Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Stop Glasses

A Sufi teacher when a student came to her face lately always seem depressed. "Why are you always sad, son? Not many beautiful things in this world? Where are you thankful face?" The Teacher asked.

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"Teacher, lately my life full of problems. It's hard for me to smile. The problem comes as no end," replied the young student.
The Master chuckled. "Son, take a glass of water and two handfuls of salt. Bring here. Let's fix your mood."
The students also went quietly without enthusiasm. He carried out his teacher's request, then back again with glasses and salt as requested.
"Just take a handful of salt, and put into a glass of water," said the teacher. "After that let you drink a little water." The student did. Her face had a grimace because drink salt water. "How does it feel?" asked the teacher. "Asin, and my stomach was sick," replied the student, his face still grinning. Teacher chuckled see the grinning faces keasinan pupil. "Now you come with me." The Teacher brings students into the lake near where they were. "Take the remaining salt, and scatter into the lake." The disciples spread the remaining handful of salt into the lake, without speaking. Salty taste in the mouth has not disappeared. He wants to spit out the salty taste of his mouth, but she did not commit. It is hardly polite in front of his teacher spit, so he thought. "Now, let you drink the lake water," said the teacher looking for a fairly flat stones for the occupation, right on the edge of the lake. The students clapped his hands, take the water of the lake, and took it to his mouth and gulped it down. When cold water lakes and fresh flowing in his throat, the teacher asked him, "How does it feel?" "Fresh, very fresh," said the student as he wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Of course, the lake is derived from the flow of water source up there. And the water flows into the creek below. And certainly, this lake water also removes the remaining salty taste in his mouth. "Terasakah taste of salt that you scatter that?" "Not at all," said the student, taking water and drink it again. The teacher just smiled at it, let the students were drinking water until satisfied. "Son," said the teacher after the students finished drinking. "All problems in life are like a handful of salt. No more, no less. Only a handful of salt. The many problems and suffering experienced throughout your life haruskau was dikadar by God, according to you. There remains, So much, So much alone, no less, and not increased. Every human being is born into this world too. Not a single man, although he was a prophet, that is free from suffering and problems. "The student was silent, listening. "But boy,` salty taste 'of suffering depends on the size of' the heart '(heart) that hold it. So dear, so do not feel pain, stop for a glass. Make the heart in your chest is so for the lake. " (From: Suluk - Blogsome)
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