Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scientists with the White Rat

A scientist was testing the potential and power of the white rat. Every morning he took out a selection of white mice from their cages and put into a machine full glass of water. Scientists had noticed how the rat was struggling to stay alive.

If the mouse is visible already lost power and began to sink to the bottom of the water, so he immediately gave his right hand and lifted the rat. He was always full record of all developments during the week. Of note is known that the strength and endurance in the water rats increased from day to day.

Napoleon in his study by Jacques-Louis David (...Image via Wikipedia

On the eighth day, he again tested the strength and endurance of mice. But not long ago he heard his cell phone rang. He talked long enough to call someone on the other side of none other than his own girlfriend. While struggling rats in the water is not intentionally trying harder because the scientists thought would help him. But the unfortunate, the rat was actually drowned because scientists are too busy talking to his girlfriend.

Who killed the rat? The answer is the mouse's own mind. Scientifically based progress notes the resilience and the ability of the mice, scientists were assessing the rat should be able to last longer. But because the mouse is already only expect help that never came, so he died.

The rat was not drowned because he could not swim. It was mentioned that the capacity and resilience of the rat is good enough even increased from day to day. The problem is that he was not willing to fight for his life, and only rely on help from others is the scientist.

The story is inspiring that every level of progress or success of one is always preceded by a challenge.
If we
been able to conquer these challenges, its own strengths and accomplishments of our more advanced level. So that our success lies in how much our will to conquer these challenges, because God Almighty has given us two hands so that we can help ourselves.

Not change it if we want to succeed, then we must be willing to improve themselves and persistent effort. "Victory belongs to the most Persevering. Glory belongs to those who persevere," said Napoleon Bonaparte, the former ruler of France who lived in the year 1769 until tahun1821.
Because of our state will never be better to rely on help from others.
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