Friday, January 1, 2010

Pocket Change

The evening was in a meeting attended by several top management rather tense atmosphere when one of the General Manager will be removed from office by the boss because some cases and poor performance throughout the year. In the cold room the things discussed what will be done to reform one of the operational subsidiaries, including determining who the candidate replacement.

Certainly there is someone who must leave the company but on the other side there is an opportunity that will make someone get a promotion. In the midst of meeting the boss asked the people about who trust worthy successor. "Please suggest, call it names, this evening we also have to make a decision"

Name after name is mentioned by the participants in the meeting room, from a few names that come to the surface seen various reactions from the boss, starting from an unknown name at all, there is little known, there is a forget-forgot remember, until that is known to very good because of good reputation or otherwise.

The boss seems doubtful in setting up one of his directors talk about the name of someone who had been most widely known. The boss seems forehead wrinkled but her eyes were showing an interest in "Oh yes, I remember, he'd pick me up at the airport, this guy looks pretty good, how?" Some of the comments began to come out "When the field visits, people are very familiar to our customers' comments followed a head of division other positive tone from his achievement, leadership, attitude, character, until the comments are rather personal. And the boss had agreed to decide the person is promoted to GM and asked to be contacted later that night to tomorrow morning off to Jakarta for the handover process with GM that would replace.

For a moment I was stunned watching the process of finding a replacement candidate who is also the promotion of a person, until one of the directors who are near me whispered "You know what? This is called collecting pocket change", What do you mean sir? "I asked curious .." Yes, it was realized or not, there are many positive things that have been conducted by Bernard and the little things he does make a lot of people here impressed. Although it was little things, like pocket change collected at the time and do the calculation, it is very high value "

In this life you do not have to do big things at the same time, there are many little things positive that we can do and when the time comes, the value of the collection of pennies that was beyond expectations.

Greetings wise,
Haryo Ardito,

Source : - uang receh

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