Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samir Nasri: City Champion? Allahu Akbar!

MANCHESTER - Manchester City victory over Queens Park Rangers (QPR) at Etihad Stadium on Sunday (13/5) nights, is celebrated with great fanfare. All players including the Citizen's manager Roberto Mancini bergitu happy. Why not. They managed to break the record of fasting English Premier League title for 44 years. Trophy for the third time it was carved City and the first since taken over by Sheikh Mansour. The overflow kegembiran City players came under the spotlight a variety of media from around the world. The coach Mancini, Sergio Kun Aguero, Vincent Kompany, and Edin Dzeko, and several prominent role players who were interviewed during the 2012 season. But there is a media of the Arab world who chose to interview midfielder Samir Nasri. Nasri is one of the mainstay midfielder Mancini. According to Nasri, one key to the success of City as a role player in maintaining the discipline of performance. Also, he does not deny the intervention of God in his success. "It's all thanks to God (Allah SWT). Allah Akbar (God is Great)! "Cried Les Blues midfielder told a television presenter who interviewed him. Nasri is known as one of the players practicing Muslims against Islamic teachings. He is known to diligently read the Koran and abiding practice of religious ritual. Marseile-born footballer, France, June 26, 1987 is positioned as an attacking midfielder. Earlier, he defended the Gunners under Arsene Wenger.
Here's the video:

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 Samir Nasri

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