Friday, October 15, 2010

3 Methods Teach Children Rise Bicycle

Teach your child bicycle is not easy. Even so, still, this activity will make the little guy and you have quality time together is fun.

As quoted from, there are several ways that must be considered when trying to teach your child cycling. Here are some methods you can choose to teach the little guy.

1. Riding a bike with extra wheels.
Usually the bike for beginners are equipped with additional wheels on the left and right side. This can help your child keep his balance while cycling.

With this method, children can learn how to direct his first bicycle pedals without having to worry about maintaining a balance bike. Once he has mastered how to pedal and steering wheel, you can gradually raise the extra wheel so that bike a little more unstable.

2. Wear a bike with a smaller size
This method works on the contrary, teaches children to balance the bike before he learns to pedal and direct the handlebar. You can start with a small bike or lower the bike seat for child's feet may tread the ground. After he was familiar with the balance, you can begin to elevate him to more comfortable seats.

3. Remove and give encouragement when the child riding a bicycle
If the child refuses to ride a bike is small or you do not have it, you can try this old way. Create a quiet child to be riding his bike without the extra wheels.

Just as with additional wheel method, you should use strategies to help your child learn to pedal and steering wheel. Teach your child to the first focus balance. Finally, you can begin to let go and allow your child to balance itself.

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  1. Nice tips for how to teach children rise bicycle.
    I also teach my child like that.

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