Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Istiqomah (Stay in truth) In the Life (Life Management)

Managing Life Around to Success is always in every activity with the Satria Hadi Lubis
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I am a Lecturer in State College, I had never done deeds to the corruption and fraud cases (about 5 million) in the office, but Praise God gives us guidance so that I do not want to do things like that, and the corruption has been my return to work.
Right now my wife and my best to eat something good shape and the halal way to get it. But sometimes the system at work there that made me Weton to act honestly.
Examples of financial accountability reports for a fee, which should be for a fee but the activities reported for honorariums B activity in which I received honorariums is because I do activities A. But do not do activities B.
I am sometimes confused on the one hand I want to istiqomah in honesty but, on the one side of the office system is difficult for the breakthrough. Please advice.


Praise Father JK, I respect have become part of many people who want to truly "fight jihad" in the middle of the system covered by the corruption. It was common knowledge that corruption was rampant in many sectors of our lives. And it is not easy to get away from temptations, but we must try to fight this case at least for ourselves.

When we are in a system and we can control the system, then it is an obligation that we should be able to eliminate the culture of corruption in the system by cleaning every aspect that can lead to stimulation for corruption and take stern action against any perpetrators. But if we had been trapped in a corrupt system that inevitably we sprayed accept such funds without us want, then we must return the funds at its source. Let's say that you can not accept it.

How difficult is returned if the funds and effect even greater harm and great harm my survival? So if you receive these funds should not be used for consumptive needs of your everyday. Do you create to meet the needs of your family.

But corruption is channeled money to the interests of public facilities. Facilities in the physical form required by the crowd. For example the construction of roads, etc. Public toilets.

Salute to you that trying to escape from the grip of very strong corruption is all around us. And hopefully resolve this you can be a burning passion for someone else to help each other extinguish the rampant corruption that is around us.
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