Thursday, December 3, 2009

FLOORS AND STORY marble statue

Mount Damavand in winter, Iran.Image via Wikipedia

Once there is a museum of the floor is made of beautiful marble. In the middle of the room museum displays a marble statue which was also very large. Many people come from all over the world to admire the beauty of the marble statue. One night, the marble floors to the marble statue said.

Marble floor: "O marble statue, life is really not fair. It really is not fair! Why are people from all over the world came here to trample me but they admire? It really is not fair! "

Marble statue: "Oh my friend, good marble floor. Remember that we are actually derived from the same mountain? "

Marble floor: "Of course, that's why I'm increasingly feeling that injustice. We come from the same rock, but now we receive different treatment. It really is not fair! "

Marble statue: "Then if you still remember when one day a sculptor came and tried to sculpt yourself, but you were rejected and destroyed equipment chisel?"

Marble floor: "Yes, of course I still remember. I really hate that sculptor. How did he so bear with chisel to cut myself. It was killing me! "

Marble statue: "You're right! Sculptor was not able to carve yourself at all because you refuse. "
Marble floor: "So?"

Marble statue: "When he decided to not continue work on yourself, and then he tried to carve my body. At that moment I knew through his work I would be something completely different. I do not reject the chisel equipment into shape. I tried to contain her incredible pain. "

Marble floor: "Mmmmmmm ........."

Marble statue: "My friend, this is the price we pay on everything in this life. When you decide to give up, you can not blame anyone for what happened to you now. "
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