Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to Achieve Top 1000 Alexa Rank

I am sure everyone of you would have heard about – The web Information Company which is a website that tracks every websites traffic based on many factories like page views, uniques etc using their toolbars and some own known ways. Also iam sure everyone of you would always like to get your website a very good alexa rank because thats how others can know the value of your website in terms of traffic unless they have got your Cpanel and Awstats to see the real traffic. Now let me explain you guys some small tricks to gain a better alexa rank very easily and quickly.
  • Try to add a Alexa Widget on your website so alexa can track every visitor on your website
  • Get the Latest Alexa Toolbar version 7.2 which may again help alexa in tracking all the visitors
  • Try to get many returning visitors by offering regular updates on your website.
  • Set your browsers homepage to your own website so you add a hit count whenever you visit your own website.
  • Submit your website to Digg kind of websites which can offer you with tonnes of traffic in a short span of time.
  • Learn how to Stumble your website and get many stumbles.
  • Listing on homepage can also get you thousands within a hours time.

Even though is having enermous numbers of visitors its not able to beat yahoo just because has many email users who visit yahoo just for checking their emails and sending emails.

Followed is the image which shows how i did all the above steps all at once and got my website to the Top1000 Alexa Rank.Click on the Image to Enlarge it.

Gii Alexa Rank Top 1000

    Note :

These are all the tricks we can try out though they are not guaranteed, though some websites like usopen get huge traffic and get to the Top 100 Alexa rank easily, but these are the tips and tricks for people who are interested in achieving decent alexa rank easily.

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