Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharia Unit Sun Life Bancassurance Shutter
JAKARTA - Sharia Unit PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia plans to expand distribution channels through
bancassurance. A number of Islamic banking center ogled for this partnership.
Head of Sharia Sun Life Financial, Heroine Utami, said some banks have expressed willingness to cooperate. "Talks are just waiting for a meeting point," he said.
Nevertheless, he is still reluctant to admit any bank would make such cooperation. However, he stressed it would be woven in the near future.
No specific targets set out Sun Life Financial along with the expansion of this distribution channel. "What is
certain is that it increasingly makes us optimistic able to increase the growth of Islamic unit to 25 percent in
2011," he explained.
Sun Life Financial Sharia Unit officially only operate at the end of 2010. They had been the focus of the
distribution business and still take advantage of agency functions. "Although there is bancassurance, agency will
continue to be increased," he said.
Until now, Sun Life Financial has recorded four thousand agents with 40 percent of whom are certified

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