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Physical beatings trigger Decreased IQ Child

Physical beatings from their parents to give former deep trauma in children

At a child as a medium of awareness was not only an adverse impact on the psychological but also the level of intelligence. Research by the University of New Hampshire, USA reported, most of the children who are often beaten parents have high levels of intelligence (IQ) is low.
Moreover, the study also noted another surprising result in which a child who experienced harsh treatment would have difficulty to follow the level of higher education.
"All parents would want their kids smarter. This study shows how the negative effects of harsh treatment of parents and treatment of error correction on the other hand to prevent that happening," said one researcher. Murrat Strauss of the University of New Hampsphire, was quoted as saying the U.S. Yahoonews, last week.
The study uses a methodology that links between harsh treatment and intelligence. This methodology linking a number of other relationships such as economic status.
"You might say prove it, but I think this method will give you how laternatif. I believe that the harsh treatment of older people will make the mental development and ability to decrease slowly," he said.
The study took a sample of 1510 children was divided into two age range groups. The first group with a population of 806 children 2-4 years age range and the second group with a population of 704 children 5-9 years age range. Researchers then gave IQ tests at the beginning and 4 years later.
The two groups each consisting of children who get hard and do not treat each child's parent. The result, said Strauss, who noted significant thing. Some of the children who experienced harsh treatment experienced delays in the development of IQ tests and more tests beginning 4 years later. Increased IQ just happen to children who do not experience harsh treatment.
According to observers of Children and Families from Duke Univesity, Jennifer Lansford assessing the results of research so interesting. He also berpendat, research has a strong basic foundation. "Referring to the development of children, it is possible that children with lower IQ associated with physical discipline problems of excessive," he said.
Psychological factors
The research then find a way why IQ has decreased significantly after a hard treat. Conclusion refers to psychological factors during a child's harsh treatment.
"Everyone must believe in, beaten by parents would give the former deep trauma in children," said Strauss. He further explained, the trauma effect of stress on children when facing difficult situations and conditions that make children difficult issue capability.
"With the strike, parents can only get attention and obey the child's attitude when it struck. It prevents children to think freely," commented Elizabeth Gershoof, expert from the University of Texas Children. Thus, he said, children behave properly only when beaten only or children only do something because the thought of the blow, not the initiative.
Therefore, Gershoff advise parents to immediately stop the habit of hitting the children make mistakes or when his children do not deserve. cr2/itz

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