Friday, December 11, 2009


A six-year boy was running away from home. Moments earlier, the sound of broken glass could stop the rush of people around the house. There herbalist, artisans vegetables passing, some passersby. They looked around for a while, and said softly, "Ah, the boy again!"

Naughty child behavior was not a new sight for the people who are often around the house. Almost every day, even three times a day, the boy made the noise. And the noise is always going on around her house. Began to sound the broken glass, a door open with a loud, and had just happened, breaking glass windows.

As always, a mother came out shortly after that bad boy ran away from home. Calling the child, the mother did not show anger burning hue. Not really shouting threats, generally keeping an upset. He was just calling her names and two words after, "Come here honey!"

This time, the child is not usual that kept running away. He stopped. He turned to the voice calling his name. "Mother," he hissed softly. Pissed face suddenly turned pale remorse. And he allowed himself was approached by a man whom he called mother.

"My son!" the mother's voice while his right hand grabbed the boy's hair. The hand was gently stroking the child's hair.

"Mom, mom is not angry?" voice of the child while her face looked up at her mother's face. "My son, why she should be angry?" his mother answered curtly.

The boy suddenly clutched her a slightly bent align themselves with his son. "Mom," the boy's voice suddenly. As she continued stroking the hair of the child, the mother's face shows more cool smile on her eyes. "What, dear?" the mother said softly.

"Why mom could be like this? And I've been so naughty?" asked the child who began to loosen her arms.

"My son," said the mother. "This is love!" continued the voice of the mother while still revealing a soft smile to her son.


So many bad behavior of human children on this earth. So much damage they are putting out so that life becomes noisy. The people who happened to be around, too, feel the noise disruptions.

But, along with naughty behavior, always appeared soft voices of children calling people to return. Like, a call that says, "Go back, dear!"

In fact, the children of men who bad not even slightly comparable to the towering mountain prowess, the magnitude of lightning is ready grabbing, rigidity of the rock composition of the earth that was so easy to squeeze the living creatures on it. Not to mention the brunt of the magnitude of ocean waves that can be changed drastically so scary.

But why, exactly a soft voice that always called from behind away human children are naughty.

Love. That might be an appropriate answer. Spoken like the mother to her child, "Love my son!" Or in another language, as spoken by the Almighty dear, "Warahmati wasi'at kulla sya'i, My love covers all things!" (
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