Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fatih Güler: Silent Poets Turkey Toward the International Literary Prize

Fatih Güler: Silent Poets Turkey Toward the International Literary PrizeHe, the man who did not have the ability to speak, did not have complete control over his body joints. He was handicapped man, who lived in silence and solitude. For him, no friend to live a more understanding and happy except the silence itself, amid silence and sensory disabilities and the body.

Nevertheless, he did not then give up before the uproar and fury of life. Silence is not a reason to be ungrateful, tried, and have the achievement. He was also learning to read and write, until he was able to write several books of poetry. Remarkably, recently he was named as an international literary award.

The main character of this patriotic story is a young Turk named Fatih Güler. He was diligent and thoughtful writing, in the midst of solitude and silence of his life. His writings manifest in the poems which are full of meaning, so deep, beautiful, touching and inspiring as well.

Recently, Güler didapuk as winners' medal Çubuk ", a prestigious literary awards and international class, which had the potential winner is the ranks of great writers and poets from Turkey, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Albania, China, and several other countries.

Post-coronation on Friday (1 / 1) Güler yesterday interviewed by the Arab television channel MBC I. When answering any question, write a computer Gular. "I welcome and thank you all. I convey greetings of honor, glory, and love to my brothers in humanity in the Arab world," he wrote.

He then continued, that "very narrow and impossible to feel when a man running away from a bad fate that God has given him. Ideally he tried, to be able to change the destiny for the better."

Güler himself began to suffer from paralysis and mute when he went five years. But Gular likes to think and reflect, and he poured the reflections and thoughts through poetry verses. Until now, the Turkish literary treasures have been kept more or less a collection of 135 poems Gular. Many of the poems read by Gular at several television and radio channels, both in Turkey or in other parts of the world.

The poet Güler, who is now 32 years old and born in the numbers of Kars, Turkey, learned to read and write self-taught, assisted by her parents who wholeheartedly and keep watching. This is precisely what makes Güler have confidence and more strength to continue living, and more prominent than the others.

Source: (A. Ginanjar Sha'ban - Fatih Güler: Penyair Bisu Turki Meraih Penghargaan Sastra Internasional)

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