Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hundreds of People So the new convert at the Mosque of Al Azhar Jakarta, They Say Islam Religion Calming

JAKARTA-Pesantren Islamic Foundation (YPI) Al Azhar circumcise converts an average of 100 people each year. In the past 10 years, Al-Azhar Institute Muqtadin (LMA) has Islamize about 1,000 converts.

"This year alone 63 people who converted to Islam at Al Azhar," said Hartono, Takmir Mosque of Al Azhar. According to Hartono, most converts to Islam are many reasons for looking at Islam from the rational side.

They see Islam as a religion that gives peace and quiet. "Many who converted to Islam because he saw calm and peace in Islam," he explained.

There are also reasons for marrying converts to Islam. According to Hartono, needed guidance in order to justify the reasons for marrying the two. Al Azhar worrying if there be a problem during the marriage makes reverts back to the previous religion. "So we give the first direction so that if there are problems in her marriage, converts it to Islam," he added.

Al Azhar recorded 70 percent of converts are from Indonesia. The rest dalah foreign nationals. "Foreign nationals most of America, Britain, France, Japan and Korea," said Hartono.

According to Hartono, Al Azhar is also facilitated by the Islamic converts Study. "We are no events converts, a study to convert to Islam, is also learning to read Qu'an for converts," said Hartono. To convert the terms, according to administrative requirements such as Hartono only copy of ID and family card. "The most absolute necessity for men to become converts must be circumcised," ungkatnya.

Hartono added, there are converts who claims his life became better after converting to Islam. "He told me after converting to Islam in his life so good ore. And he also brought his friend converted to Islam at Al Azhar, "said Hartono.

Source: republika[dot]co[dot]id

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