Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The former Liverpool player was to embrace Islam

Abel Xavier, the famous former football player from Liverpool decided to retire from football, and later converted to Islam. He immediately changed his name.
The Portuguese star was renamed Faisal Xavier and will start humanitarian projects.
He last played for the LA Galaxy (United States) in 2008 and now has decided to stop at the world of football.
Xavier, 37, joined Liverpool from Everton in 2002 and scored two goals in 21 appearances for the Merseyside club this. In addition to the Liverpool and Everton, he played well at Middlesbrough.
He moved to Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy with David Beckham.
Xavier said: "It's an emotional farewell and I hope to participate in something very satisfying in a new phase of my life.
At times sad, I have found comfort in Islam. Slowly, I learned religion full of peace, equality, freedom and hope. "
Barokallah, Senhor! (sa/
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  1. Alhamdulilahhirabalalamin, may she always be consistent to the religion of Islam which tyelah dianutnya



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