Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yaya Toure: I'm Muslim, Not Drinking Alcohol

Yaya Toure, printing two goals against Manchester City, Newcastle United, refused to accept a bottle of champagne at the victory party in the locker room. "Sorry I do not drink alcohol. I'm Muslim," said Yaya Toure as he handed the bottle of champagne to Joleon Lescott, his partner.
Toure is a man of the match game. He bought up the win with two goals and make the City is getting closer to the Premier League title. By tradition the club, the star of the game had the honor of opening a bottle of champagne.
Toure refused not the first time the victory party with drinking. He often avoids that tradition, while trying not to offend his colleagues.
Manchester City spokesman said the gift of champagne is a coveted award each game. However, he said, the club could understand if there are individuals who refuse on religious grounds.
What can be done the club, according to a spokesman for Manchester City, is ensuring that every individual in the club locker room do not feel offended if there are those who reject a party colleague on religious grounds. Premier League is a competition that accommodate players from 68 countries. Yaya Toure from Ivory Coast and Muslims.
When I was in Barcelona, Yaya Toure is a priest for his two companions; Eric Abidal and Seydou Keita. All three are always took time to pray in congregation, and Toure is considered to have more religious knowledge than Abidal and Keita.
When Yaya Toure decided to move to Manchester City, Abidal and Keyta be the most to lose. In one interview opportunities with one radio, Abidal had to say.
"We lost a priest."

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