Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter From Husband

(humorous stories)
pair of middle-aged husband and wife who are both from the professionals felt
tired with the bustle in the capital. They decided to holiday in Padang (
West Sumatra) andre-occupy the same hotel room as they via the honeymoon 30years ago.Because of his work, the husband had to fly first and a new wife afterthe next day.After checking into the hotel in Padang, the husband found a computer thatconnected to the internet has been installed in his room. Happily he wrote an e-mailaffectionately to his wife in his office in Sudirman road, Jakarta (Indonesia).Unfortunately, he typed the wrong e-mail address without his wife and he realized his mistakekeep sending e-mail.In the area of Pekanbaru (Riau, Sumatera), a woman returning from her new husband's funeraldied. Arriving home, she went to check e-mail to read the utterancescondolences.Just finished reading the e-mail first, he fell unconscious. Her eldest son whosurprise then read your e-mail, which read:To: My wife lovedSubject: I get to!Date: May 22, 2006I know for sure you are surprised but pleased to hear from me. Apparently here they'veInternet plug, too, he'll be sent a paper for the loved ones at home.I just got here and had check-in. He said they also had preparedeverything for your arrival tomorrow.It also can not wait to wait for you. I hope you trip over here tooexciting as the trip yesterday.Oh yes, here again the hot-hot. When the going, the children invited all.Love,Papa
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  1. i want read draw letter but i not read because small, so..????..

  2. That above picture illustration only



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