Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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After the events of September 11, a company invited employees of
Other companies that survived, whereas most of the dead time
the attack on the WTC - to tell his experience.

At the meeting that morning, a security leader tells the story of how they can survive. And the story is all about: THINGS THAT SMALL.

Head of security companies that survived that day because his son took the day
The first kindergarten.

Other employees were still alive since the day it was his turn to bring cookies for the students in her class.

One woman was late because the alarm clock did not go off on time.

An employee is late because the NJ Turnpike trapped in the event of an accident

An employee missed the bus.

An employee spilled food on her clothes, so take time to change clothes.

An employee can not be turned on his car.

An employee went into the house again to receive the telephone rang.

An employee has a child who lounged so it can not be ready on time for the journey together.

An employee does not get a cab.

Meanwhile, one thing that held my own is: a new shoe. I
wearing new shoes that morning, and went to work with enthusiasm.
But before it reached the office (WTC), a shoe that causes sores in
heel. I stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. This
which caused me to remain alive to this day.

One morning when you felt everything was very chaotic, the children
slowly dressed, you can not find the car keys, always
reached the intersection at red light, do not rush
angry or frustrated, because the Lord was working to keep
your life!
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