Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have You Been Loving Mother?

Old Woman
In Japan, there had been a tradition throw an old man into the woods. They are discarded are parents who are helpless, so as not to burden her children's lives.

One day a young man who intends to dispose of his mother into the forest, because the mother has been paralyzed and somewhat senile. The youth seemed hurried through the forest while carrying his mother. The mother who looked helpless trying to reach every branch that can be achieved and then break it and sprinkle along the path they travel.

Once in a very dense forest, the lower the child's mother and said good-bye as he tried to hold sad because she did not think would do this deed to his mother. Instead of the woman who looks strong, the smile he said, "my son, mother love you very much since you were little until adulthood, the mother always take care of you with all my love. Even to this day think my love is not reduced at all.

Mother had been marked along the way we pass through the brush. mother was afraid you'd get lost, follow the signs to get you home safely. "Upon hearing these words, the child was crying very loudly, then hugged his mother and carried her back to bring the mother back home. The young man finally a very loving caring mother until her mother died.


Dear brother!

Parents are not damaged goods that can be discarded or ignored after a helpless look. Because when we succeed, or when we are hard, only 'parents' who understands us, and his mind will suffer if we are hard.


Our parents never leaves us, however our circumstances, even though we never disrespectful to parents .. But the father and mother we would still love us. From now on let us love our parents while they are still alive, or pray when it died before us.

"And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and let the mother do well with the best father. if any one of them or two of them in old age maintenance of your, so do not ever say to both words 'ah' and they do not yell and say to them a noble word. "(Qur'an 17:23) Wallahu a'lam bishawab.

Source: with title: Sudahkan anda menyayangi ibu Written By M. Nurcholis, edited by vahruddin Jayadi

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