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Leaving traitorous, Got Grace

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Al-Qadi Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Abd al-Baqi al-Bazzar Al-Ansari said: "In the past, I've been in Mecca may Allah the Most Holy and Most High always watch, one day I felt very hungry. I do not get something that can eliminate my hunger. Suddenly I found a bag of silk tied with socks made of silk also.

I picked it up and brought him home. When I open, I get inside a diamond necklace that I'd never seen before. I went out of the house, and then there was an old man who cried for the lost bag holding a cloth bag containing five hundred dinars. He said, 'This is for people who want to return the silk bag containing the jewels'. I said to myself, 'I'm needed, I was being hungry. I can take the money for the gold dinar I use silk bag and return it to him '.

So I said to the old father, 'Hey, come here'. Then I took him to my house. Arriving home, he told me that feature silk bag, the characteristics of restraints socks, diamond characteristics and amount of thread that bound follows. So I pulled out the bag and gave it to him and he gave me five hundred dinars, but I do not want to take it. I told him, 'Indeed I should return it to you without taking payment for it'. Turns out he insisted, 'You must be willing to accept it', as he kept forcing me. I'm still on my mind, do not want to accept.

Finally the old man went away leaving me. As for me, some time after that I came out of the city of Mecca and sailed by boat. In the middle of the sea, the boat lift was broken, people are all drowned with their possessions. But I survived, with riding a board from the broken pieces of the boat. For some time I stayed in the sea, not knowing where to go!

Finally I arrived at an island population. I sat in one of their mosque while reciting verses from the Qur'an. When they know how I read it, none of the inhabitants of the island unless he came to me and say, 'teach the Qur'an to me'. I fulfill their requests. From them I got a lot of property.

Inside the mosque, I found a few pieces of Mushaf, I took and started to read it. Then they asked, 'Can you write? ", I replied,' Yes'. They said, 'Well, teach us to write'. They also come with children and adolescents are also their. I teach them writing. From that instant, I got a lot of money. After that, they say, 'We have an orphaned daughter, she has enough property. Would you marry her? "I refused. But they continued to insist, 'No way, you have to want'. Finally I indulge them, too. When they took the girl to the front of me, I look at him. Suddenly I saw the diamond necklace that once I find in Mecca around his neck. Nothing I did at that time but just keep watching the jewel necklace.

They said, 'Really, you have destroyed the heart of this orphan girl. You only notice the necklace and did not notice him '. So I tell them my story with these necklaces. Once they know, they shouted Takbir until tahlil and heard by local residents. 'What's wrong with you?', I asked. They said, 'How did you know that the parents who took the necklace from you at that time was this girl's father'. He once said, 'I have never had a Muslim in this world (well) people who have returned the necklace to me'.

He also prayed, 'O Allah, that I arrange a meeting with him until I can marry her off with my daughter', and has now become a reality '. I began to navigate life with him and we were blessed with two children. Then my wife died and diamond necklace into treasures for me and for my children. But both my son was dead, too, until the jewel necklace fell into my hands. Then I sold it for a hundred thousand dinars. And the property you see in me right now is the rest of the money that 100 thousand dinars. "

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