Monday, April 18, 2011

Islamic Financial Russian touched

MOSCOW-Islamic Finance has become widespread in the territory of Russia. This year, the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the Russian federation, will issue Islamic bonds known as sukuk.
According to some observers in the World Islamic Economic Forum which was held some time ago in Moscow, Russia in fact was ready to issue a sukuk. "Russia will have a lot of money, up to one trillion dollars by issuing sukuk," said Director of Syndicated Finance Gazprombank, Alexander Kazakov, as quoted by The Moscow Times.
He said it had studied the Islamic financial instrument for several years. As a result, the sukuk could be offered by using the underlying asset of the place.
But according to sukuk must still be socialized into the community. "There is still much we must do to popularize this instrument," he said.
According to Director of Amanah Raya Capital Group in Malaysia, one of the largest Islamic banking group in the world, Abas Jalil, Russia is considered the most prospective countries for Islamic investment. Especially when compared with the four other countries that belong to economic groups Brazil Russia India China (BRIC).
In addition to relatively stable, Russia is seen closer to the Middle East region and has a strong infrastructure to support the development of Islamic economics.
"Islamic Finance would bring Russians to the entry of many investments. It also could have an impact on the economy more inclusive and would facilitate trade with the Middle East, "he explained.
The same thing also expressed an independent financial adviser from Luxemburg, Alberto Brugnoni. According to him, Russia has become the largest market potential for Islamic finance in Europe.
"With the increasingly close relationship with the Middle East, Russia could explore the potential sources of Islamic finance in the world's largest. Where 20 million Muslim population lives, "he said.

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