Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my first award

Alhamdulillah, Thank God I got the award, I honestly did not think could get this award, even though I only knew and several visits to his Rangga blog, but Rangga very well have given me this award.

Hopefully with this award I can add more in developing the spirit of this blog, so I can update the blog and always provide the best and useful for my best friend of all.

Thank you I say To Allah SWT that still gives me life, health, fortune, and always granted my prayers. Thanks also to family, friends ....., which has continued to support me and encourage me so that I can always live life with passion.

One of a requirement for getting this award, which likes to tell the tips to the people, whether word, character or an inspiration. Remembering always wanted to advise yourself and motivate yourself for the better. o yeah I also would tell myself, Insya Allah, i'm a good man, modest, friendly :) .........

Since I've received this award, so there are some rules that should I meet the rule is:

1. Create Postings that contain:

    * Giving thanks and put the links that give you awards
    * Tell us a little about who gave you the award.
    * Tell us a little about yourself.
    * There is a banner award + the banner code.
    * Give this award to 5 bloggers who your friends want to give appreciation
    * Do not forget to contact them as well (via the Guestbook or column comments)

2. Put banner in the sidebar of your blog award, without Changing the banner code.

Here is a list of blogger friends who I gave the award of this Award, hopefully it is also beneficial for you, and
make you add more spirit to develop their blogs, do not forget gratitude, hehe ..

    * Dunia ibadah  - creative
    * Ichsan  - friendly
    * Rudi cisara  - creative
    * Cahya  - smart
    * Mama pipie  - creative

Once again I say thanks to Rangga that have been giving this award to me:)

Do not forget the banner Award friend. ..!

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  1. thanks for the appreciation .. I will list links you to my blog .. and all kissed adsan



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