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Acts of Love Grandpa-Grandma shook the 80 Years of Turkey

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This love story really thrilling, and hilarious. Uniquely, this story does not happen Like the stories of novels or soap operas, but in real life, in an exotic city of Konya and charming, Turkey in the middle.
Kaltum Arslan, a widow and 80-year-old grandmother, was suddenly reported missing, and ran away from home after the children and grandchildren love story and refused his marriage plans with her boyfriend, a widower and grandfather are also for the rest.
As reported by the Turkish news office Dunya Bulteni (25/12), Kaltum lived in one village green hilly and beautiful in the province of Konya, in Turkey the middle. He became acquainted with a man named Kazim yıldız, who is also a widower's age and status.
Yıldız and Kaltun met about two months ago, when they take the welfare money for the elderly from the government. And indeed the basis of love that he did not know the age, it was an abstract feeling blossomed in the heart's grandparents. Until finally, they both agreed to plan a wedding.
But, fate did not go smoothly. The children and grandchildren Kaltum refused romance, wedding plans too.
On December 10 last, Kaltum out of the house. He said, he would go to a clinic for health check. But, really, he did not return to the house. One was followed Kaltum grandson to the clinic. But, the grandson of his grandmother did not get there, and after checking into the clinic staff, nor is there a list of names found Kaltum patients.
The family was reported "lost" their grandmother to the police. And, after searching for three days, was found Kaltum was in his girlfriend's house, Kazim yıldız.
To the children and grandchildren, also to the police, if Kaltum said he would not return to his home if he was not married to Kazim.
After seeing such things, eventually the children and grandchildren were Kaltum rethink. Attitudes and their decision to soften, even changed. They were finally approved Kaltum wedding plans.
The plan, also Kaltum and Kazim will carry out their intent in the early marriage years later. Ouch, ouch. (ags / db)
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