rapid rate (somewhere between 6 and 8 times normal), which is what makes your skin red patches develop and harden. And according to the National Psoriasis Foundation, more than 5 million Americans suffer from this condition. And every year between 150,000 and 250,000 new cases diagnosed. There is currently no cure for psoriasis but I know that getting help is a priority. Dermasis skin cream is uniquely formulated with natural ingredients that not only smooths and moisturizes your skin, but the active ingredients to help control flaking and scaling, and help heal your skin naturally.

Dermasis made from FDA approved materials to help you:

• Stop your itch
• Lighten your irritated skin
• Controls flaking and scaling
• Soothes and moisturizes your skin

 Why Dermasis?

Dermasis Psoriasis Cream helps relieve the symptoms that cause your skin looks red and evenly and allow your skin to heal naturally with two-fold approach:

• Psoriasis causes skin cells to multiply at a very fast (about 8 times faster than normal), which makes the cells build up on your skin surface to form a thick, unsightly patches of red lesions covered with dead skin. Dermasis active ingredient, the 2% salicylic acid, stimulates the shedding of this layer of dead skin cells to help relieve your psoriasis. We have also added a great material to help in moisturizing your skin.

• Dermasis use a gentle moisturizer, essential oils and PH balancers to help your skin feel softer and promote healing, including: Palm Oil: Easily penetrates the skin, and forms a thin protective layer.Vitamin E Acetate: A powerful antioxidant that increases skin moisture out layer and can provide protection against Ultra Violet damage.Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Trea Oil): Essential oils have been used by Australian Aborigines for hundreds of years to promote healthy skin.

Dermasis is a product that is definitely worth a try - and you get a free bottle.

This from amazon
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hundreds of People So the new convert at the Mosque of Al Azhar Jakarta, They Say Islam Religion Calming

JAKARTA-Pesantren Islamic Foundation (YPI) Al Azhar circumcise converts an average of 100 people each year. In the past 10 years, Al-Azhar Institute Muqtadin (LMA) has Islamize about 1,000 converts.

"This year alone 63 people who converted to Islam at Al Azhar," said Hartono, Takmir Mosque of Al Azhar. According to Hartono, most converts to Islam are many reasons for looking at Islam from the rational side.

They see Islam as a religion that gives peace and quiet. "Many who converted to Islam because he saw calm and peace in Islam," he explained.

There are also reasons for marrying converts to Islam. According to Hartono, needed guidance in order to justify the reasons for marrying the two. Al Azhar worrying if there be a problem during the marriage makes reverts back to the previous religion. "So we give the first direction so that if there are problems in her marriage, converts it to Islam," he added.

Al Azhar recorded 70 percent of converts are from Indonesia. The rest dalah foreign nationals. "Foreign nationals most of America, Britain, France, Japan and Korea," said Hartono.

According to Hartono, Al Azhar is also facilitated by the Islamic converts Study. "We are no events converts, a study to convert to Islam, is also learning to read Qu'an for converts," said Hartono. To convert the terms, according to administrative requirements such as Hartono only copy of ID and family card. "The most absolute necessity for men to become converts must be circumcised," ungkatnya.

Hartono added, there are converts who claims his life became better after converting to Islam. "He told me after converting to Islam in his life so good ore. And he also brought his friend converted to Islam at Al Azhar, "said Hartono.

Source: republika[dot]co[dot]id

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come Out, the Sun Made for you!

Why now people tend to view the Sun be dangerous? Make your skin rapidly aging, wrinkles, causing cancer, thus briefly read the writings on blogs, especially from the West.

As if man was waging war against the Sun. Cosmetic Chemists of Australia, Amanda Foxon-Hill try to uncover habits that had suggested otherwise bad but now?

The sun is the nearest large star and the source of the solar system. It has a diameter 218 times larger than Earth. Surface temperature reaches 6,000 degrees Celsius. Incredible heat.

Consisting of hydrogen, 73 percent helium, 25 percent, the real sun is a burning ball of gas that is always moving, reacting and radiating heat. He also produced the plasma around the ball, like a giant magnetic field, sometimes the plasma was spread out towards the earth, called solar flares, or the flames of the Sun.

Why need a sunscreen?

Earth receives almost all its energy from the sun and without it, life would not exist. More than 386 million megawatts of energy produced by the sun, approximately 8900 terawatss her toward the Earth (one terawatt is one trillion watts)

Fear of humans against humans do not fully irrational. When the body exposed to the sun too long can result in skin cancer. It's true, 85 percent of melanomas expressed triggered mainly by the sun.

In Addition, there are three effects caused by the Sun on one's appearance. Yes, this is related to beauty. If you look at the list of raw material anti-aging cosmetics brands on board, all prioritize the protection of sunscreen.

Skin damage due to exposure to the sun too long can cause a lot of wrinkles, thickened skin, such as leather and striped pigmentation as well. Of course it's not interesting combination in which the era with the slogan 'when the age of forty is twenty new version of' being trendy.

Then, the slogan of 'anti-sun' else also mentioned that the sun can lower immunity. If someone likes to go to the beach and sunbathing, then when I got home got the flu, she thought it was the sun. Is this true?

One fact that needs to be known, the pressure on the immune are actually a good thing. If we do not lower the body's immune reaction when exposed to the sun's out, then someone unconscious tan and lead to shock, rather than just a red rash.

But that should be emphasized, the human body still needs the sun. The most obvious examples, so the body can make vitamin D, vitamin that plays a major role needs to absorb calcium for bones, skin needs the sun.

Secrets Behind Skin Color.

You know when the light skin it will make the body more easily synthesize vitamin D, although there are only low levels of UV rays. Meanwhile, the darker the skin, the more sunlight is needed to make vitamin D.

That is the reason why people with more skin colder climates, darker got the risk of having low levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D not only vitamins that are related to the sun. Jablonski, also suggests that protection can be broken when exposed to a lot of sun. That could be the reason why people who live around the line of the Equator have darker skin due to every human being can not overdose vitamin D!.

Then, related to the protection of skin against the sun, sunscreen is the best on the market. Amanda in paparanya replied, "your brain." The body is designed to work with the sun to keep healthy both physically and mentally.

He stressed, there's nothing to be afraid of traveling outside the home and enjoy the sun exposure in safe doses. How secure? Every person is different. Every human being, she said, basically have the best sunscreen in the skin.

So whether commercial sunscreens do not work. "Absolutely not," said Amanda. But he stressed nothing has a broader spectrum such as human skin. Sunscreen commercial, he said, no matter how well will still make the sun burst

"The most important thing is to listen to your body's response while enjoying outdoor activities," he said. "Use the appropriate sunscreen skin to taste, hear the reaction of your body, take advantage of both. So move out not only safe but also fun." said Amanda.

Problem pressure on the immune system, she say no one can suppress the good things that have been given by nature, except in excessive doses, including the sun. So come on out and enjoy the bright sun.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alhamdulillah ... Islamic Finance Industry Grows 14 Percent

Photo from alfalahconsulting
KUALA LUMPUR - Islamic finance industry has experienced significant growth over the past two decades. In fact, with the provision of Islamic financial system, shows the growth reached 14 percent, over the last 15 years.

Capital Chapter Executive Director, Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) Izlan Zainal Abidin Zainal said the financial industry is estimated to have reached 1 trillion U.S. dollars. Players in this industry has made some progress especially in Malaysia and Gulf countries, seeking to penetrate new markets such as Europe and Africa.

"Of the total assets of sharia, the visible segment grew strongly last few years is the sukuk," he said as quoted by The Star, Tuesday (28 / 6). Zainal said that during the last 12 months to May 2011, the value of global sukuk rose by 30 percent to 140 billion U.S. dollars over the same period the previous 48 billion U.S. dollars.

According to him, this is an instruction for the perpetrators of Islamic finance, to immediately realize a greater challenge. "Because if not recognized promptly, this will inhibit the growth momentum in the future," he explains.

He said one challenge was related to how to overcome regulatory uncertainty, ranging from legislation to implementation of the tax for Islamic finance. "The challenge becomes more acute when we get into cross-border situations where the jurisdiction of the laws, regulations and applicable double taxation," he said.

As a result, Islamic financial Zainal rate will probably be on the economic route is less definite, in contrast to conventional business. "There will be fears among the industry players and practitioners to fully embrace Islamic finance," he said.

In addition, the achievement of harmonization in the interpretation of sharia principles is also a major challenge for this financial. He said this would affect the industry's efforts to build scale in terms of product development, distribution and expertise, and cost efficiency.

"Therefore need a variety of initiatives to provide a conducive environment for the application of Islamic capital markets practice," he asserted. He added that necessary guidelines to regulate the issuance and offering a wide range of Islamic financial products to ensure industrial development as well as guidelines on a regular basis to ensure relevance and effectiveness.


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0470449934 The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance: Tools and Techniques for Community-Based Banking (Wiley Finance)
Yahia Abdul-Rahman

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So ambitious Nigerian Sharia Center

Abuja - Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Sanusi Lamido, said that Nigeria has the potential to be Islamic financial hub of Africa. As reported by local daily Punch, he indicated a significant Muslim population figures plus a large population of Nigeria was one factor supporting this ambition.

''Moreover, Nigeria is now the economy has changed and become one of the investment destination country,''he said. ''Not this fantasy can be done?''

According to him, Islamic banking which do not allow the interest is also in accordance with the law in Nigeria. Although not yet commonly used, Mallam said the introduction of non-interest system would bring the country in a new market and new institutional players such as stock exchanges and investment manager of Islamic sharia.

''In the long run, this brings a chance to absorb the labor force,''he explained. He believes public money is not reached by conventional systems that can be absorbed by the sharia.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharia Unit Sun Life Bancassurance Shutter
JAKARTA - Sharia Unit PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia plans to expand distribution channels through
bancassurance. A number of Islamic banking center ogled for this partnership.
Head of Sharia Sun Life Financial, Heroine Utami, said some banks have expressed willingness to cooperate. "Talks are just waiting for a meeting point," he said.
Nevertheless, he is still reluctant to admit any bank would make such cooperation. However, he stressed it would be woven in the near future.
No specific targets set out Sun Life Financial along with the expansion of this distribution channel. "What is
certain is that it increasingly makes us optimistic able to increase the growth of Islamic unit to 25 percent in
2011," he explained.
Sun Life Financial Sharia Unit officially only operate at the end of 2010. They had been the focus of the
distribution business and still take advantage of agency functions. "Although there is bancassurance, agency will
continue to be increased," he said.
Until now, Sun Life Financial has recorded four thousand agents with 40 percent of whom are certified

Source :
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Home schooling such as Thomas Alva Edison

This time we will learn from the history of Thomas Edison's mother in print his son into the World Genius. The parents and teachers that I love ........ Remember you are with the story of Thomas Alva Edison .. World's leading scientists in Drop Out of school, the first 3 months of learning time in elementary school ....? The parents and teachers that I love ..... an interesting question for us is ..... Thomas's mother how he could print his son became an outstanding scientist with more than 1,000 patented discoveries. The parents and teachers that I love ..... Unfortunately ... not much in the record of history about the history of this remarkable mother, in guiding their children into adulthood. But clearly Thomas has successfully grown into a very confident and hard worker who always think positive. The parents and teachers that I love ....... Alliot Nancy's mother is told that Thomas was a loving mother of her ....., not a psychologist especially education expert, Nancy is just ordinary housewives, like most mothers of his day. Nancy is a mother who always motivated his son; He always encouraged his son to do whatever he likes. Every time Thomas had difficulty her mother always said; Thomas ye son a great kid, you'll find the answer! Mommy believe it dear ..! And every time Thomas had found the answer to the problem Nancy always with enthusiastic response her son story, he always asks how vehemently until Thomas finally managed to find the answer. Nancy also always hugging her son when his son succeeded where in doing something; while always say "You are a child of pride Mommy dear ..... "The parents and teachers that I love ...... Once a while Thomas was doing experiments-experiments are made, and he knows the answer to the problem, then he asked his Mommy; His Mommy honestly say; Thomas dear Mommy does not know all that you ask, but Mommy will find out who the person who can explain all this on you. Thomas then invite two small to meet these people dikotanya expert. That's how similar incidents happen again and again; Thomas's mother always honestly say its limitations, but he always gives a way out for his son. Includes a never a question when Thomas can not be answered by anyone, so his mother was busy delivering Thomas to look for books / references that can explain all his curiosities, but unfortunately after trying for months and people are looking for books not found .... also visit , but Nancy never discouraged but rather burn his son with the words so inspiring, "Thomas my dear ... we have proved that in fact we have found nobody can answer all these and not one person book also ever written about this; Thomas dear, you know what that means ... son ..., Yeah ... that means YOU will be asked God to find it for others .... Come on son you try and try and hold ..... Mommy sure you'd get one now ......! The parents and teachers, whom I love ....... Thomas was so inspired by every utterance his mother ..... The ways to educate is what has made Thomas a wonderful human being .. and I have to apply for my children at home. The parents and teachers whom I love .. imagine .... A when Thomas managed to find a light bulb, after painstakingly experimenting to 999 times. The news was immediately sounded by the local newspaper and the next day soon appear on the front page with the title: "Thomas Alva Edison, finally succeeded in making incandescent lamps which hold for days, after he had 999 times failed to find a suitable metal is used for lamp the incandescent. "Thomas was surprised to read Head Line incredible story; soon the redaction he went to the office and sent a protest over news that is not appropriate. What a surprise the editor; where lies the error message that .........? The next morning the same newspaper that reads out Correction: "Thomas Alva Edison, finally succeeded in making incandescent lamps which hold for days, after he managed to find 999 metal That Is not Suitable for his incandescent light." Parents and teachers I love ...... if you can capture the location of the difference .........?

Are You Thinking About Home Schooling Your Kids, But Are Not Sure If You Have What It Takes, Or Know What Is Really Required Of You? If So, Read This Book First! It Will Save You Lots Of Time And Headaches In Researching All This Information On Your Own. Click Here!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my first award

Alhamdulillah, Thank God I got the award, I honestly did not think could get this award, even though I only knew and several visits to his Rangga blog, but Rangga very well have given me this award.

Hopefully with this award I can add more in developing the spirit of this blog, so I can update the blog and always provide the best and useful for my best friend of all.

Thank you I say To Allah SWT that still gives me life, health, fortune, and always granted my prayers. Thanks also to family, friends ....., which has continued to support me and encourage me so that I can always live life with passion.

One of a requirement for getting this award, which likes to tell the tips to the people, whether word, character or an inspiration. Remembering always wanted to advise yourself and motivate yourself for the better. o yeah I also would tell myself, Insya Allah, i'm a good man, modest, friendly :) .........

Since I've received this award, so there are some rules that should I meet the rule is:

1. Create Postings that contain:

    * Giving thanks and put the links that give you awards
    * Tell us a little about who gave you the award.
    * Tell us a little about yourself.
    * There is a banner award + the banner code.
    * Give this award to 5 bloggers who your friends want to give appreciation
    * Do not forget to contact them as well (via the Guestbook or column comments)

2. Put banner in the sidebar of your blog award, without Changing the banner code.

Here is a list of blogger friends who I gave the award of this Award, hopefully it is also beneficial for you, and
make you add more spirit to develop their blogs, do not forget gratitude, hehe ..

    * Dunia ibadah  - creative
    * Ichsan  - friendly
    * Rudi cisara  - creative
    * Cahya  - smart
    * Mama pipie  - creative

Once again I say thanks to Rangga that have been giving this award to me:)

Do not forget the banner Award friend. ..!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Islamic Financial Russian touched

MOSCOW-Islamic Finance has become widespread in the territory of Russia. This year, the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the Russian federation, will issue Islamic bonds known as sukuk.
According to some observers in the World Islamic Economic Forum which was held some time ago in Moscow, Russia in fact was ready to issue a sukuk. "Russia will have a lot of money, up to one trillion dollars by issuing sukuk," said Director of Syndicated Finance Gazprombank, Alexander Kazakov, as quoted by The Moscow Times.
He said it had studied the Islamic financial instrument for several years. As a result, the sukuk could be offered by using the underlying asset of the place.
But according to sukuk must still be socialized into the community. "There is still much we must do to popularize this instrument," he said.
According to Director of Amanah Raya Capital Group in Malaysia, one of the largest Islamic banking group in the world, Abas Jalil, Russia is considered the most prospective countries for Islamic investment. Especially when compared with the four other countries that belong to economic groups Brazil Russia India China (BRIC).
In addition to relatively stable, Russia is seen closer to the Middle East region and has a strong infrastructure to support the development of Islamic economics.
"Islamic Finance would bring Russians to the entry of many investments. It also could have an impact on the economy more inclusive and would facilitate trade with the Middle East, "he explained.
The same thing also expressed an independent financial adviser from Luxemburg, Alberto Brugnoni. According to him, Russia has become the largest market potential for Islamic finance in Europe.
"With the increasingly close relationship with the Middle East, Russia could explore the potential sources of Islamic finance in the world's largest. Where 20 million Muslim population lives, "he said.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bedouin Women's Maternity 4 Baby Twins After 31 Year Marriage

Sinai NORTH - An Egyptian woman, on Wednesday (13 / 3) yesterday, gave birth to twins 4 after repeatedly failing to have children for 31 years of marriage. 

Women's Bedouin tribe comes from a village near the town of Sheikh Zuwaid, North Sinai. She gave birth to her children at home as normal after the refuse was taken to the hospital. According to local residents, this event is one of the rare events in Sheikh Zuwaid. The husband who was happy animals directly to slaughter his cattle, in the midst of excitement resident tribes. 
Medical sources said the woman four decades this year, over the years since his marriage-never even want to be taken to the doctor. 

But a few months ago he felt ill and went to the doctor, who then reported that she is pregnant. It turned out that the embryo is carrying more than one, until the doctor suggested to remove a number of embryos so that he can go through stages of her pregnancy safely. 

But the woman, said her parents, refused to get rid of these embryos, although only one. And the pregnancy continued until reaching the age of nine months. When the moment of birth arrives, this woman refused to be brought to the hospital to get care medical team. Surprisingly, she gave birth naturally at home. Getting the first child number four at a time, three men and one woman. Everything is in good condition and healthy. 
According to the relatives of the woman, her husband gave the names Aidh, Mansur, and Salem for boys. While the girls named in accordance with the name of the father's mother. "The excitement swept through the village as soon as we heard the neighbor who has 31 married, but has not been granted a child, eventually became pregnant and gave birth. Happiness is increasingly upset because it gave birth, which came out four babies at once, "said one resident. 

In the Bedouin tradition, if a person endowed with twins, then he should hold a big celebration which was attended by resident tribes and other tribes. Of course the number of cattle slaughtered are different from ordinary feast celebration, or the birth of a newborn baby alone. 

In addition to parties and meals, shower was also accompanied by poetry readings and musical concerts Bedouin, in an atmosphere of joy nan happy. 

Source:  Republika and Al-Sharq Al-Awsat
foto: ilustration
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swedish Couple Caught Disaster At Six Times Honeymoon, One of them in Bali

STOCKHOLM - Swedish couple is receiving "the wedding test" unusual. Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, who always celebrate wedding anniversary with a honeymoon trip, having monster snow storm, a large tsunami, two earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes as they cruise from Germany, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
In Munich, the first Svanstrom couples find themselves trapped in a blizzard that blanketed Europe in December. Hoping to escape, they went to Cairns, Australia, where the hurricane disaster forced them to live in a camp with thousands of others who sought refuge.After the family arrived in Brisbane, the flood has put most of the city in water depth. Daily Mail wrote them earlier had "escaped" from the forest fires in Perth.
"We escaped death at the time," said Stefan the AP their time in Australia. "The trees were burning and large branches scattered in the streets." They also decided to step aside to the neighboring countries, New Zealand.

Shortly before the couple one child arrived in New Zealand, SR 6.3 quake struck. They think fast to departure to another country, Japan. But two days after they finally got to Tokyo, earthquake and tsunami occurred, triggered a nuclear crisis on the national electricity generation.
Erika told The Times of London that he did not think his trip will be an adventure of a lifetime would not be forgotten. All occurred during the honeymoon.
He remembered their honeymoon in 2004. Upon arrival in Bali, they were greeted by a tornado.Shifted to Thailand, they are almost hit by a tsunami caused massive earthquake that struck Aceh.
"Is our destiny is always dealing with natural disasters?" said Erika, who was a career in the Swedish Parliament. "But at least we were unlucky in love."
The couple said they had been inundated with media requests for interviews from around the world. A few days ahead, they will fly to New York to appear on Good Morning America. They have also been offered money by Ving Swedish travel company to travel to Aruba, the famous natural disaster free.


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