Saturday, January 16, 2010

Travel story Gold Coins

A smart look while sitting contemplate a piece of his gold coins, "For what I continue to keep this coin?, It not be more useful if I gave one more I need it?" Thinks in his heart.

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A few moments later he stood up and walk around. On the trip he met and chatted with a little girl. Then he gave gold coins to the little girl. The little girl's eyes did not blink when you receive the gold coin, the coin he did not believe it now belonged to him. He went home with a determination, "this coin will be given to the mother, she would be happy kerana can buy necessities of life of our day."

The little girl's mother was very happy to receive the gold coins and he was getting ready to go into town for shopping. On her journey of compassion when he saw a poor man who crouched leg coolness five. "Maybe it's better coin given him. God still blesses my family with a house, clothes and decent food, "he thought. He also took the gold coin and handed it to the poor are.

The poor feel very lucky, he's like getting a windfall. He took the gold coin was tight and he limped toward his dump. In the slums he found new occupants, a man who maimed and blind, who sat with a sad face.

"I'm much more fortunate than this guy. Earlier I did not have anything before accepting this gold coin. If I gave it to this guy, actually I did not lose because I too have got for nothing. God must still take care of even without this gold coin, "Think of the poor who was generous, handing the coins into the hands of the blind.

The next day the poor man had to walk to the slums and talk with the blind owner of the gold coin. He treated the blind as his best friend, so that the blind man's heart is warm cold. The poor to embrace the blind and said, "Friend, now I do not have anything valuable to give to you other than friendship." To which the blind now know that in this world there are people who care about him, even seeing him as a friend. She cried with happiness, friendship revealed that the poor have now been expelled the darkness from his heart. He gripped his friend's hand and slipped his gold coins, saying, "Here, take it as a sign of our friendship."

The story above I took from a blog Malaysia ( and translated into English. So what the moral behind this story? Morale is not stingy to give. Give nothing to them any more than we need for one when we will receive a reply from Him.

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  1. Good job^^. But the price of gold is very high now!! I focus on stock market now.

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