Thursday, December 31, 2009

Visit Bangka Belitung Archipelago 2010 GDP is expected Increase

Map showing Bangka-Belitung province in IndonesiaImage via Wikipedia

JAKARTA - Governor of Bangka Belitung (Babel) Eko Maulana Ali hopes the program in 2010 Archipelago Visit Babel (Babel Visit Year 2010) will increase the tourism sector's contribution to the Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of the province.

Today''tourism and fisheries have not signed the three largest contributors to GDP of Babel,''said Eko Maulana Ali as halal bihalal Society Islands province of Babe in Jakarta, Sunday (4 / 10).

Eko said the program is expected to increase the flow of local and domestic tourists. He said the country's various preparations for the 2010 Visit Babel Archipelago. Like hotel rooms and other infrastructure continue to be done. It is expected that all the constraints in the face of the program can be overcome so that the programs implemented properly.

He said the program began in 2010 was only the beginning. The program does not just stop at 2010 but will continue dilajutkan. At the event were also invited several representatives of friendly countries. They are given a plane ticket to Babel.

(Source : osa/kpo - Republika Newsroom - Visit Babel Archipelago 2010 Diharap Tingkatkan PDB)


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  1. Bangka Belitung had been filming the "laskar pelangi" agreed? indeed you can post reply caktal quality

  2. Hello, I am writing to ask if anyone might know the location of my grandftaher's grave. He died in internment in Muntok camp on Bangka island in 1944. I believe the graves were moved in the 1980's for building works to take place, maybe a petrol station that was buld in Muntok during the 1980's. I would be very grateful for any information at all or any ideas . Thank you very much, very sincerely, Judy, Melbourne, Australia, email

  3. please visit for more informations about the picturesque of belitung island.



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