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Ice Cream Flavor Chili, Onion, Egg, Sardine, Crab, also Meat

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You might imagine a store that sells ice cream with a sense of the world's largest in Italy or the United States, but it was in Merida, a city in Venezuela. His name, Coromoto store.

Neon lights outside that says "Guinness Book of Records" pink become one of the unique features of the store, but once opened the door it became clear that other stores than others.

Inside there is a refrigerator with an ice cream looks bright and tempting to eat. Taste of ice cream sold as chili, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms in wine, garlic and cream of crab.

Coromoto founded in 1980 by an immigrant from Portugal, Manuel da Silva Oliveira. The owner does not often appear and now the store is managed by Jose Ramirez.

Jose was clearly visible as manager of an ice cream shop. Friendly male 40-year-old when found wearing a white shirt and purple, and black mustache. "Oliveira tired of working for a large ice cream company," said Jose, "and decided he could make ice cream taste interesting."

The first experiment is the Avocado. "To get a sense of right requires hard work, because the avocado is very rich in taste," said Jose. "Oliveira remove approximately 50 kg of ice cream to experiment to get the perfect taste."

Coromoto sold about 60 taste every day, but change the taste of ice cream in accordance with the seasons. In addition to the standard ice cream taste like chocolate and rum and raisins, lots of choices of exotic fruit such as guava, papaya, mango and passion fruit type.

Some other sense, including 860 types of taste in ice cream are: eggs, macaroni and cheese and sardines, are examples of ice cream taste weird. And also there are many strange names like the taste of British Airways, Andean Kisses and I'm Sorry, Darling. One of the sense that, given the name Viagra Hope, like a bright blue Viagra pill.

I have to ask what the ingredients, and natural ingredients to make ice cream: Honey and all natural: honey and pollen. "Different people like different things," said store manager.

"Personally I like the taste of fruit but many buyers are choosing flavors containing alcohol such as Cointreau, cognac or vodka-and-pineapple. Of course, as people venezuela plus lots of rum."

Ice cream flesh
"Flavor of ice cream what is special for the store?" I asked Jose. With a laugh, Jose said "pabellon criollo" - Venezuela's traditional food made from meat, rice, plantains, cheese and black beans, which were copied by Coromoto to taste ice cream.

Jose get a scoop of ice cream from every taste-and it's really like ice cream sold in the meat Coromoto.

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