Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tired? Throw Only with a Lemon

Weekend or this weekend, plans to go out of town for a short refreshing? But later Monday, we had a schedule packed with meetings here and there. Keep in sniper tactics to drive across town tired from the trip, starting from now and prepare the lemon juice.

Research University of Maryland's Medical Center prove, aroma and taste of lemon with a high content of vitamin C, can reduce fatigue and give freshness. Remember also that the lemon contains antioxidants to prevent infections suffered by people who are vulnerable to fatigue.

Recipe: Squeeze one lemon into a medium size glass of warm water. Mix with one tablespoon of Manuka honey. Drink up. Repeat 3 times a day. But if we are already sick (fever) for being too tired, drink this potion every 2 hours, until the fever subsided. (Prevention / Lily Turangan / Astrid Anastasia)

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  1. Good information ... Weekend is a weekend or the next day the workers or some people who regularly indulge. relaxing holiday in the stroked with healthy foods or beverages that are full of nutrients and is very good, especially to relieve fatigue and stress

  2. Thank you for this info.I will definitely try it when the need arises.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I didn't knew that lemon could reduce the fatigue and tiredness, that is new information for me.


  4. Great information... I didn't know that Lemon and honey (hope any brand of honey will do!) can help me ease my tiredness....will try it this afternoon! cheers!

  5. Very good advice regarding lemons. I know because I have a lemon tree and have tested a few recipes.

  6. wow thanks for sharinf my friend. I just knew that lemon can be good for fatique



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