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Grandma's old ballad

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Age has reached the twilight. With a distance of 8 kilometers on foot, once a week, he did it to get to the mosque Lamtamot Seulawah Valley, Aceh, to listen to the recitation

Distance of 8 kilometers traveled by foot, once a week, in order to join the Koran. Yet,
The woman was very simple. Shabby, always wearing a sarong, kebaya (
traditional clothes) dress typical elderly woman, and the veil made from socks that ran up and down his chest.

His face was not sunken despite 85 years of age. Perfect straight body. His back was bent a bit. His teeth were still neatly arranged, nothing that date. We laughed, saw teeth are lined up neatly presented joy of his soul.

Scars wrinkles on the cheeks of bias could not diminish her beauty as a woman of Aceh. Pug-nosed with eyes turned a bit wistful. First met him, he wore a brown scarf. Long-sleeved dress with flower pattern and green sarong faded. He was also wearing flip-flops. All the accompanying fetch happiness.

Old grandmother of charm. Deepening Islamic zeal not fragile with old age. He was a strong move to pick up the guidance. This view was myopic eyes stung cruel world. He was walking, kept walking, toward the light of God's natural Universe. All that looks easy for him. Conversely, people who saw it were ashamed and fell in sympathy.

He lives alone. Melodies of life is not without a tone. Melancholy tones so often accompany him. We met in a beautiful meeting, in an assembly Dzikrullah (remembering God) in the 'Mosque Lamtamot'. I was the speaker and the grandmother was a good listener.

After the event, the old woman went home. Slow down. His right hand swinging a stick body buffer balance. He stepped toil, through the forest grove with no smooth road. Large boulders blocking. As far as eight miles, yes miles!

He stumbled through the streets deserted. Dragging his right leg crippled by a conviction, strengthen faith. Strengthened his determination to attend the weekly Islamic studies conducted KKIA-SWA (Indonesian Humanitarian Committee for Aceh-Friends Women and Children), every Sunday morning.

Grandma was born in the Valley Seulawah. His name is Haji, because the holiday coincided with the pilgrimage. No frills others. Until now people used to call her Grandma Haji. Not because it's perform the pilgrimage, but because that name is inherited from the parents.

Formerly, Grandma Haji grows into a good girl. At the age of seven, he began studying Islam in a foster mother (pesantren) which is not far from his home in the Valley Seulawah. Every day he studied books on Tengku Usman. Literacy lessons, all in the Arabic script, not the alphabet ABC.

Growing up, Grandma Haji end of loneliness in the age of 18 years. When it comes proposal from a young man in the neighboring village. Grandma Haji was received, because it has been determined by the parents. Regular matches at that time. The parents agree, children obey. Moreover, Grandma Haji did not have a choice.

Marry them with a dowry Rp 20. During the marriage, was Granny Haji is often made disappointed. Themselves who are religious must accompany a husband who is religious perfunctory. Just to pray, he must always be reminded. It was still often not done.

Household's Ark finally ended after 12 years established. Her husband wanted a child but Grandma Haji is not a woman infertile. Since the breakup, he became his own. There was no place to share God except Allah the Most Holy and Most High.

From the age of 40 years until now, he kept himself. Seeking all the necessities of life with the crowd. Working on their own fields or take a hack at someone else's garden. But 'grandmother Hajj' still have time to teach local people to teach. All
doing without complaining.

'Grandma Haji' always stay istiqomah (trying to keep the truth). Ive young to the elderly guidance is always guarded. Closing the genitalia, night prayers, and their studies, continue to do without difficulty.

Now 'Grandma Hajj' occupies a modest house in the village Buncala. Dirt floors uneven, dull shingled with sago palm leaf roof. Furniture in the room just improvise. Sleeping mat mats, cooking with a brick oven using firewood. Everything lived with patience and sincerity. Subhan Allah (Glory to God)! Are we still do not feel ashamed? * (Srikawati / Hidayatullah)

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