Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taipei 101 Vs Burj Dubai

Read the morning news on, Burj Dubai officially the tallest building in the world. Paris with its Eiffel tower, petronas Malaysia with his building, Taipei 101 Taipei to the building and now the Burj dubai with him. Why are these countries compete to build tall buildings. Maybe it shows the progress of his country in the economic field. Among the buildings that already I see is Taipei 101. The distance is close to the NTUST. When he arrived in Taipei earlier, directly into the building invited my friends see lantern festival at Sun Yat Tsen Museum, located near the Taipei 101 building. The first time you see, wonder, too, really high. I look at the 508-meter high literature. And what about the burj Dubai. According to the high jawapos building would reach 1200 meters, 2 times the Taipei 101. If it can be compared graphically as shown below.
Countries Middle East, which was flooded due to rising bread prices, it was a crush at the imposing building. According to Middle East Economic Digest, based in London, Saudi Arabia also is planning a 1600-meter-tall building in Jeddah, a city on the edge of the Red Sea.Uh ... Indonesia will also plan to build tall buildings lho. When do you?
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  1. I hope Indonesia build the tallest one.. and placed by the legislative members .. so they could see the stae of theirs people from a height :) Peace



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