Saturday, November 28, 2009

When Opportunity Others Bigger Always

Hello friends,
Often we feel th
at the chance of others is always greater.
I think we never get enough. With all that we get we still feel that the lives of others always seem more comf

I once met a friend intern work from France. She (the woman) said that living in Indonesia is more dynamic, more alive. There (France) when the roads inside the city bus at the old ... and should put the parents, it was a lot of countries to manage the cost of retirees.

Countries such as countries become pensioners. Especially look at the building in Jakarta, every month comes a new building. There when the new building could make go to jail if you do not have permission to tear down old buildings.
buildings? we thought it was an exotic ancient buildings, it is because in a modern building next to it, then so exotic, but if the whole of Paris or Amsterdam or The Hague contents of ancient buildings, well good for only photographed it. In fact, in every building there is rarely an elevator. Shopping in stores climbed 3 floors up the stairs.
We feel it's living in Indonesia there is no legal certainty. Try to imagine a month we have in Singapore, we could go to jail ... we smoke in public places went to prison, eat chewing gum in jail, spit on the city bus, went to prison, idly destroy other people paint, straight to jail.
We think, as
in Indonesia, we can run away when it's a red light. In Singapore we can not deal with the Bank or to other countries if not paid ticket.
Then we think, can a credit card because we know diakalin Sujana Eggi, in Singapore if we do not pay the credit card, do not expect we can open a savings.
In America we can spend on credit Hypermarket (Pay monthly), or may be returned within a few days if not suitable, but imagine, we could go to jail if our pets are not neglected.
Here we are fighting for human rights, there is no animal fairy. Animal rights clearly have laws.
Imagine if in
front of our house there is a skinny cat and we are puzzled to be given to eat, er was reported neighbor next door and the police came, he he go to jail or fine.
We think in Tokyo beautiful girl, in fact someone is successful Tokyo (Manager) today would die if 2 days' taxable termination. Because there people can not afford to pay rent (very expensive), and do not expect to ride a friend or relative's house, since each has its difficulties and high ego, then he will feel
ashamed if you say fail, and better freeze to death under bridge.
We think that under a bridge in Jakarta more comfortable, too much wind most mosquitoes. Under a bridge in Tokyo, the temperature could be minus 2 degrees Celsius. We use all kinds of jacket
s, coats, blankets also still penetrate.
We think the Jakarta selfish, was in Tokyo a lot of the shops beauty maintenance services animal. Swimming pool for pets, dog salon, salon cats, even a TV show for dogs. Contents of fish in the aquarium.
We thought we could get a cat funny or ask a neighbor. In Tokyo dogs and cats are rarely orig
inal, most robots.
In Hong Kong many beautiful girls, especially if the road really fast, it feels like we are chasing at Cawang Bus. The reality in Hong Kong and more couples are delaying marriage because it was not even able to buy a house installments. Apartment flats only model worth USD 2 Billion installm
ents Rp 10 million per month. So if you eat with a girl in Hong Kong, be sure to pay his or her own. My friend made the marriage contract Singapore, who pay electricity, pay for milk, pay school fees, paid assistants, pay cooking, recreation pay, pay-diaper baby, not all covered by her husband, usually 50-50, including a washing clothes. Wash your clothes at least stay the hell will you enter Electrolux but iron?
In Jakarta, we can get all kinds of many paid with love.

Goenardjoadi Goenawan

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