Friday, December 4, 2009

The spider and the King

Once upon a time in the country of Scotland, there was a king named Bruce.

He had six times to lead his troops into battle against the aggressors from England, but six times the battle, his army was always beaten battered by the enemy, to defeat and was forced to flee into the forest.

Finally, he himself is also hiding in an abandoned hut in the wilderness.

One day, pouring rain, through the rain from the leaky roof on the face of Bruce, so he woke from his sleep. For a moment he contemplated his fate is unfortunate because it could not defeat the enemy, although he has put all the effort.

The more he thought about this, his heart more painful, and almost hopeless.

At that time, Bruce's eyes looked up across the wooden beam above his head, there is a spider was weaving its web.

He carefully monitoring the gestures these spiders, businesses count the spider has six times in a row trying hard trying to connect one end of the string to a wooden beam in the opposite, but ultimately failed.

"Really sorry for this little creature."
Bruce said, "You should just give up!"

However, Bruce was beyond expectations, despite having six times the spider failed to connect the end of the string, then he does not despair and give up trying, he tried again for the seventh time, and this time he succeeded. Seeing this, Bruce was amazed and forget the fate that had befallen him.

Bruce finally stood up and took a deep breath, then he shouted out loud: "I'll fight again for the seventh time!"

Bruce finally really get the spirit back, he quickly gathered and train more troops remaining, then set the strategy and stormed the enemy again, with difficulty and struggle relentless, Bruce finally managed to expel the enemy and reclaim their homeland .
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