Saturday, January 2, 2010

Throne To The Princess

A father, a wealthy businessman coincidence multi-business, facing a very delicate matter. Who should choose the President & CEO to replace him to lead his business empire which had painstakingly built over half a century?

Now age has seven heads and old diseases have started to undermine him. He knew that soon he would follow his ancestors into the hallway mortal life.

Son three people. The eldest is very bright, reaching MSc. and an MBA abroad, he tastefully sophisticated, like glamorous, ambitious, and have extensive interactions among the jet set. Only the father is worried because the eldest is a talent flirt with danger like the (supposedly) the Kennedy family. His gambling instincts big, and his intent was fraudulent strong enough. In short, he's smart, creative, but the wily and slippery.

The center, even more powerful. PhD degree. in chemistry from famous universities in the United States, he graduated magna cum laude. His paper strewn in international journals. Very proud of the father's heart who just graduated from high school during the Japanese occupation. He was a lecturer and researcher. And the company his father he served as Director of Research and Development. But it became CEO, he was too academic.
Kurang cocok dengan bisnis mereka yang kini berspektrum sangat lebar.

The youngest, the only female, just graduated from S1 in the country.

Although the last five years since she joined her father's business as Director of Consumer Groups, but she began his career in the foreign company as a salesman (marketing executive). She crawled out from under to 15 years and could reach the position of General Manager. Brain loses both brilliant than her brother.

Although likely to save a word, but she showed good leadership talent. She was able to listen intently. The views and ideas it can be treated with consideration.

Casual lifestyle. She liked and respected man for being fair, honest, and capable of populist with her subordinates.

Well, if you are an independent consultant, who select the your replace the patriarch became President & CEO?

I bet most of you will nominate the youngest.

And the father the same way. This problem becomes complicated, because according to custom, the heir to the throne sulunglah. And, he was very ambitious for it. Was the youngest, but most bloated, women again. So he lost the status, title and gender.

How the solution?

Consultant raise your hand.

Textbook reference no. The patriarch finally could only rely on the authority and wisdom as a father. Then she called her three children.

His problems are laid out clearly.

Described his plus-minus of each child. Analyze the possibility of success of each

led the group's efforts towards the third millennium.

The dialogue begins.

And the father immediately informed, dead lock will occur.

"Come, I'll decide for myself who my successor," said the parents were finally. All three reverence by.

A week later, the father came with a test.

"Whoever can fill this space to its fullest, so he is my successor," he said, pointing to the only conference room filled with four chairs and a round table. "Budget $100 maximum," he added.

The first chance fell to the eldest. Easy, he thought.

The next day, fulfilling the room with shredded paper sacks. And indeed it becomes a solid room.

"Good, tomorrow it's your turn," said the father to her second child.

Twenty-four hours later, the room was compliance with styro-foam beads are obtained by destroying the packaging marks.

"Okay, tomorrow it's your turn," said the patriarch pointed to her daughter.

The next day, when the inspections began, the room was still empty.

"Why, really empty?" Asked the three nearly simultaneous. The princess said nothing. Turned off the light switch. From her pocket she was out a candle. Placed on the table.

Then lit with a match.

"Look, this room filled with light. Please assessed, whether there is no light gaps, "he said calmly.

Irrefutable anyone, he declared victory and the princess had the right to occupy the highest seat. Problem solved.

Quality indicated the father and daughter is what I call wisdom. The main characteristic of the wise (wise person) is the ability to solve problems in a genuine and satisfactory. This is consistent with the defining Jerry Pino wisdom as the ability to make the best decision at
any given situation.

Smart, on the other hand, is the ability to digest and process information rapidly. Features, rational, methodical, linear, and analytic. General intelligence of the brain were obtained with bald.

From the first balding traits are smart people.

But the wisdom (wisdom) not only requires mental exercise but especially if the liver. Rarely we realize, our hearts can actually think. In the tradition of ancient literature, especially the holy scriptures, the heart is the location of wisdom, wisdom and intelligence. More specifically, the liver is our access point to the higher knowledge, namely the Lord himself, namely Allah. In this sense, the sage always connotes the pious and devout.

Now, as the rationalism of Descartes and the legacy of Immanuel Kant became commander, the wisdom that comes from the heart (conscience or inner voice) tend to come second. The main thing is the head. World politics, business and society we then dominated by technocrats, experts and masters degrees, doctorates, and professors.

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