Monday, November 29, 2010

Recovery Your Body Stamina

Working more than 12 hours a day. Sleeping less than 8 hours each night. Unbalanced food intake. Stress always accompany the activity. If this all happens to you, be careful, because it could have a serious illness in your body.

But not to worry about being a hard worker. What is important to balance your life from now on. The trick? It's easy, follow the following tips as reported by Sheknows.

1. Diligent Exercising

Sports became one of the most lazy activity done by office workers. Actually you do not have to exercise like an athlete. As little as 15 minutes three days a week and performed regularly!.

Get used to after getting out of bed in the morning, do the stretch in your backyard or balcony of your apartment. Stretching is important to relax your muscles. Then breathe fresh air in the morning in deeply. Morning air pollution has not been contaminated well enough to launch the body's metabolism.

So if you've arrived at the office, try not to climb the elevator. Use the emergency stairs from ground floor to your room. Diligently climbed the stairs will nourish the heart, improving blood flow and makes your legs become stronger. Simply go up the stairs as much as 3-6 floors only, it is regularly feel the benefits. But first ask your building manager if the emergency staircase at the building where your office is possible to use other than in an emergency.

Running or cycling is the most expensive sport but the effect was devastating. If routinely performed, in addition to healthy, your body weight can come down. Try biking to the office once a week, as more and more done by office workers in Jakarta. Besides burning fat, cycling will help to reduce pollution. But note the factor of safety if your cycling in a big city. Use a helmet, bicycle brakes and a standard for which a safety lamp, and make sure you're not in the vehicle path.

If on the weekdays difficult exercise, use the weekends. Morning or afternoon no problem. In the gym or jogging outdoors is also healthy. The important thing is do not forget to warm up for injury and did not have great fun.

2. Supplements Consumption

Taking vitamins or supplements can help increase stamina. Select a supplement that is safe and not cheap. Also note whether you have an ulcer or not. Do not forget to look at the date of expiration.

Well you need berkonsutasi to a nutritionist to choose a supplement that will be used.

3. Caffeine consumption in the Morning and EveningDrinking coffee and tea in the morning and afternoon was good. Some nutritionists in the United States advocated for a cup of coffee / tea in the morning and evening to maintain concentration and refreshes the mind.

But for that to have high blood pressure, heart or ulcer, replace your coffee with tea.

4. Fruit, Juice and Vegetable

Too much eating steak or grilled chicken is not good. Combine your meals with fresh vegetables in sufficient quantities, such as vegetables. Especially in green vegetables have high fiber. Fiber from vegetables is good for the human digestive organs. Besides vegetables help ward off colds da number of diseases. Vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, carrots or certain leaves are very good for the body.

Do not forget to eat fruit. In the morning would be more beneficial fruits eaten before breakfast. Fruits such as banana or apple best eaten in the morning. Juice can also be an alternative if you're lazy to chew. Consider the composition of water and fruit while trying menjusnya. At least 70 percent for fruit, the remaining water. Also avoid sugar, because the fruit already contain natural sugar.

5. Enough SleepUse your free time as possible. On weekends you can take a nap. Two-hour nap can refresh your body and mind. We recommend that you try to sleep at night for 6-8 hours. If you want fast asleep, you can precedence with reading, drinking low-fat milk or a massage.

Good luck!


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