Saturday, January 9, 2010

Galloway Promise To Come Again Gaza With the new convoy

Galloway Promise To Come Again Gaza With the new convoy
George Galloway, the head of the convoy Lifeline 3, successfully entered Gaza Tuesday night (02/01) and managed to get out again on Thursday (08/01). In his press conference (09.01) promises to give more aid to Gaza and will return to Gaza with convoys new.

"If the Almighty to give us strength, then we will come back to Gaza and try desperately to liberate the people of Gaza from the Israeli grip," said George Galloway in front of all journalists.

George Galloway also said, Lifeline 3 will continue his travel to various countries such as Malaysia, Venezuela and South Africa, in order to mobilize the world to Gaza. After this, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will lead Lifeline 4 is received direct support from the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma and former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammad.

He also expressed his disappointment to the Egyptian government because there are 48 units of cars carried on hold for reasons inconsistent with the requirements to enter Gaza, even though his party and the Egyptian government has agreed to these rules.

At the event "When hudud" aljazeera television station, and then Wednesday afternoon, George Galloway said he felt the "deception" by the Egyptian government with violating requirements into Gaza and has deviated from the original agreement.

"Now it's time to change the Egyptian government and government policy. Their service really is not good to us," he said.

Galloway also criticized the steel wall built by Egypt along the border with the Gaza Strip. He stated that the steel wall, adding it will strangle the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He also asserted, "Hamas movement is a large movement that can liberate the Palestinians from Isreal grip. Because they are different movements with Israel and Egypt." (alj / sn / jey)

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