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Too Many Choices, can cause Obsession & Depression

Walkway near the QuadImage via WikipediaLONDON - The phrase "Life is a choice" would often you hear. Especially when faced with a dilemma situation that requires the right decision and carefully. True that the choice will bring you to happiness or vice versa.

Although the "choice" is given the greatest gift of God, behind it there is also a big responsibility. Long story short, the law of cause and effect applies here.

For example, when you select the status as a celebrity, of course you must accept the conditions as your personal life is reported to the public. Another example, when you become a leader of a great nation, of course inevitable when there are parties who blasphemes or criticize policies that you do.

Interestingly, it happens when you are confused by the choice of plays or so sorry to learn of your choice miss. Here, you need to "connect" to him. Nature of submission and sincerity is the key for you to deal with such crises.

The reason, a research journal published Consumer of Research in the UK mentioned the difficulty choosing among the many options can make you prone to obsession syndrome.

Hezel Professor Mark Rose from the Department of Psychology, Stanford University, said that as a human person can not assume an option, as insights provided education or knowledge, the influence of the west, a universal aspiration but should base itself on freedom and the will itself.

"Although the context of self-selection based on the independence, strength and freedom, but not always generate a good thing. Option also causes lack belief, depression and self-distrust," he said as quoted by the, Friday (22/1).

Mark saw that tendency in western society that has been overwhelmed by the freedom of choice. Departure from the freedom that Western society will become confused his own choice. Therefore, he said, the negatives and then descend the blessings of liberty to choose.

From the words of Mark can be observed, the fundamental problem in decision-making is closely related to the psychological condition of branching on the mental and physical health. Why the preparation and planning you fortify an excess of harmful obsession with self.

Translation of: Terlalu Banyak Pilihan, Bisa Sebabkan Obsesi & Depresi (
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