Sunday, November 15, 2009

Precious Stones

Once, at a trade school, a professor of the subjects were told about the social economy. In front of the class, carefully the teacher placed a glass jar on the table. Followed by gaze with his students, he took out a bag full of rocks and put one by one into the jar until no more stones can be added again. After doing so, the teacher asked his students, "Boys, if this jar full?" "Yes!" they chorused.

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Smiling, the teacher grabbed his bag from under his desk that contains pebbles. He then poured the pebbles were shaking the jar to fill the gaps between the stones that have been there earlier in the jar. For the second time, he asked his students, "Now, if this jar full?" "No!" They answered questions after knowing the direction of the teacher.

This time they answer correctly. The teacher took the bag of fine sand. He was then poured into the soft sand in the jar to fill the gaps between large stones and pebbles that have been previously entered. Again he asked, "Well, this is now the jar is full?" "Maybe a full, may also have full sir. All know the answer just a father," replied the student.

The answer was to make the teacher smile. He then took out a pitcher of water and pour into the jar until the water filled the surface of the pot and put toples.Dia look around the classroom. "So, from these things, whether that be a lesson you learned?" "No matter how crowded the schedule of our activities, always be able to add something to it," said a student because he felt were following the commercial class.

"Not just that! The show here is to put big rocks first, followed by gravel and sand, and finally water, the way it can make the most of your filled jars. That is, this is a lesson about priorities. Do you understand ? " call the teacher. The students were simultaneously nodding his head, a sign of an answer and a satisfactory lessons.

Dear reader,
The notion of priorities is essential. Because, sometimes we do work with results that are not optimal, simply because we did not consider carefully where the work is important and urgent to be done first. If we are able to select and sort or prioritize jobs with an important job priority and urgent, then, what we do will be able to run more effective and efficient. That way, the results achieved will be more leverage.

That is the essence of the notion of priority. Quite simple, but it takes practice after practice, in practice the work or activity in our lives everyday. So, let us achieve success by building habits to determine the scale of priorities in all activities we do.

Salam Extraordinary Success!

Andrie Wongso
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